Vitamin D and Diabetes

You’ve probably heard that Vitamin D is really important for overall health but doyou know why?Well, here’s one reason that’s good to know during cold and flu season: Vitamin Dsupplementation is 10 times more effective than the flu vaccine in people with low VitaminD levels.Another reason it’s important is that Vitamin D deficiency has been […]

Do Vitamin D Supplements Reduce the Risk of Dying from Cancer?

Debunking Cancer Myths

Mandy Gatesman in the middle, here is our oncology pharmacistfrom Massey. So she’s gonna address probably supplements andstuff like that. And then Allie Farley is our integrative healthnutritionist that I sent an email and one of the things I askedfor when she know, maybe some topics that you get askedfrequently Ally’s. This is really really […]

Is Plant-based Fast Food Healthy? Registered Dietician Answers! (CWIP #1)

Recently just recently in the news right? So the theThe Whopper now they have the impossible burger versionThere was the thing about kid the KFC chickenSandwich. That was the you know, the the plant-based chicken sandwich. What’s your take on?Like you said this this more more and more it’s being popularized in the culture celebrities […]

Supplements that lengthen telomeres | Elissa Epel

– [Elissa]: So there are supplements out there, they haven’t been studied much.– [Rhonda]: TA-65.– [Elissa]: That’s one of them, you know, I think there’s always…I mean, telomerase is also pro-cancer.So there’s always that kind of… you want to see…– [Rhonda]: I’ve been concerned about that.– [Elissa]: You want to see the long term studies.Cancer […]

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease with Optimal Nutrition

Over the last two centuries, extraordinary progress in medicine, hygiene and technologygave us the gift of living much longer lives than our ancestors. But as things are rightnow, unfortunately, for many of us, and the people who care for us, living a longer lifeis less of a gift and more of a burden, since the […]

Alternative Medicine for Cancer Treatment – IV High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

There’s a lot in the area of alternative medicine in cancer therapy.Although we are not oncologists here at Agenixs, what we are is alternative medicine doctorsthat help optimize your health, your nutrition and also provide support through IV high-dosevitamin C therapy.Now, high-dose vitamin therapy has been proven to be useful in breast cancer and some […]