Dear Dietitian: SPECIAL GUEST – Chloe McLeod – Character VS Skills

Since your business is been growing and you’re starting to hireDietitians or you’ve hired a couple of dietitians we have hired a fewYeahSo maybe tell us what you you know look for when you’re hiring a dietitian or what they couldexpect in the interviewSo probably two questions there, but yeah, yeah, soone of the key […]

Dietitian (Episode 66)

They say you are what you eat.And our next career knows that better than anyone.Today, we’re talking to a dietitian.Courtenay?Hi, Brian. Welcome to Prince George.Thanks for having me.Let me show you around.Great.My name is Courtenay Hopson.I’m a clinical dietitian at the University Hospital of Northern BC in Prince George.Dietitians are nutrition experts who ensurethat people […]

The Deal with Carbs

A lot of people think carbohydrates are the enemy.The word might make you think of spaghetti, white bread, or other foods that’ll supposedlymake you gain weight.But dietary science is more complicated than that, and carbs are also found in fruits,grains, vegetables, and milk.They help you make and store energy, poop a little better, and are […]

Effects of a high meat diet on public health: Robert S Lawrence MD at TEDxManhattan

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Ilze GardaGood morning.I can improve on that 11-year-old,saying, “You either pay the hospital, or you pay the farmer,”and I’m here to make a pitch for paying the farmer.Fifty years ago, when I was a medical student in Boston,we were in the midst of the cardiovascular disease epidemic.I learned to do a […]

This Fast Food Item Has OVER 1,500 Calories! WORST Fast Food Items You Can Order!

Nearly 40% of adults, that’s 2 adults in every 5, are considered obese.And the numbers keep on rising.Obesity levels are also on the rise in the younger population, with 18.5% of youth categorizedas obese.These are some frightening statistics when you consider the risks of serious diseaseand health issues associated with being overweight.These include high blood […]

Sam Konnis – teacher and writer of the Healthy Eating Curriculum Kit

The Healthy Curriculum Kit was developed um because their needed to be an alignment tothe Australian National Curriculum ah there was already a Healthy Eating Kit um out thereum but it needed to be updated and more importantly needed a teacherís perspective and a teacheríslense ah through the curriculum.Curriculum Kit were Project Officers and Nutritionists […]

A Journey through Canada’s NEW Food Guide: What Educators Need to Know

-Welcome and thank you for joining usfor a journey through Canada’s new food guidewith educators see to know webinar.My name is Kristin Berfelz.I’m a projects leader here with Ophea.I want to draw your attention to the chatroomthat is in the bottom right-hand cornerof the Adobe Connect room that you can use to askand respond a […]

Why Diet Might Be a Big Deal for Mental Health

[ ♪INTRO ]When it comes to physical health, mountains of evidence will tell you that a healthy diet is important.And it is.But a growing body of research is showing that diet is important for mental health, too.And before you click away, no, I’m not about to show you 10 superfoods to cure your depression! or […]

McDougall, MD- Healthy Diet

Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

– Good afternoon internet! – Hi!– [Man] You want a shot?– [Zach] Yeah, I think we need a shot.– [Ned] We need a shot, yeah.– [Man] Alright.– Cause we’re drunk, but we could get more drunk.You okay?(laughing)– [Ned] We are drunk,and we’re gonna have fast food options.But fast food options that vegan peoplecan eat when […]