You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again | Eye-Opening Speech!

I just want to start by saying that I wasn’t born vegan.And I wasn’t even born vegetarian, you see for almost 21 years of my lifeI consumed meat dairy and egg products,it’s not just that I consumed them, I loved them.I loved how they tasted, I’d have them every single day of my life.I looked […]

10 FREE Healthy Habits That Changed My Life!

everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome if you’re new my name is Livand I make lots of healthy recipe and wellness videos on this channel I am inmy fourth year of Nash Pathak medicine which means I’m all about natural foodas medicine and everything like that so I have tons of tips […]

FAT To FIT | My Transformation | Ketogenic DieT | For my Music Album ‘Deewana You’re The One’

We had made some scratch versions of my song ‘Deewana’and i had already started choreographing it in my head.The beginning of the song was very catchy andd i had a vision of walking shirtless with my abs being shown in that scene when themusic comes…But the problem was I was not in shape and i […]