The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They’re Not) | Adam Ruins Everything

(playful whistling music)– Vitamins are the key to healthand perhaps the cure for the common cold.Now how many of you have ever heard of vitamin megadoses?– [Adam] I have, but I’ve also heard of fairiesand the Lock Ness monsterand those won’t cure your cold either. (laughs)– What?– Vitamin supplements (annoyed groans) don’t cure colds,they don’t […]

Vegeta Is “VEGAN”

I hope you’re ready folks,because s**t’s about to get real!The s**t’s gonna grow legs and do jumping squats!That’s how real this s**t’s about to get!Now give a warm welcome to your prince……mister “Vitamin D” himself……VEGETA!!!Hi.I’m “VEGAN”.Well, well, well…Looks like we got us a bunch of lower-class anime cunts.Good news is I like most cunts, but […]

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

Watching Hugh Grant and hisStuttering pathetic charm is asAppealing to me as closing myScrotum in a DVD case.Are these real or do youMake them up to be especially nasty? Kate Hudson is a dead-eyedTrash bag that smells like low tide. Greg KinnearStars in holy [BLEEP] whoGives a [BLEEP] coming soon.Chris Evans is a stupidBearded sweater […]

Wayne’s World 2 (1/10) Movie CLIP – Fast Food Order (1993) HD

Um, I’d like…Ruelers…Urger ox…And a mikita…Cup.And then I think I would likeA large…With…Eam.Yes, and could I please have…Elly doughnut and…Raspberry and a…Nge drink?What?Oh, I’m sorry.And…Eaker…Oken.Let me recap the order.A cruller, two sugar pucks,A stanley cup, a large coffee with cream,A raspberry jelly doughnut, orange drink,And a box of five holes.Yeah.Thank you.Drive around, please.

The Problem with Fast Food!

♪♪[audience cheering]– Tori, listen,listen, Tori, listen.You can do this. – [groaning]– Yes, you can, because I cannot keep ordering for youwhen we go out to eat!– But my condition!– Does not exist, okay?All right, so what do you want to order?– Uh, I want three chicken sandwiches.– Okay.– A chicken caesar wrap, a twelve-piece nugget,and […]

Your Healthy Friend Who Still Does Drugs

(bright music)– Yeah, it’s all American.– I’m glad that we all went to three different places.– Hey, guys.– Hey, wow, that looks healthy.– Yeah, it’s kale, quinoa, and black beans.It’s full of calcium, protein, and fiberfor bone tissue and digestive health.– That sounds great, but you shouldhave some of these for dessert.– Ew, honestly I […]

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About FAST FOOD!

– Pass that bucket of chicken.So many of us know that,in general,fast food really isn’t that great for you.Good food takes time to make, baby.But the truth is,your opinion of it may have been basedon some false information.Like, remember the famous McDonald’schicken nugget “pink slime picture”that went pretty viral?Yeah, that was not what you think […]

The Perfect (Easy Peel) Hard-boiled Egg. COMEDY – How to Cook – with Chef Daniel

Hi! my name is Chef Daniel!and so many people…of course I’m a fabulous chef….so many people have asked me they say,“Chef Daniel, how do you do it? How do you do it every single time?You make the perfect hard-boiled egg?”I’m going to tell you my secretSHHHH!Did you ever get a hard-boiled egg where the shell […]