As Seen On TV Boiled Egg Extractor Works!

so a couple of weeks ago I really cut my finger while I was peeling a boiled eggand just like the infomercials state it hurt okay and for my birthday a coupleof days ago my husband gave me the as seen on tv extractor a way to peel boiledeggs instantly and I laughed but let […]

Red Copper Square Pan 5 Piece Set Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Pan Giant Pizza Cake | Testing ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money on sh**ty kitchengadgets that don’t work Vivian calls the BS with Vivian triesyou just sit back and enjoy just like hanging in your kitchen with a good olfriendhello you guys and welcome back to […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #46

(gasping) (upbeat music) (clattering) (banging) (whoosh) – [Barry Lewis] Yeah, I told you Stuart, it’s not healthy to eat a four year old tin of beans. Hi, everyone, hope you’re well. Welcome to Kitchen Gadget Testing 46! That was a seven, Kitchen Gadget Testing 46. How the heck have we done this many, wow! Now, […]