Vitamin D is a hot topic! Why? Interview with Todd Whitthorne

This is Neily on Nutrition I’m here with Todd Whithorne with the Copper Aerobics Center.We’re talking about Vitamin D this beautiful Texas day here, not too hot.Plenty of sun.So tell me a little bit about Vitamin D. SO obviously Jennifer, as you know, it’s a veryhot topic in the world of nutrition right now.Yes it […]

Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Survivorship | T. Colin Campbell, PhD (2007)

8:30, First speaker is minimizing prostate cancer through diet. T. Colin Campbell, whois emeritus professor of nutritional science at Cornell University in Ithaca. Dr. Campbellis the author of “The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-TermHealth.” His principal scientific interests, which begins with his graduate training inthe late 1950’s, has been on […]

Is Plant-based Fast Food Healthy? Registered Dietician Answers! (CWIP #1)

Recently just recently in the news right? So the theThe Whopper now they have the impossible burger versionThere was the thing about kid the KFC chickenSandwich. That was the you know, the the plant-based chicken sandwich. What’s your take on?Like you said this this more more and more it’s being popularized in the culture celebrities […]

Are Carbs Bad? | Tearing Down Misconceptions | Dietitian Q&A

Are carbs bad?No.What are carbs?Carbs is short for carbohydrates which is a macronutrient.Carbohydrates, protein and fat are the three macronutrientsand carbohydrates are found in foods like fruits,vegetables, whole grains, refined grains,sugars and simple starchesand also dairy has natural sugars which are carbohydrates.Are carbs bad?No.Like I said, all these different types of foodscontain carbohydrates so people […]

Study Nutrition at Curtin University

When I was choosing a career path I thought about what I’m good at and what I’m passionateabout. I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing, so I knew that I wanted towork in public health.What led me to choose nutrition is that I found a lot of nutrition information out thereto be overwhelming and […]

Best Prediabetes Vitamins And Supplements

Hello, I am Ty Mason of, researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes.I want to emphasize that my perspective is coming from one with Type 2 and not Type 1.Our channel is primarily for those with Type 2 Diabetes and PreDiabetes.Today I want to answer the question Best prediabetes vitamins & supplementsAfter you […]

Paleo, Keto, Mitochondrial & Autoimmune diets: My health journey by Shawn Wells

So thanks for coming out to my talkpaleo ketoMitochondrial health and autoimmune diets. This is my personal journey, and I wanted to give you guysContext I’ll give you the science, but I wanted to give you the context of my story of my whySo Who am I basically this slide says I’m a super badass […]

What is processed food? – Huel Nutrition

Hi everyone my name is James Collier I’m Huel’sco-founder and nutritionist and today we’re going to be talking about foodprocessing. Now food processing is quite often a word you hear bandied around in anegative fashion. We all generally think of processed foods as bad and that reallyis not the case. By definition food processing is […]