For ingredients check the description boxI am cooking in a pressure cooker just to speed up the procedure.Normally, vegetables are cooked at medium-low heat in steam to maintain their nutrients and flavors.Add oil in a pan, heat up and add sliced onionsFry until onion slices turn into golden brownAdd tomato slices and fry a littleNow […]

Egg pulusu recipe in telugu with boiled eggs

Welcome to my channel; Today i will show “How to cook Egg curry with boiled eggs”Cut the eggs as shownBefore going to the process, we need to prepare gravy masala, for that we need coconut, garlic cloves, dhania powder. Mix all of these well in the mixer.Lets start the processAdd spices(aavaalu,jeera,uraddal,channadal),onions,turmericAdd boiled eggs and fry […]

Thai Green Curry | Jamie Oliver

Guy’s were going to make Thai Green CurryThis is one of my favourite curries, it’s deliciousfragrant, fun to make and it’s so fast, my family love it.Were going to go, 1 cup of rice, that’s enough for 4 peopleAnd then 2 cups of water, this is the perfect equation for the perfect fluffy rice, no […]

Anday Chanay – Lahori Cholay – Chickpeas and Boiled Eggs

Chickpeas 1/2 Kg (Boiled)Boiled Egg 4Onion 2Tomato 2Ginger paste 1 tbspGarlic paste 1 tbspSalt 1 tspRed Chilli powder 1 tbspTurmeric Powder 1/2 tspBlack pepper 1 tspcumin powder 1 tspDry coriander powder 1 tbspSpice Powder 1 tspGreen Chilli 6Green Coriander 3 tbspChicken Stock 1 kgGhee/Oil 2 Cup

(Eng Sub) Mukbang m12 Fried boiled Eggs Curry with Rice + Guinness Dark Beer / Mukbang Drinking

Hello, I’m Duke in Korea.Today, we will eat curry made in the last cooking video. 🙂There are a lot of people who get bored when the video gets longer.;;So I can’t upload the cooking and Mukbang together.Please understand that we are going to upload this separately for the time being. 🙂Feedback on videos is always […]

Ultimate Vegetable Curry | Chetna Makan | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi I’m Chetna, I love making Indian food and today with Hotpoint I’m goingto show you the ultimate Veg Curry this is inspired by chole which comesfrom Punjab the north of India and it’s packed full of spices, ginger, garliccoriander, chili with lots of fresh vegetables. My mum who still lives inIndia makes this very […]

Tray-Baked Chicken with Spiced Indian Potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys hope you’re well! We’re going to make the most beautiful tray baked chicken withIndian spices and veges. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It feels naughty but it’s really really healthy.It’s 3 of your 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s really affordable and it’s a great dish youcan get in 1 tray, whack in the […]

Palak Soup Recipes

Namaskar Welcome to nishamdhulika.comToday we will prepare nutritious Palak Soup which is high in iron.Ingredients required :Palak (spinach) – 250 gramswhose leaves have been cleaned, washed twice with water and dried in a strainer before hand.Tomatoes – 2Ginger – 1/2 inch long pieceCoriander leaves – 1 tbsp (chopped)Cream – 2 tbspButter – 1 or 2 […]

Bunny Chow | Taste the World #5

Big Fish Head Curry Tour – MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

– Good morning.I hope you’re having an amazing day.It’s Mark Wiens.I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.And one of the tastiest partsor sections of the fish is the fish headbecause you’ve got all those little oozy bits.You get to dig out the little crevices of meat.Locally, it’s known as kepala ikan,and it’s very popular to eat in […]