Sawadi Ka everyone ! Monday, new recipe !Today on the Menu, we have an easy-to-cook dishThat I really love ! The name of this dish is Pad See EwIt’s stir-fried noodles with soy sauce As usual for many Thai recipes, you can chooseto cook it with either pork, beef, chicken, shrimps or seafoodThe core recipe […]

Oatmeal Cake – Can’t Tell It’s Gluten Free by Rockin Robin

Hi everybody. Welcome back, and if this is your first time here, welcome, it’s greatto have you. So today I’m making a recipe for all my gluten-free friends out there.It’s a gluten-free oatmeal cake. Now, it has a nice topping on it that has some coconutand pecans and some brown sugar, and the cake itself […]

The BEST Green Salsa Recipe (salsa verde) B(R)OIL LA – Episode 5

Hey guys so today I’m going to be showing you how to make a great greensalsa. The thing I like most about this salsa is its versatility: use it in ataco, on a burrito, or as a sauce for a steak, you’re not just limited totortilla chips. My name is Jay this is B(R)OIL LATo […]

Giant Pocky / Giant Mikado

– All right, here we go. (dramatic music) Hello everybody, hope you’re doing well. Today we are gonna supersize, make some giant versions of Mikado. You, you, you right now. Actually, in some countries, I’m not sure even have these, but you might refer to them as Pocky. Which I actually prefer that name. But […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 11

(cracks) (yells) (laughing) – Sorry. (triumphant music) I think you might need your step. – Me too. (laughing) – Mrs Barry and I like to delve into the world of food and kitchen hacks, so that you don’t have to. And maybe, and sometimes, we come across some ones that are like, yes. This is […]

[Judy Ann’s Kitchen 6] Ep 2: Cauliflower Power – Pizza, Paella, Mac and Cheese, etc

Good morning everyone!Welcome to Judy Ann’s Kitchen!My energy’s so high right?This is how it should be on Saturday mornings.We have to boost our energy levels.Let’s get right to it, starting with the food processor to really kick things off.I’ll be calling this episode “Cauliflower Power Uh-huh Uh-huh!”Since the Keto diet has become quite a trend […]

Baking my own Birthday Cake (excuse to make my fave cake in the World)

– Aw, baby. Hello. You know what day it is, don’t ya? Come on, I’m waiting. Actually think about it, it doesn’t matter because it’s my birthday today. Yes, today is my birthday. The day this video’s uploaded, it doesn’t matter. My birthday will be long gone. Like another one of those 365 days that […]

Stuffed Cabbage Head Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Stuffed Cabbage Head Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

How to make vegan gluten free Waffles! Stump Kitchen 1

Look! Two hands! Just kidding![music] STUMP KITCHEN STUMP KITCHEN GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS!!Do you have your stump? Check. Ready to go.Today — oops! Today on Stump Kitchen we’re making waffles. So this recipe I’m makinggluten free and vegan. OH! And today I thought “why the fuck not try it with some chocolate chips?”One. […]

Wheat-free Baking: Co+op Kitchen

Hi, my name is Philip Speer. I’m the executive pastry chef of Uchi Restaurants.Today we are going to talk about wheat alternatives in baking and cooking.Today we brought a bunch of wheat alternatives out. Different flours andstarches that we can use in all sorts of ways when trying to sub outwheat based products for cooking […]