(EDM music)(dramatic music)Well it’s Thursday night!I wonder if there’s any suiters around!Everyone: YeahOh! There are!Porcupine! Porcupine!I just wanted to say that you’re dressed very sharply.“Oh my gosh you’re awful!”“I haven’t heard that joke all day!”What are all the puns you get?“I mean, I get called a prick all the time!I don’t think you’re a prick! […]

Dude Eats McDonalds Boiled in Diet Coke *MUST SEE* | FreakEating Challenge 73

inininand on today’s episode of freak eating challengewe’re going to boil and eat a McDonald’s combo mealso with no further fanfare no BS in no stalinlet’s get down to the kitchen don’t try this at homedo not try this anywhere theabout the McDonalds combo meal on the boilboth yummy donutall worldupfill the cooler here whether […]

Dude Eats Bananas Boiled in Sprite *GROSS* | FreakEating Challenge 79

and today in the interests of freakeating sciencewe’re going to take bananas and blow them in sprite and then obligate themto show you what happens when you eat bananas that have been bones rightyeahspansupwho so here’s the bananas the angolans bright personals like maybewould likely not be mixed with lemon lime it’s not very memorableblack […]

Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours – Challenge

Coke come on ma pull yourself together. You’re just embarrassing yourself nowYeah, you’re right. Well, no and if he stays like this, we’ve got no food sweetMorgan’s got it all so we’re never gonna Bonnie wait on but Morgan would boil overs away on yeahJoe, if you stays like this, we’ve got no chance unless […]

I Challenged My Friend To Finish A 9-Pound Japanese Katsu Curry • Giant Food Time

FULL BOILED COUNTRY CHICKEN | EATING CHALLENGE | முழு நாட்டுகோழியை முழுசா சாப்பிடும் அம்மா !!!

Welcome to all En Sothu Urundai Viewers, My Self VannamathiToday I am ch allenge for eating boiled full country chicken1.5 kg to 2 kg Chicken is here with onion, tomato, cucumber and waterI will try, if I can or can’t to the challenge, let’s go….it’s Like spongeIt’s well CookedSo yummyI feel nauseated, I don’t know […]

We Try Beyoncé’s Coachella Diet For A Week

Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box

if I’m getting fast food I want to just greasy and nasty this gave me the nasty stuff I really like jack-in-the-box I don’t think I’ve ever had anything healthy from jack-in-the-box I get the same thing every time I go I used to love jack-in-the-box my first moved to LA I was broke and […]

Keith Eats Everything At McDonald’s • The Try Vlog

– Hi, I need to place a rather large order.Basically, one of every food item there.So like, one of every sandwich, one of every side,breakfast, and lunch.Everything.Today’s a very special day.I’m doing the every food at McDonald’s taste test.I should be picking up 60 things.– That’s a lot.– That’s plenty.Now I’m going to try everything […]

10,000 Calorie Vegan Food Challenge | Healthy(ish) Epic Cheat Day

Hi guys today I am taking part in yet another video challenge, and of course, it is a foodeating challenge. Now this is quite popular on YouTube at the moment, and it’s calledthe 10,000 calorie eating challenge where basically you have to eat 10,000 caloriesin a single day.Now I’m taking part in this challenge with […]