The Real Reason Burger King Is Struggling To Stay In Business

Fast food restaurants need to keep up with changing trends, but in recent years, businesshasn’t been smooth sailing for Burger King.The fast food chain is definitely having some trouble.Why are they in a tough spot?Well, it’s a bit complicated…In November 2018, CNN revealed how Burger King had fallen behind some of its biggestcompetitors.Part of the […]

Fast Food Business – Shocking Truth Behind It

White Castle was a first fast food chain formed in 1921. McDonalds
entered the fast foodindustry in 1948.

#1 Vegetable in America is potato. Majority of it is consumed as Frenchfries.
Number of Fast Food Restaurants in America: 160,000
Number of Americans serveddaily: 50 million
Annual Fast Food Revenue: $110 Billion

44% eat Fast Food oncea week
20% twice
14% three or more
6% […]

It’s No Wonder Why Burger King Is Running Out Of Zesty Sauce

When we heard that Burger King was running out of Zesty Onion sauce, a creamy, spicydip that goes with their onion rings – or really anything you want to add a little spiceto – we knew something was really wrong.We were even more shocked when we heard that Burger King might not have Zesty sauce […]

Eight Reasons Why You’re Still Eating Fast Food

In treason is why you’re still eating fast foodburger king slogan once was it just tastes betterand while few would probably argue against the delicious mess of a juicy burger or hot batch of French friesthere’s no secret behind why you think it tastes so goodfast food companies have one goal to get you to […]

Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We All Miss – Part 8

These lists make me so hungry!I swear I am eating more fried stuff with cheese after hosting these videos…ah well…honey loves me a mozzarella stick!Welcome back to most amazing top 10!I am Rebecca Felgate and today I am hitting you with the top 10 discontinued fast foodmenu items we all miss….Part 8….. which seems like […]


– Like, is this real?– Literally, the Not My Job award.– If I drove past that sign, I think you could hearmy eyes rolling all the way over here.♪ (upbeat intro) ♪– (FBE) Today, we’ll be showing you a few funny quotesthat have shown up on fast food signs. – Okay, that’s interesting.– Oh, I […]

The Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– (singing) Chicken time!(upbeat music)– I don’t eat fast food that muchbut if I do I just go all in.– I don’t think that I’m boujisabout my chicken sandwiches though.– Well, this looks disgusting.– It looks like a slice of cheese.– I don’t know what’s up with this whole gloss.– Mmm.This is why people eat […]

$2 bills at fast food drive-thrus: what will happen? bonus from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary

There’s a famous story about a Taco Bell that refused two dollar bills becausethey didn’t think they were real, so today we’re going to take this stack of$2 bills and spend them at Taco Bell a number of other fast-foodestablishment to see what happens when we pay only with two dollar bills.Try Kentucky Fried Chicken […]

Japan Fast Food Cheeseburger Taste Test