Waitress Bit Into Boiled Egg And Felt Something Very Hard, She Was Stunned By The Object Inside

as she sank her teeth into the hard-boiled egg waitress SallyThompson’s teeth hit something hard assuming it was just a piece of theshell she removed the offending object and let it drop onto her plate butThompson couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what had fallen out so leftstunned she took what she just had […]

Chocolate Almond Candy Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making chocolate almond candy.This recipe is my granddaughters’ request.I was spending some time with my two granddaughtersand they decided they wanted to make chocolate (homemade candy).So we did it.Both granddaughters had so much fun experimentingwith different versions of this candyand making a big mess.We knew we wanted something rich and chocolatyand […]

Helping Out a Tiny Monkey | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

NARRATOR: At the clinic today is a small primatewith a big problem.See his feet with the hair around them, his thumb?Oh, yeah.Today we have a baby owl monkey that’s extremelyadorable, only 18 days old.PET OWNER: And it was just pulledfrom mom, just recently, so.TECH: OK.I’m going to take him in the back,and I’ll have Dr. […]

Flax Seed Burfi (Healthy Nut Bar) Recipe by Manjula, Gluten Free

Today I will be making flax seed burfior you can call this health bar.Flax seed is high in proteinand a good source for omega 3.This barfi is healthy and taste great.This recipe will make about 24 pieces.And for this recipe we will need:1/2 cup golden flax seed powder or flax seed meal1/2 cup coarsely ground […]