Holistic nutrition basics to start eating for health

hello and welcome to the Bowman college wellness programyou’re receiving class 1 Eating for Healththis is the first class infor which will give you the holistic nutrition basicsI’m your presenter ivy hunter a registered nurse and certified nutritionconsultantand I’m working on my board certification in holistic nutritionI was trained with Bauman collegegraduates at the nutrition […]

Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?

When our vegetarian ancestors started eating meat around two million years ago,it wasn’t just because animals taste great,it was pure necessity.Climate change made many of the plants our ancestors relied on less available and meat bridged that gap.From the discovery of fire at the latest, meat became a staple of the human diet.But over the […]

Can Soy Cause Cancer? | Healthy Food

A lot people are concern about soy and whether or not it’s a health food or whether it causes cancer. So there’s a lot of variable to think about. One is that highly processed soy foods are associated with certain types of cancer. Now, we tend to eat soy in crazy ways, in crazy amounts. […]

Fast Healthy Meals

hi guys nice to see you back I’m happy that you liked my last topic and that’s why I want to give you some bonus information about that you already know the sauerkraut juice is rich on this funny word going through jeans or whatever is the word for it and I want to tell […]

Dr. David Samadi – Breast Cancer Prevention News: Proper Diet Can Help

[Breast cancer affects the lives of more than two hundred thousand women every year, but can women actually do anything preventative? We wanted to tell you what we had learned from Dr. David Samadi, a member of our Fox News Medical “A-Team” and the Vice Chair of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital here in New […]

What Does a Healthy Diet Look Like? | Cedars-Sinai

A healthy diet is a balance of fruits, vegetables and proteins.Ideally avoiding things that are cooked a lot or fried. And focusing on things that areplant based.

Foods That Look Like Body Parts Give Clues To Their Health Benefits

Vegetables and fruits are great for our overall health. Ever noticed that certain foods looklike certain parts of the body? This can be a clue to some of the nutrition and healthbenefits fruits and vegetables provide. Next time you’re in the grocery store, use theseclues to help you remember some of the benefits of these […]

Is Keto an Effective Cancer Fighting Diet?

“Is Keto an Effective Cancer-Fighting Diet?” Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is the universal go-to fuel for the cells throughout our bodies. Our brain burns through a quarter pound of sugar a day, it’s preferred metabolic fuel. Our body can break down proteins and make glucose from scratch, but most comes from our […]

What is CBD? The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil by Thomas DeLauer

Everywhere you turn, there is someone talking about CBD right now.The hard part is when you’re looking at the effects of CBD on the body, there’s only somuch that can really be talked about.You see, there’s a lot of censorship because it’s so close to Cannabis, it’s very difficultto talk about CBD.So, what I wanted […]

Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet help prevent cancer?

So with that, our next question, can you provide anyclinical that the ketogenic diet is helpful inpreventing cancer?– So there are a lot of trials ongoing here as a potentialadjunct cancer treatment.So by adjunct I mean in addition to traditionalcancer treatment.So in order to answer that question and as a preventionfor cancer, there would have […]