Eat Candy in Class?! Food Hacks, DIY School Supplies & Prank Wars!

So many times I told you that food is not allowed here.Oh yes, and detention both of you!Sara and Katie are back, with a mission to sneak lots and lots of candy into class!Enjoy watching their funny adventure but when you return to classes, leave your candiesbehind and opt for something healthy instead!Who doesn’t love […]

DDG: New Ice Chips Candy

Hey guys its Daniel from Daddy Daughter Gamer I’m Valentina and Im ElizabethToday we have something very special, Ice Chips Candycompany was nice enough to sponsor a video for usour first sponsor yeah!we tried these in the past we liked them a lot and we uploaded that,it was one of our most popular videos in […]

Chocolate Almond Candy Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making chocolate almond candy.This recipe is my granddaughters’ request.I was spending some time with my two granddaughtersand they decided they wanted to make chocolate (homemade candy).So we did it.Both granddaughters had so much fun experimentingwith different versions of this candyand making a big mess.We knew we wanted something rich and chocolatyand […]

Calculate your healthy eating score

“Calculate Your Healthy Eating Score” A few years ago, a proposal was published for a healthy eating index, and I thought it might be interesting to look at the latest USDA dietary survey to see how the standard American diet is doing. The index is simple; it’s a score of 0 to 100, which simply […]

Giant Pocky / Giant Mikado

– All right, here we go. (dramatic music) Hello everybody, hope you’re doing well. Today we are gonna supersize, make some giant versions of Mikado. You, you, you right now. Actually, in some countries, I’m not sure even have these, but you might refer to them as Pocky. Which I actually prefer that name. But […]

Moby Crunch Chocolate – We “Eat THIS”

hello and welcome back to eat this with Eccchi Tenchi and Dargon! today we arejoined by my Mom and Baby Girl (Fro-Baby)! Okay, so my mom’s in this one because shedecided to pick this one out. It is crunchy chocolateby MOBY. Basically chocolate flavored Cheetos let’s do that let’s go ahead andread the ingredients. If […]

How to Make the Best Salted Caramels at Home – Soft & Chewy Caramels Recipe

We’re Adam and Joanne from and welcome to our kitchen.We’re making our soft salted caramels recipe.These salted caramels are soft, chewy and perfectly melt away in your mouth.Before making our salted caramels…we always make sure we have our equipment ready…and all ingredients measured out.Here’s a loaf pan, we are going to lightly oil it…then […]

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups | A Sweet Pea Chef

Lacy: Hey there. This is Lacy Baier with A Sweet Pea Chef, and today we’re going to makedark chocolate peanut butter cups that are not only delicious but are also healthy, clean,vegan, and gluten-free. So let’s get started.Here are the ingredients you’re going to need. First, we need to melt the chocolate usingeither a double […]

Colouring & Melting Chocolate for Perfect Cake Pops! By Cupcake Addiction

So while we’re waiting for that water to boil, I want to show you another option in placeof vegetable shortening. And I know this is really popular with cake pop decorators. Theseare called paramount crystals and they come in a couple of different brands but they’redesigned to do exactly the same thing as shortening. They […]

How to make homemade andes mints

Hi! Welcome to in the kitchen with Ashlee Marie. Today I’m sharing one of the top recipesfrom my site for the last 5 years, and it is…homemade andes mints, they’re super easy to make and they taste amazing, so let’s get startedThe very first thing that we need to do isget the pan ready for […]