What is processed food? – Huel Nutrition

Hi everyone my name is James Collier I’m Huel’sco-founder and nutritionist and today we’re going to be talking about foodprocessing. Now food processing is quite often a word you hear bandied around in anegative fashion. We all generally think of processed foods as bad and that reallyis not the case. By definition food processing is […]

How to eat an Avocado: Nutrition Benefits, Tips & Preparation

Hi everyone! Today we are going to be learning how to work with the famousavocado fruit, or some people call it the alligator pear. The avocado is highly,highly nutritious and something that you want to include as part of your dailydiet for optimal health. Now some people do sort of fear thatthey’ve heard that it’s […]

Welcome to Nutrition Steps!

Buongiorno! My name is Stefano Vendrame and I am here to introduce the science of nutritionto everyone who wishes to learn it.If you are willing to bear with my Italian accent, I really hope to pass on some of myenthusiasm for this fascinating science, and a lot of useful information that you willbe able to […]

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease with Optimal Nutrition

Over the last two centuries, extraordinary progress in medicine, hygiene and technologygave us the gift of living much longer lives than our ancestors. But as things are rightnow, unfortunately, for many of us, and the people who care for us, living a longer lifeis less of a gift and more of a burden, since the […]

“Case Study: Enteral Nutrition” by Nancy Braudis for OPENPediatrics

Case Study: Enteral Nutrition by Nancy Braudis.A three month old baby with a complete atrial ventricular canal is admitted with symptomsof congestive heart failure.Mom reports that he’s breathing fast and not feeding well.His oral intake for the past 24 hours is 280 milliliters of 24 calories per ounce formula.Respirations are 66 per minute.Oxygen saturation is […]

10 Nutrition Tips & How To Add Them To Your Diet!

– There’s no getting away from the fact that we need foodin order to function.That part is simple but when you add in trainingfor a triathlon the what and when is a topicthat’s always open for debate.Well today I’m going to be bringing you some tipsthat are going to help you hone your nutrition planningfor […]

Understanding Nutrition Facts (Part 2) | Gaining Kitchen Confidence

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Part 2 of week 2 of Gaining Kitchen Confidence, the firstprogram in our 4-week Fast Track series. My name is Dina D’Alessandro,Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Founder, and Chief Executive Life-changerat DishWithDina. If you missed Part 1, please go back and view it and then joinus here when you’re done. In this video, […]

Use of Calories and Alcohol Metabolism – Nutrition | Lecturio

So how do we use all of these different calories.Specially the ones for basal metabolic rate.You need to know where the majority of calories go to.So a quick graphic here to help us with that.First of all our brain uses almost 20%.Again we have numbers on here.You really need to consider the relativity.So which organ […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Cyclists | Eat Better & Ride Faster With GCN

Want some quick pointers to get your nutrition on track?Coming up are our top nutrition tips.(upbeat music)In this video you’ll seeI’m using products from products form Enervit,and that’s because they are our nutrition partner.But there are of course other products available.(tribal music)Hydration, hydration is crucialto maintaining endurance performance.A drop of just 2% body weight from […]