Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best Hash Browns?

– Uh, I woke up at 4:30 this morning.– I woke up at 4:45.– Because we are on a mission.♫ Ooo, hashtag hashbrown huntdown♫ Hashtag hashbrown huntdown ♫It’s really to find the best fast food hash-browns.– The patties.– Potatoes are an amazing thing.– Potatoes are almost as versatile as pigs.– [Both] RubricCrispiness.– Fluffiness.– We brought […]

I Tried American Vs. Japanese Wendy’s

Fast Food Taco Taste Test

– I’m a (bleep) critique, a critic.I’m a critique critic.When I was a kid and we had taco night at my home,I would eat 30.– What is there not to love about tacos.– Drunken adventure, three in the morning,20 tacos, let’s go.– My favorite place to get tacos is probably Chipotle.– Favorite fast food taco […]

Keith Crowns Instagram’s Next Dog Superstar

– Welcome back to the season finale of The Barkchshler,the internet’s favorite dog review show.I’m your host, contestant, judgeand Barkchshler himself, Keith Habersberger.What a time we’re having.Guys, we’re here.There are four dogs.(imitating gun noises)(laughs)These four dogs, for the last five days,have been posting at least one post a dayand at least one story a dayand […]

Fast Food Lovers Find The Best Dollar Menu

– Sup 2018?– Hey, we’re gonna be tryin’ out some foods today.– Maybe you’ve heard of the dollar menu.– Oh yeah, that’s your favorite discount duo.– Discount duo!Some would call us a broke Worth It.(laughing)– Yeah, we’re gonna be tryin’ out the dollar menu todayat a bunch of different restaurants.– Bunch of different restaurants.(laughing)– Let’s […]

Amateurs Vs. Professional Chef: Fast Food Challenge

We Tried Fast Food Popsicles

Fast Food Fries Taste Test

– My favorite fast food fries are hands down McDonalds.– Burger King.– Five Guys.– McDonalds or In-n-Out are like the top two.Hands down.– It’s good but it’s not like mind blowing.– Yeah it’s a little soggy.– A flavor reminiscent of a fried Q-Tip.– There’s no salt on it so there’s no seasoning.– There are certain […]

We Tried To Make Caribbean Food With Zero Trash