PetSolutions: Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins

Lafeber’s Bird Vitamins are highlyconcentrated powder containing essentialvitamins, calcium, and iodine to keepbirds healthy. It’s a great choice forsupplementing birds on an seed dietand to help stressed or sick birdsrecover more quickly. You want to mix twosmall scoops of powder in each ounce ofdrinking water, or one and a half of thelarge scoops to one […]

Biomolecules (Updated)

Captioning is on! To turn off, click CC button at bottom right!Follow the amoebas on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and on Facebook.I want you to think for a moment about your very favorite food. What is it? Pizza? Macaroniand cheese? Chicken Salad? Sushi? Well we all have different food preferences, but foodis a source of large molecules […]

8 Tips about Muscle-Building Dinners | Bodybuilding Diet

It’s important to consider your goals when you’re planning out dinner. I know you’ve probably heard it said you know, ‘big breakfast, small dinner.’ That may only be true depending upon what your specific goals are and if your goal is to stay leaner while maybe even possibly to get leaner. Then as the day […]

Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

When we talk about the top five or ten most important foods for building muscle, I think the first and foremost most important thing we need to do is to realize that eating food, and whole foods, is very important. Especially if you’re a novice or you’re a new body builder or someone just starting […]

How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli

Your Brain on FoodIf you sucked all of the moisture out of your brainand broke it down to its constituent nutritional content,what would it look like?Most of the weight of your dehydrated brain would come from fats,also known as lipids.In the remaining brain matter, you would find proteins and amino acids,traces of micronutrients,and glucose.The brain […]

Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?

When our vegetarian ancestors started eating meat around two million years ago,it wasn’t just because animals taste great,it was pure necessity.Climate change made many of the plants our ancestors relied on less available and meat bridged that gap.From the discovery of fire at the latest, meat became a staple of the human diet.But over the […]

Why You Should Eat Brazil Nuts (CC)

Like.Share.Subscribe.[music][music]Brazil nuts are not only delicious, they are also quite beneficial to body builders,people who want to continue looking and feeling youthful,and those suffering from thyroid disorders.Brazil nuts are a complete protein, because they contain all nine essential amino acids,which are needed for Human growth and development, and required for muscle tissue repair.Bodybuilding requires amino […]