Wines that are Keto Friendly – Can you really have wine? *FIXED LINK

So I’m really excited about what I have to talk to you about thatI know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about thisBut wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking itobviously not inlarge quantities, but enough forFamily and friends […]

Keto Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes | Keto Desserts Recipe

Ingredients2 Cups almond flour1 cup granulated erythritol1 cup coconut or almond milk2 eggs1/2 cup melted butterunsweetened or sugar-free chocolate chips1/4 tsp cayenne1/2 cup cocoa powder1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp baking powder1 tsp vanilla extractSift all dry ingredients together (except erythritol)blend together eggs, vanilla, coconut/almond milk and erythritolSlowly pour in butter making sure not to cook the […]