Latinos Try Fast Food For The First Time

– I think I’m gonna be grossed out.– Have you had it before?– [Man] No– – No?– [Man] Because everyone says it’s liquid meat.– It’s what?What’s liquid meat?– I just got a brain freeze, hold on.– I would absolutely have this again.– We can cut.– Today, we’re gonna have American fast foodwe’ve never tried before.There’s […]

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Ranking Fast Food’s Fried Fish Sandwiches From Worst To First

In the six decades since McDonald’s invention of the Filet-O-Fish, fried fish sandwicheshave become big business in fast food.But which chain does it best?We tried all of the major chains to find out.No longer content with simple soft-serve, Dairy Queen keeps promoting the so-called“Fan Food” side of its menu, with wildly mixed results.The Dairy Queen […]

Fast Food Fries Taste Test

– My favorite fast food fries are hands down McDonalds.– Burger King.– Five Guys.– McDonalds or In-n-Out are like the top two.Hands down.– It’s good but it’s not like mind blowing.– Yeah it’s a little soggy.– A flavor reminiscent of a fried Q-Tip.– There’s no salt on it so there’s no seasoning.– There are certain […]

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Working in Fast-Food | What it’s Like Working at McDonald’s and Taco Bell

Hey everyone! My name is Christian Aguilar. Welcome to my channel, where Imake your life easier, one video at a time.Today’s video is What to Expect Working in the Fast-Food Industry. Please makesure that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel because I am going topublish a part two, and the next video is going […]

Blind Fast Food Burger Challenge

Today we determine which one of us is the expert burger taster.Let’s talk about that.♪ (theme music) ♪– Good Mythical Morning! – We eat a lot of burgers together.– We do. – (emphasizing) A lot of burgers together,– and we were talking the other day. – But we eat different burgers.We don’t eat the same […]