A Theology of Fasting – Tim Conway

Our church is designating this weekas just a week wherewe are going to give ourselvesto seeking the Lord in a special way.Often times, we call it a week of prayer and fasting.Not that everybody in the whole church fastsfor an entire eight days.But during that time, what we want to dois encourage the folks in […]

Making a Good Confession (Examining Your Conscience)

Every year during Lent, confessionals flood with people looking to turn their hearts fromsin and return to God.It’s a fantastic sight to see, actually.Really, it’s why the season is such an inspiring one for me.Some see it as a season of suffering, a dour, pessimistic time, but it’s really quitehopeful.I mean, come on!What could be […]

What Is Fasting?

(upbeat whistling) Fasting just means you go without something for a little while.God wants to have a relationship with you.It’s super important to Him.So let’s focus on God right n-(cell phone ringing)Oh! Your friend wants to talk to you.Oh look, your food is ready. (Microwave beep)You probably want to play that, right? (Game beeps)Focusing on […]

Jesus Gets Deep on Fasting! (Mystery of The Wineskins | Parable Explained)

Hello, this is Jerren with AOC Network and great to be speaking with you todayas you knowBut you are preparing for an upcoming teaching on fasting and the great news is it is coming alongwellwe are in the production phase as far as the music and the footage research and studying andvoice recording all of […]

Biblical and Historical Examples of Fasting

Well this is the third video I’m doing on fasting, and as I start this videoperhaps I should begin with a confession. For the vast majority of my Christianlife, I have neglected the spiritual discipline of fasting. And as with anyonewho has read through or studied the Scriptures, I of course was well aware ofthe […]

McDougall, MD- Healthy Diet

Binging with Babish: Breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to Binging with Babish where this weekwe’re finally taking a look at food from a Miyazaki movie.Something like bacon and eggs might seem like a very simple place to start,but it’s the perfect excuse to learn how to make our own bacon from scratch.First thing we got to do […]

God’s Diet: How to be Super Healthy

Now let’s use this episode to define another term – food.I want to deal with this issue now becausefood is such wedge issue between the Church and the Jewish people, and even causessevere dissention within the Church itself.Let me be unequivocalThe lord intended for food to be used as a means todivide and polarizeGenesis 1:29-30 […]

Fast Food Christianity

We’re so spoiled living in a culture where everything is fast.We’re used to getting things right away.We want answers right away.We want our results right away.We want our food right away.And if stuff doesn’t start happening when and how we want it to, we get upset and frustrated.It seems like few of us have the […]

Healthy & Easy Garlic Rosemary Bagels [CC]

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I am so excited because if youknow me then you know that I love bagels. They are seriously one of my favoritefoods on the planet but bagels are not that healthy for you so when my friendAmy Thompson, shoutout to you Amy, posted this recipe […]