How to Make Indian Stuffed Sandwiches : How to Make a Boiled Chicken Sandwich

Hi. I’m Noopur on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to tell you how tomake smoked chicken sandwich. First we take some raw chicken. Now I have boiled this chicken,so as you can see, nothing has been added to this. Then I got to chop these into finepiecesand then we take a […]

Wegmans Herb-Baked Tofu

Hey, guys, Chef Mark here.Today, I’m gonna work with some tofu.I like to grill it, sauté it, but you know what,we’re gonna roast it today.We’re gonna use our Asian Classics tofu,found in the frozen section.It’s actually neat, it’s a real authentic texture with this, nice and firm.It’ll pick up a lot of the flavors of […]

Soft Boiled Eggs Spicy Salad | Thai Food | Yum Kai Tom | ยำไข่ต้ม

Soft Boiled Eggs Spicy SaladEgg 3-4Fish sauce 1 ½ tbspSugar 1 tbspLime 3 tbspGarlic 2 tbspChili 1 tbspShallot ¼ cup

Tasty Moscow – Beef Stroganoff ENG SUB

There was a man – Alexander G. Stroganovin Odessa, he owned the place where any decently dressed man could come and have a free mealCooks who worked on him at that timeinvented the dish and named it in honor of himWill try it now“Beef Stroganoff”Rich tasteThere is a chicken, mushrooms in white sauceApparently the bread […]

How One Kenyan Village Fuels The World’s Fastest Distance Runners | Feed The Flame

(FEED THE FLAME)I’m here in the small village of Iten, Kenya,home to the Kalenjin tribe and some of the world’smost dominant long-distance runners.The Kalenjin tribe makes up0.6% of the world’s population.They are always in the top 80-90%of long-distance runners in the world at any given time.I’ve been told their diet is the driving forceto their […]

【字幕】水煮五花肉/豬高湯 | Boiled Pork Belly/Pork Broth | Chinese Cuisine

Cooking time may be adjusted by the your pot and the size of pork belly.(The size of my pork belly: 5cm high x 4cm wide)Place water/scallions/ginger in a deep pot.Cover. Heat over medium high heat. Bring it to a boil.Open the lid. Place 2 pieces of pork belly,covering under the water.Cover. Bring to a boil […]

Pav Bhaji | Mumbai Street Food Recipe | పావ్ బాజీ | Fast Food | How To Make Pav Bhaji In Telugu

In Mumbai, every road is famous for delicious street food.You will remember it’s taste.Mumbai special ‘Pav Bhaji’ along with the Butter.So, now we will make Mumbai Pav Bhaji.Firstly take pan, add 2 tsp butter and heat it.Instead of butter you can also use oil.But with butter it tastes better.In fact, it is made in a […]

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Lobster | Season 7 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF

Please be careful, because this one hereis a super sharp fast claw.This one is to crush.Do not get your fingers in there, OK.Now, you got to kill it quickly.We’ll do this as safe and as humane as possible.There’s the cross line there.Across there, knife in, and down through, and that is it.Straight into the water, […]

The Surprising Reason We Eat Spicy Food

Hey smart people, Joe here.My last name comes from Norway, where the national dish is something called Fårikål:Boiled lamb, cabbage, some salt, pepper… and, well that’s it, actually.I’ve never tried it.Compare that with one of my favorite dishes, delicious Indian curry.Full of spices, and so, so good.Why do people in different places prepare the things […]