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Caution: Anti-inflammatory Foods in the Third Trimester

the right side of the heart shown here in blue pumps deoxygenated blood from the body to the lungs where can fill up with oxygen and then the left side of the heart shown here in red pumps oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the rest of the body so blood travels from the body […]

Guilt-free Chocolate in 4 Minutes – Sugar-free & Vegan

Hey guys. In this video I’m going to show how you can make incredibly tasty andhealthy chocolate at home in just a few minutes time.To make this chocolate you only need four ingredients, those being coconut oilcarob, cocoa, and stevia, and you can also add nuts at the end for extra flavor andtexture which is […]

Chocolate Almond Candy Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making chocolate almond candy.This recipe is my granddaughters’ request.I was spending some time with my two granddaughtersand they decided they wanted to make chocolate (homemade candy).So we did it.Both granddaughters had so much fun experimentingwith different versions of this candyand making a big mess.We knew we wanted something rich and chocolatyand […]

Salted Chocolate Brownie Cookies | Cupcake Jemma

Hi, it’s me Gemma, and I’m here at the crumbs and doily shop in SohoAnd I’ve given you a few of my cookie recipes so farBut this recipe is for the serious chocolate lovers out there. It is packed full of High quality dark chocolateIt’s super rich and it isn’t like salted chocolate Brownie cookiesLet’s […]

Do You Have to ‘Bloom’ Cocoa Powder?

A lot of bakers tell you to “bloom” your cocoa powder. That is, to mix it into someboiling hot water or coffee or milk to “bring out the flavors” before you bake with it.Does it work? To my surprise, yes!This whole idea of blooming cocoa powder never made any sense to me, and I’ve never […]

Brownies saudáveis (apenas 5 ingredientes) + ganache de chocolate

Raw browniesRaw brownies with chocolate ganacheIngredients3/4 cup of cacao powder2 cups of packed dates1 cup of wallnuts2/3 cup of cashews (or almonds)1/4 tsp of saltPit the datesSoak them in warm water (10 minutes)Blend the nuts+ cacao+ saltreserveBlend the datesadd the nuts and cacaoLeave in the fridge 15 minutes1 cup of dark chocolate (170g)1/4 cup of […]

How to Make Chocolate-Covered Bacon | Candy Making

So today I’m going to talk about to make chocolate covered bacon, which is delicious. Here I have some candied bacon. So what I did was, I just took raw bacon strips. I put them on to skewers. You can see I kind of looped it into the skewer and then I just took a […]