The Benefits of Pet Nutritional Supplementation | Dr. Bill’s Advanced Nutritional Support

Whether your dog is a performance champion or you just want to improve theoverall health of a pet, nutritional supplementation can provide numerousbenefits above and beyond today’s commercial pet foods.Hello, I’m Doctor Bill Barnett.Just as most people understand the need tosupplement their daily diet with vitamins and other nutrientsnutritional supplementation is now regarded as a […]

Nutritional Management of Adverse Reactions to Food (Food Allergy)

Adverse reactions to food are either immune system mediated or not. Immune mediated reactionsare the result of the body seeing normal dietary proteins as being from potential pathogensand reacting accordingly. Thus, a normally tolerated dietary protein is seen as, say,a potential bacterial or parasitic infection, and the body mounts a vigorous immune responseto fend of […]

How to make hard boiled eggs *TURN ON SUBTITLES*

Step 1: Pet a catstep 2: take a glass of waterthen empty water into a potdon’t forget to spill a little of waterTurn on the Lights so you can see what you’re doingPet a catTake this thingand put is in waterPet a catFind eggs and take threelook into your phone and not where you are […]

Do Dogs & Cats Need Nutritional Supplements? | Dr. Bill’s Advanced Nutritional Support

Do dogs and cats need nutritional supplements?Nutritional supplements are among the fastest growing products in the pet nutrition industry.The primary reason behind this growth, pet owners are supplementing their owndiets with results and now believe the furry members of their family alsodeserve the benefits that supplementation can provide.Hello, I’m Doctor Bill Barnett.Supplements are intended for […]

Life Stage Pet Nutrition | Improve Their Lifespan | Dr. Bill’s Advanced Nutritional Support

Would you like to improve the lifespan of your pet? Then let’s talk for a minuteabout your dog or cat’s nutritional needs at each life stage.Hello, I’m Doctor Bill Barnett.The primary nutritional goal during growth is to assure their full genetic potential. Where healthy organs, strong musclestendons, and bones are achieved upon reaching adulthood.Your pet […]

Rx D3 and Vitamin D Test Kit product overview – Rx Vitamins for Pets

Did you know that dogs and cats don’t convert ultraviolet light to Vitamin D intheir skin? This was news to me until a couple of years ago. Turns out the onlysource of vitamin D the dogs and cats have is through their diet. And a recentstudy where they measured the Vitamin D levels of 350 […]

Nutritional Management of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease occurs when the protective cartilage on theends of bones wears down. This can occur in any joint, but is more common in certain jointslike the elbows, knees, and hips. When bone becomes less protected, inflammation resultswith swelling, stiffness, and discomfort or pain. The prefix of “osteo” is used to distinguishthis […]

Nutritional Management of Renal Disease

Chronic renal (kidney) disease is the permanent loss of the kidneys’ function. The kidneysplay a number of important roles including excreting toxins through urination. As thekidneys fail, toxins can build up that further harm the kidneys and also can make the petfeel ill. Although renal disease cannot be cured without a kidney transplant, appropriatetreatment can […]

Waitress Bit Into Boiled Egg And Felt Something Very Hard, She Was Stunned By The Object Inside

as she sank her teeth into the hard-boiled egg waitress SallyThompson’s teeth hit something hard assuming it was just a piece of theshell she removed the offending object and let it drop onto her plate butThompson couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what had fallen out so leftstunned she took what she just had […]

Nutritional Management of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus occurs when the body doesn’t produce adequate amounts of insulin or becomesless responsive to insulin. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas with many functions,but its main purpose is to tell cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream. Glucose isthe main energy source for the body’s cells and without adequate insulin […]