Wines that are Keto Friendly – Can you really have wine? *FIXED LINK

So I’m really excited about what I have to talk to you about thatI know a lot [of] you guys have been asking about thisBut wine is back on the advance plan which is amazing because even the bible [condones] it so we should be drinking itobviously not inlarge quantities, but enough forFamily and friends […]

How to Make Sheet Pan Dinners || A Little Help

– I’m angry today.I’m angry about this one.Yeah, yeah, right?Am I right?Hello friends, on this installment of A Little Help,we’re gonna make sheet pan dinnersbecause they’re easy, and you only dirty one pan.That’s right, I said one pan.You could make a million different thingsas a sheet pan dinner as long as you keepa few simple […]

MOJITO | how to make the best mojito cocktail recipe

– Hey, everyone, and welcome back.It’s my birthday week, and many of you knowthat it’s a birthday tradition of mineto always have something with mint and chocolateon my birthday.And if you’ve been following my Instagram Stories,you know that I’ve got a sweet treat lined up for youthat’s a mint double chocolate chip cookiethat’s gluten-free, grain-free, […]

Is Drinking Alcohol on Keto OK?

Can I drink alcohol on keto? Well the answer is “yes”, but ideally it would be avoided.Specifically if your goal is to lose weight. If you do drink some alcohol it must be lowcarb and ideally low calorie too. Hard liquor or spirits such as scotch, whiskey, vodkaor gin with soda water is best. Some […]

How to Make a Harvey Wallbanger

How to Make a Harvey Wallbanger. Depending on whom you ask, the Harvey Wallbanger was invented either in sunny Southern California in the ’50s or in windy Chicago in the ’60s. But it was unquestionably popular in the wild ’70s, so it’s no wonder the details are a little fuzzy. You will need Some ice […]

6 Dangers of Meal Replacement Shakes

Hi, and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today.I’m Dr. Josh Axe.Today, we got a great episode of me talking about meal replacements and really how tocreate a smoothie or shake to help improve your health, but also, I’ll be talking aboutthe dangers.And a lot of these additives that are in meal replacements shakes that a lot […]