Honey Bees Food and nutrition

Hi! Derek the Beekeeper here I want to talk to you about honey. I talked aboutthis another video but i wanna talk about why it’s so important that yourbees are not exposed to a number of different environmentalstressors that are causing them problems. I always like to compare bees to humansand in this way, if […]

Vitamin K for Healthy Knees

Knee osteoarthritis is MORE common in people with low levels of vitamin K in their blood.I’m Erin White and THIS is a dailyRx Minute. Found in foods like green leafy vegetables,vitamin K supports bones and cartilage. People with LOW levels of vitamin K are about 33percent MORE likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and about 2 […]

The Nutrition Behind Squash

(whoosh)When you think about healthy foods,what’s the first thing that comes to mind?Spinach?Blueberries?Well, today we want to shine the spotlight on somethingthat may not have been on your radar, squash.Jackie’s learning why it should bepart of your healthy diet.(upbeat instrumental music)(food processor whirring)– Hey guys, it’s Jackie, and today we are talkingall things squash, and […]

Prof. Kate Shoveller (improving cat and dog nutrition)

[music]My research spans both feline and caninenutrition in the healthy dog and cat.So we look at growth, the adult period andthe geriatric period and specifically areinterested in nutrient requirements andhow different ingredients areprocessed by the dog and the cat.And ultimately we hope that this helpsowners make better decisions aboutthe foods that they feed to their […]

24 Hour Food and Nutrition Journey

Hello – I’m Hoa!And, like you, I work in a garment factory here in Vietnam.We all work long hours.It’s tiring.Often we skip meals or don’t eat the right things.And that can impact our health.Because if we don’t eat enough healthy foods that affects our energy levelsand can lead to problems.How do I know this?Well…Not so […]

An introduction to Nutribiome… the Nutritional Medicine practice

Dr Kochar what exactly is Nutribiome?Dr Kochar: You can call Nutribiome as either a Nutrition and Diet practiceor Nutritional Medicine practice.The concept is that we are using only diet, food, nutritionwith herbs and spices and maybe if required minerals and vitamins to deliverthe effects we want to deliver.Now what are effects that are needed?People basically […]

I am the Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians

Let me walk you through where i work everydayIt’s a very small kitchen. It’s a home style kind of setting.We cook three meals a day.My name is Miguel Solis. I am the Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Cleveland Indians.Right now, we are in the home clubhouse kitchen.I get to cook for the players. I get […]

5 – Micro & Macro Nutrition: with Joel Fuhrman, MD

Nutrient density is the first fundamental principle of a nutritarian diet.When I say nutrient density, I’m talking about the ratio of micronutrientsto calories in a certain food or in the diet as a whole.Macronutrients are called macro because they’re the nutrients thehuman body needs in large quantities.Water is, is one macronutrient.The other macronutrients are the […]

CompSAT Health, Safety, and Nutrition Invitation

Hi, Carlos.Hey, Isabel. How have you been?I just got back.Got back from where?I just got back from a workshop about health and safety. No one else wanted to go, so Ivolunteered. I got a morning out of the classroom, a free lunch and a lot of really good information.Yeah, you know what; I sure understand […]


Nussa: hmm.. Abdul: uwoo..Abdul: okay..Nussa: hah?Abdul: okay okay..Abdul: hah?Abdul: Nussa! look..Nussa Abdul: wahhh..Abdul: the bird’s eggs have hatched.. (laughing)Nussa: hah? Abdul!Abdul: hoo..Nussa: stay quiet please… ssst..Abdul: hihihi, sorry..Nussa: now everything is done..Nussa Abdul: alhamdulillah..Nussa: now our task is done.. Abdul: hee ehh..Nussa: now, go and check on the sundial, Dul..Abdul: okay, don’t forget to borrow […]