King Vader Cooks His Last Meal: Lobster & Shrimp

(grunting)– It’s a lot in the shoulders.– Well we should remember that these areanimals that we just killed.(upbeat music)– [Narrator] King Vader,what would you like for your last meal?– Lobster and shrimp.– Okay, that sounds pretty good.I’ll make you lobster and shrimp.Get the hell on up here and we’ll get you taken care of.You like […]

Meal Swap: Pho Vs. Ramen

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Branch Warren’s Texan Meal

we’re gonna do steak eggs toast Cream of WheatI do yogurt fruit orange juice a lot of food yeah breakfast is definitely myfavorite meal then of course every morning we have these two hoping thatsomething gets dropped on the floorso this is filet so typically I mean it just has the best flavor it’s probablypretty […]

A Day of Eating on Intermittent Fasting

Hello guys, today I’d like to show you what I eat in a day on intermittent fasting.I started IF about 3 weeks ago just to experimentand see how it’s gonna work out for me and as for now I like it a lot.I start eating at about 12 p.m. and usually I’m already after a […]

Top 10 BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER!!!

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have become a part of Americana.They first appeared in the summer of 1979.Beloved by kids in the USA, they are also prized in other countries.Kids know that their Happy Meals will include exciting toys that are right on-trend, aswell as the usual fast food.These little toys have always been a clear […]

Commuter Meal Plans with Wolfie!

Has this ever happened to you?Nobody wants a rumbly tummy.But it’s hard to fix a rumbly tummy without a meal planHey, Wolfie! You know you can sign up for a commuter meal plan right?It’s convenient and you can pay for food and beverages with your Stony Brook ID card.The new commuter meal plan can be […]

Summer Shredding Episode 1 – Full Day Of Eating (Intermittent Fasting – IIFYM) WEEK 1 (ENG SUB)

good morning guys is yes it’s arrived diet time is 11 amSunday, April 8th and this time it’s not an april boys fishI have to start my dietwelcome guys in a new video, e this series you trust will be fantasticso let’s open this column that yes will call summer shredding of coursevery famous, however, […]

What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch | Fouad Abiad’s Easy Meal

I got a lot of shit for this last time too – guess what I don’t give a fuck I like myPam use it on my frying pans keep everything from sticking I don’t thinkit’s gonna kill me okay guys I am Fouad Abiad and I am gonna teach you guyshow to eat big and […]

LIVE IT: Lose Weight with Avocados and Almonds