Plaisir & Diète – CHEESECAKE (Healthy) – LOW CALORIES

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same platewe meet today to cook a low calorie cheesecakeis easy enough to do … I will not to say that it’s very simple because as youcan see it here there are a lot of ingredients but it’s pretty simple to dothe ingredients are enough basic […]

The Healthy Diet Test

The Healthy Diet TestRemember, the more ticks you get,the healthier you are!oneI don’t eat too much salt(e.g. in crisps and fast food).twoI don’t eat too much sugar(e.g. in sweets and fizzy drinks).threeI am not a fussy eater.fourI have a balanced diet.I eat a variety of different kinds of fresh food.fiveI eat fish at least once […]

Plaisir & Diète – PIZZA AU CHOCOLAT (Healthy)

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting on the same plateas you could see in the title of the video we are going to cook a chocolate pizza todaybut this time will be a healthy pizza becauseas you can see maybe on many ads at the moment there are chocolate pizzasbut this one is healthy […]

Plaisir & Diète – TIRAMISU HEALTHY (protéiné)

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting on the same plate !! as you could seein the title of the video we end up today to cook a tiramisuprotein and healthy and for that you are going need protein powder, eggs …frankly it’s very easy to do you’ll see it takes 15 to20 minutes plus […]

Reese’s protéiné & healthy (PB Cup) – Recette facile & rapide pour Pâques

Hello everybodyfew weeks ago, I taught how to do peanut butteralthough you’ll find the link in the description boxIn that video, I asked you if you would be interrested by a healthy version of Reese’sAs you have been many to respond positively, that’s what we’re going to do todayand i will show you 2 versions […]