Boiled Egg Bhurji II उबले अंडे की भुर्जी II By Chef Satvinder Kaur

Hello Everybody, Welcome to F3 Recipes.My self Satvinder Kaur and to day i am going to tell you a new style of egg, its name if Boiled Egg BhurjiSo, let’s have a look on the ingredients.We require Eggs, which i have boiled and have cut the small pieces of its white portion. & separated its […]

Tips of Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women II महिला के पोषण, स्वस्थ खानपान के नुस्खे II

Welcome to Health Care at Home.Today we’ll talk about Energetic and Beautifying Breakfast for womenWhat should she eat to maintain her energy level and to enhance her beautyIts a very simple formulaGrate an apple along with its skin and grate carrot too, both should be in an equal quantity.But grate them separately and not togetherAfter […]