I Tried American Vs. Japanese Wendy’s

Fast Food Lovers Find The Best Dollar Menu

– Sup 2018?– Hey, we’re gonna be tryin’ out some foods today.– Maybe you’ve heard of the dollar menu.– Oh yeah, that’s your favorite discount duo.– Discount duo!Some would call us a broke Worth It.(laughing)– Yeah, we’re gonna be tryin’ out the dollar menu todayat a bunch of different restaurants.– Bunch of different restaurants.(laughing)– Let’s […]

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Meal Swap: Polish Vs. Taiwanese Dumplings

Meal Swap: Polish Vs. Taiwanese Dumplings

People Guess Fast Food Burger Buns

– I’m so bad at this.(exciting music)– So the options are Jack in the Box, Burger King,Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and In-N-Out.– I eat fast food, unfortunately all the time.– I love fast food.It definitely did get me through college.– I eat fast food sporadically.– I’m not like a fast food connoisseur.– I think I’ll be […]

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