Why McDonald’s Flopped In Vietnam

Fast-food restaurants dominate markets all over the worldBurger King has more than 16,000 locations in over 100 nationsAnd McDonald’s has over 36,000There’s one in a decommissioned airplane in New ZealandAnd there’s even one in Vatican CityFast food is a more than half a trillion a year businessBut there is one place where these chains can’t […]

Two Friends Explain How To Save For A Big Trip

If I weren’t in Fiji, I’d probably beback in San Francisco working a tech joband driving something electric.[laughs]Hi, I’m Jose.I used to sell WiFi for a living.And I’m Owen.I’m a reporter in New York City.Jose: And we sailed together from Fiji to New Zealand.Owen: Well, Jose had been bugging mefor a couple of years to […]

Why Avocados Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Avocado has become one of the world’s trendiest foods.As the poster child of millennial healthy eating,this superfood is now a mainstay for foodies everywhere.But have you noticed your avo on toastis costing more and more?Avocado prices have rocketed in recent years by up to 129%,with the average national price of a single Hass avocadoreaching $2.10 […]

Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

This is a Number 3 from McDonald’s:a burger, fries, and a drink.It costs $11 in New York City.Fast food is supposed to be cheap and convenient,but do you ever find yourself spending moreon fast food than you expected to?You’re not alone.According to one study,Americans spend around $1,200 on fast food every year.Places like McDonald’s and […]

9 Bizarre Food Items That Disappeared From The McDonald’s Menu

Commercial: For a limited time,the McLobster sandwich is ashore at McDonald’s.Filled with Atlantic Canadian lobster meatand crispy lettuce on a fresh bun,it’s bound to make a splash with everyone.Narrator: Uh, yeah.That was on the McDonald’s menu at one point.McDonald’s is constantly trying out new menu itemsto stay relevant and keep customers interested.Some things stick, while […]

I Tried The Keto Diet With A Device That Tracks Your Progress

In the early 20th century, research has discovered that putting some patientswith epilepsy on a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet helped controltheir seizures. When you’re on this diet or when you’re fasting, you’re consideredin ketosis. Instead of burning carbohydrates for energy, your body turnsfat into molecules called ketones and uses those instead. Today for most people,the keto […]

Why Macadamia Nuts Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Macadamia nuts are the most expensivenuts in the world.Considered a high-quality dessert nutbecause of its rich, buttery flavor,macadamia nuts are a popular treatand a trendy import in countries like Chinaand the United States.A one pound bag can cost around $25,which is almost twice as much as other nuts, like almonds,and they’ve been breaking price records […]