Making Indian Sweets From Scratch at Raja Sweets — Cooking in America

(upbeat, jazzy music)– So, we’re going to Raja Sweets in the heartof the Mahatma Gandhi District here in Houston,but, before that,we’re gonna go check out this super cool spot.It’s a mandir, the first one in the country.Thirty-three thousand pieces that was first assembledin India and then kind of built like a Lego set rightin the […]

Sourest Giant Candy Challenge DIY! Worlds Biggest Skittles! Learn How To Prank Sour vs Edible Food

Making Handmade Candy Humbugs | Où se trouve: Stilwells

We’ve opened up since 1949. Humbugs, the best seller that we have, we’ve been selling them since then.I’ve been at this for 20 years at least. Now, my boy’s in there with me, and that’s about it – just keep making ‘Bugs.Before 1929, the family was making candies, fudge, humbugs, whatever way before that.In fact, […]

Casting HOLLOW Pokeballs

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop in the pastWe’ve done a few different experiments casting candy into some different shapes we did grant and my thumbWe did a giant turkey out of melted Jolly Ranchers, and we also made some silver play buttons cast in candy well todayWe’re going to try something […]


Hi guys! Today I’ve found a whole box of wax crayons at home!I think it’s time to use them for some awesome useful ideas!For example, to make a pendant with your own hands!If you like jewelry made by yourself, give a thumbs up!Let’s go!First, we need to grate a crayon using a fine grater.I’ll take […]

Eat Candy in Class?! Food Hacks, DIY School Supplies & Prank Wars!

So many times I told you that food is not allowed here.Oh yes, and detention both of you!Sara and Katie are back, with a mission to sneak lots and lots of candy into class!Enjoy watching their funny adventure but when you return to classes, leave your candiesbehind and opt for something healthy instead!Who doesn’t love […]

DDG: New Ice Chips Candy

Hey guys its Daniel from Daddy Daughter Gamer I’m Valentina and Im ElizabethToday we have something very special, Ice Chips Candycompany was nice enough to sponsor a video for usour first sponsor yeah!we tried these in the past we liked them a lot and we uploaded that,it was one of our most popular videos in […]