HSAS Dietitians and Pharmacists

I have diabetes getting that diagnosis was a real wake-up call I had to makesome changes the dietician and pharmacists helped me do that now Iunderstand my medications I eat healthier and I’m a lot more activewithout them I’m not sure what my future would have looked like dietitians andpharmacists are a vital part of […]

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing?

What should people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency be doing not justabout glutathione, but about folate, vitamin K, fatty acids, and neurotransmitters?Philippa says, “At the last AMA, you mentioned that G6PD deficiency would have trouble recyclingother things such as folate and vitamin K. Could you expand on these problems and howto manage them?Also, do you recommend […]

Why is it HARD to lose weight and keep it off?

Can you lose weight and keep it off? Well, the research states potentially not. Only5% of people who lose weight due to exercise and dieting regimens able tokeep that weight off over a period of time. So what does this mean for theother 95% of us? Is dieting futile and why is it so hard […]

I am the Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians

Let me walk you through where i work everydayIt’s a very small kitchen. It’s a home style kind of setting.We cook three meals a day.My name is Miguel Solis. I am the Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians.Right now, we are in the home clubhouse kitchen.I get to cook for the players. I get […]

Is Plant-based Fast Food Healthy? Registered Dietician Answers! (CWIP #1)

Recently just recently in the news right? So the theThe Whopper now they have the impossible burger versionThere was the thing about kid the KFC chickenSandwich. That was the you know, the the plant-based chicken sandwich. What’s your take on?Like you said this this more more and more it’s being popularized in the culture celebrities […]

SCHOOL & ED? How do we deal with both? | Kati Morton

todays topic comesfrom a lot of feedback that I’ve gotten from- I said gotten again.I think that-that’s just how it got (inaudible)(Intro Music)todays topic comes froma lot of you. It’s a lot of questions that I’ve received on either Twitterespecially on my website KatiMorton.com, there’s a discussion sectionand I opened it up for feedback about […]

Do Dietitians Make You Gain Weight??? | Kati Morton

Nutrition in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

challenges regarding Duchenne and nutrition are complex and difficult forfamilies and for guys with DMD themselves to navigate because you knowreally we are most of us in a position where we’re we can be picky eaters andthere are things that we like and there are things that we don’t like and maybewe don’t always make […]

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease with Optimal Nutrition

Over the last two centuries, extraordinary progress in medicine, hygiene and technologygave us the gift of living much longer lives than our ancestors. But as things are rightnow, unfortunately, for many of us, and the people who care for us, living a longer lifeis less of a gift and more of a burden, since the […]

What to do when high selenium levels won’t come down, even if you’ve stopped supplementing.

When high selenium does not come down in response dietary efforts and cessation of supplementation,what’s going on?Either there’s high levels of selenium in the soil where your food is grown, or youhave low methylation because methylation is needed to get rid of excess selenium.