Starving cancer: Dominic D’Agostino at TEDxTampaBay

Starving cancer: Dominic D’Agostino at TEDxTampaBay

Translator: Marta Gysel
Reviewer: Carlo Schiatti
Navy SEAL divers are the best
at what they do.
But they have a problem
that limits their ability
to do their mission.
Our research focused
on solving the problem
and it led to an unexpected
path of discovery
for neurological diseases and cancer.
The problem results
from the specialized equipment
that the Navy SEAL divers use,
including the oxygen rebreather.
The advantage of the rebreather
is that there are no bubbles
so it’s very quiet
and helps the SEAL
evade detection from the enemy.
The disadvantage
of the oxygen rebreather is
that the high levels of oxygen
and the pressure
from the undersea environment
causes a potential for a seizure.
These seizures occur
with little or no warning
and there is no effective
mitigation strategy to prevent them.
So the question we ask is
why do the seizures occur
and how can we prevent them.
To answer this question required funding
from the Office of Naval Research
to develop a microscope
that was installed
inside a hyperbaric chamber,
or a high-pressure chamber.
This chamber could simulate
the underwater environment
and the pressure
of the underwater environment.
Using this technology
we demonstrated
that neurons in the brain,
when subjected to high pressure
and high oxygen,
are overstimulated.
The overstimulation of the brain
from the high oxygen and pressure
causes a decrease
in brain energy metabolism.
When this happens,
it causes the potential for a seizure.
These oxygen seizures occur
with little or no warning
and there is no effective way
to prevent them.
These drug resistant seizures
are similar to epilepsy patients
that have drug resistant seizures,
and in the case of patients
they can use a special diet
to prevent these seizures.
One example of the patient
who used diet is Mike Dancer.
Mike used a variety of antiseizure
and the medication caused
severe side effects
and was not able to control his seizures.
So, due to the severe side effects
Mike stopped
all the antiseizure medication
and when he did it, he saw an increase
in his seizure frequency.
At about this time Mike discovered
there was is a dietary intervention,
that he could use to control his seizures.
And when he did it,
he found a sharp decrease
in his seizure frequency.
I’m happy to say that Mike
has been on the diet
for 5 years now,
and he’s been managing his epilepsy
for 5 years without medication.
So what is the ketogenic diet?
Compared to a normal diet,
the ketogenic diet
is very low in carbohydrates
and it’s very high in fat.
People have used the diet for years
to help them regulate their body weight,
reduce their body weight,
and control or reduce
their blood glucose levels.
But most importantly,
the ketogenic diet is proven
to control seizures,
when drugs fail.
No organization has done more
to educate the public
about therapeutic potential
of the ketogenic diet
than The Charlie Foundation
started by Hollywood producer
Jim Abrahams.
Jim’s son Charlie
was stricken with seizures.
They were so severe
and no amount of drugs could help him.
So Jim looked into alternative approaches
to manage his son’s seizures.
And with his research he discovered
that the ketogenic diet was being used
at Johns Hopkins Hospital,
so it was a treatment that was used
specifically for pediatric epilepsy.
So Jim took Charlie
to Johns Hopkins Hospital
and they worked pretty closely
with a dietician there,
and within a short amount of time
Charlie’s seizures were under control.
And Charlie was actually
cured of his epilepsy
at Johns Hopkins Hospital
with the use of the ketogenic diet.
So Charlie is actually off the diet
completely today,
and he remains seizure-free.
The ketogenic diet is effective
for a variety of neurological disorders
including Glucose Transporter
Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome.
Children with this disorder
lack the ability to transport
glucose into the brain.
So their brains are literally
starved of glucose
and this causes a potential for seizures.
So it’s known that, you know,
the brain can use glucose
as the primary fuel,
but it can readily adapt
to using ketones for energy.
So in this way the brain
is like a hybrid engine, right?
So it uses glucose as the primary fuel
but during periods
of limited glucose availability
the brain can readily adapt
to using this alternative fuel source.
So we are exploiting
the neuroprotective effects of ketones
by developing ketone supplements
for the Navy SEAL divers
for oxygen seizures.
So the advantage
of the ketone supplement is
that you can circumvent
the need for the dietary restriction
that’s required to elevate and sustain
blood levels of ketones.
There are many therapeutic
applications of ketones
because nearly all healthy cells in a body
can use ketones for fuel
as an alternative energy source.
Surprisingly, cancer cells
lack the ability to transition
from using glucose for fuel
to using ketones.
So, in a way, cancer cells are like
damaged hybrid engines.
They use large amounts of glucose
much more than healthy cells,
and they lack this ability
to transition over
to an alternative fuel source.
So we can say that “sugar addiction”
is really the Achilles heel
of cancer cells.
This observation inspired me in the lab,
and I asked a question, I wondered,
why very little attention
was being given to nutrition
to exploit this weakness of cancer cells.
So, it turns out that the sugar addiction
was actually observed over 80 years ago
by Otto Warburg.
So, Otto Warburg did experiments,
he won a Nobel prize
for these experiments,
demonstrating that [cancer] cells
are damaged in their metabolism
and the damage in their metabolism
results in high amounts of sugar uptake.
More recently, Thomas Seyfried
from Boston College
has been a pioneer, really,
in validating Warburg’s hypothesis
and proving that cancer
is a metabolic disease.
In Tom’s experiments, he demonstrated
that there is a specific,
metabolic defect of cancer cells
as glucose dependency,
and that we can target that
with a variety of non-toxic
alternative approaches.
Oncologists target this weakness
in cancer cells,
which is excess glucose consumption,
with something called a FGD-PET Scan.
The PET Scan actually shows
the excess consumption
of glucose in cancer cells
relative to the healthy tissues
surrounding it.
So this allows for the imaging
of excess glucose consumption
that oncologists use.
But this information really isn’t used
to exploit the cancer
for a treatment modality.
The excess glucose consumption
of cancer cells
allows them to thrive and proliferate
in a low oxygen environment.
Another interesting observation
that we made in the lab
is that high pressures of oxygen
are actually damaging to cancer cells.
We’ve demonstrated
that when high levels of oxygen
are given to cancer cells
that they overproduce
oxygen free radicals,
and these are damaging
to the cell membrane.
At high magnification we can observe
bumps on the surface of the membrane
that are indicative of membrane damage.
What’s most interesting is
that the same level of oxygen
that damaged the cancer cells
was non-toxic to the healthy brain cells.
These observations inspired us to test
the combination of the ketogenic diet
and hyperbaric oxygen
in a mouse model of metastatic cancer.
The glowing regions on the screen,
show the growth and the spread
of metastatic cancer cells.
This study demonstrated
the therapeutic efficacy
of a new, non-toxic, alternative approach
to cancer management.
So what started out
as a Navy SEAL project
and then led to a promising
mitigation strategy
for the oxygen seizures
in the form of ketone supplements
ultimately led us down a path
to this unexpected discovery.
So the question is,
can we manage cancer
with non-toxic strategies?
I believe that we can.
And I’ve been inspired
by a number of seizure patients
and cancer patients
that have used these alternative methods
to manage their incurable diseases.
Future treatments and prevention
of many diseases
may fall back on the ancient
wisdom of Hippocrates,
when he said, “Let food be thy medicine.”
Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Starving cancer: Dominic D’Agostino at TEDxTampaBay

  • Dr.Sebi already taught all of this and was sued by the government and won. He died mysteriously in police custody and now all these white folks are acting like they came up with this knowledge.RIP DR.SEBI. Yet another thing that these folks have stolen from Black people.

  • Studies need to be done around cannabis, the munchies, it's lowering of insulin resistance and the mountain high anecdotal and in vitro evidence that it cures cancer. I just find it all too coincidental, these studies need to be done.

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    I hope you find a way to share this with the masses for health benefits and a modest profit.

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  • Dominic, I hope you see this post.  I want to offer you an alternate understanding of the cancer cell.  My theory is that it is a last ditch effort by the body to handle the unnatural amounts of carbohydrate our agricultural society puts into our bodies.  We have some ways to buffer and clear this glucose.  We store lots of it as fat.  We vent much of it by spilling it into the urine.  But, ultimately, the body must resort to a third method of clearing destructive levels of glucose from our blood.  We build specialized cancer cells that consume higher than normal amounts of glucose (compared to the normal cells in our body.)  The cancer cells clear destructive levels of glucose by the building of these cancer masses.  Its a last ditch strategy because the body must in a short amount of time begin to dismantle these cancer masses and rebuild the body tissues with normal cells before the effected organs are so compromised as to cease to function at the necessary level.       Just about all the disease that afflicts our bodies can be understood as attempts on its part to deal with unsustainable demands placed on it.  And in the long run the body must ultimately break down and fail us.

  • As someone who recently lost a friend to cancer, I wish I knew this years ago. Of course, she never told me it was cancer for a couple of years, and I am grateful that after being given a few months to live that she lasted several years. Still, the medicine she took caused her weight to balloon. If I knew of fasting, I would have encouraged it if only to see her better and still have her here. I wish at some point a doctor mentioned it. I plan to switch to a fasting lifestyle. Modern medicnrecan be such BS at times, caring more about making money than the best treatment (especially, if it's 100% free and costs nothing).

  • Otto Warburg, Seyfried: not brute force but intelligence can cure cancer. Believing in aggressive treatments including surgery means not understanding that cancerous cells are highly mutated and therefore extremely weak compared to healthy cells. It also means not understanding that the disease is enhanced by a diet our organism is not equipped to tolerate (as it evolved from hunters and gatherers that did not yet know industrial agriculture)

  • I wonder about the application to other brain disorders? For example, some bi-polar disorders are thought to be related to seizure activity very deep in the brain, thus its response to anti-seizure medications.

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    severe Epilepsy seizures….
    and than all the
    all just stopped by the time
    i was 14years old….my
    doctors was all surprised….
    i was NOT on any good diets or medications..i just
    NO SEIZURES..i swear to
    GOD!!!!! it just disappeared
    on its own..LUCKY ME..
    i am now 39 years old.
    EPILEPSY FREE.wooohoo😆

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  • I am sceptical. A family member had cancer and on some days could not eat due to medication and side effects of chemo. So in theory it should have wiped out the cancer. I know her daughter was careful about her diet and was not allowed sugar. On her final days she was in and out of hospital and not eating. They put her on drips. So again more chances to starve the cancer. I think for every survivor story, there are those who lost their battle…..

  • Hello? There IS A CURE,,! MAX GERSON HAS CURED THOUSANDS IN STAGE 4 pancreatic cancer back in the 20s, because Big Pharma has paid off legislature to NOT disclose the cure! Look into GERSON THERAPY! His daughter Charlotte Gerson is touring the world supporting his successful treatments to thousands!! For over half ndred years! Many successful happy people's testimonies are on YouTube, listen to them! So sad this country DOES NOT know😕

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    They do not repay,
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  • My grandaughter was having seizures. Petit mal between 8 and 15 an hour. Three medication changes over 8 weeks with no effect. Bought her some ketone gummies. Took two a day. First day her seizures were cut in half and in four days they were gone. There was a minor change in medication but I don't think it was the medication that stopped the seizures. I think it was the ketones. She was on them for about 2 months and then her parents forgot or decided not to give her the ketones. She began to start twitching. They upped her meds and they stopped. I wish her parents had kept her on the ketones and dropped the meds rather than vice versa.

  • Hey Doc,

    Your presentation covers a lot of ground in a short time. Well done.

    My question is … are ketones really an “alternative” fuel source? Or are they the better fuel source.

    I know I am picking at wording, ‘alternative’ makes it sound abnormal. In truth, aren’t high carbs abnormal for the human body in comparison to how our ancient ancestors lived before farming and prepackaged foods?

    This is definitely not an argument … left only as a consideration for those who stumble across it.

    Keep up the good work Sir!

  • Nobody makes money with fasting, & interval training. It is a discipline, a habit hard fought, daily. I have discovered thanks to Dr Jason Fung, that intermittent fasting & Keto diet completely fix my type 2 Diabetes. As the Dr wisely points out, much of this knowledge has been with us for 100 years. Please share this video. Thanks to Dr. D'Agostino, Amazing Ted Talk.

  • And yet in the documentary The C Word with Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who discovered the cancer connection years ago, has been poo-poo’d… follow the sugar money behind the doctors who deny this connection if you want to know why they say sugar is ok (aka “a calorie is just a calorie”).

  • Brilliant video from the great Professor Dom D'Agostino . I loved how he explained the reason behind the initial study and the evolution ultimately leading to incredible discoveries on life threatening illnesses and diseases. Food really is thy medicine! I really hope professor D'Agaostino receives a Nobel Prize for his contribution to health and human life.

  • Fasting kills cancer. Cancer cells are cheap imitations of normal cells, and while normal cells can handle fasting perectly well, the cancer cell cannot. Fasting was so common for our human ancestors, and all cultures had to deal with food shortages, especially in winter. In addition, immune system function skyrockets during fasting, fighting pathogens and disease producing organisms. It's like the body kows what to do…

  • wake up people, either fast or exercise or intermittent fast or whatever but go into ketosis often. We have become so glucosed up that most never do. We'll round up every last one involved in the sugarization of america later.

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    The ketogenic diet does not cure all forms of cancer, and may only help in one particular type.

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  • Is he saying that we should banish all carbs,including whole grain or just to avoid PROCESSED carbs?

  • Did I miss it? I don't think he ever said how their study affected the problem that Seals were having. Are Seals now on a ketogenic diet? Sounds like they should be.

  • Bless this guy. He's obviously nervous, but this information is too important not to talk about. We need serious research into personalized cancer treatment with various natural methods: diet, anti-angiogenic foods, anti-cancer herbs, and other methods.

  • It looked liked he stopped the Speech when it just started to get interesting 🙂 (yeah, i know its a 'limited time' TED talk)

    Thank you for sharing. I wish such news be spread so everyone can start trying out these non-toxic alternative therapies.
    More than the disease itself, the treatments for these diseases are the most dreaded (not just for the patients themselves but for their loved ones around them).

  • Make tea using powdered ginger and green tea drink this twice and day.
    Eat raw garlic.
    Helps to kill and prevent cancer cells.

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  • FASTING is the key … just like other Great Teachers have taught us , Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed
    Nothing is perfect but fasting is your best option

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  • fasting cures cancer! The reason the healthcare system does not want you to know this is because they can't sell "fasting" so there is no money to be made! They want to sell drugs!

  • Use Food grade Hydrogen peroxide 35%. it will give oxygen to cancer cell and slowly kill it. add keto and Intermittent fasting for 100% success cure rate.

  • Just remember the scientists and doctors that everyone trust like priest are the same ones that lobby Congress to make anything else other then chemotherapy surgery or radiation illegal. There argument is if you don’t do that people will die. They kill thousands of people. What they are really saying is only we can kill people with our treatment. No can’t sue us the FDA gives us a license to do it. No u cant chose anything else it might kill u. So I have the right to die in some states. I can travel to do this. But I can’t chose an alternative therapy for my cancer. Nonsense!

  • So the question I have is, what happens to cancer when someone goes on a somewhat extreme ketogenic diet?

  • Notice he was getting very nervous at the end of his talk and was very careful to not say the “C” word. Cure. Mainstream doesn’t allow that word. Great info.

  • I WONDER WHAT DR. AGOSTINHO HAS DISCOVERED AFTER 2013. 6 years has already went by? What’s new doc?

  • Stop consuming sugar and carbohydrates and the cancer will starve.
    Fasting is also a very powerful tool in combating cancer.

  • Great info. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I cured my cancer with Budwig protocol. I ate myself healthy. Non-hodgkins follicular lymphoma… gone. No standard medical treatments. None. 👍🏻

  • Woahhh… Uno momento. Cancer cells are suppose to survive using 10 times or such less glucose than healthy cells reason why is so tough to kill them. They adaptogenic or something like that and don´t use more than healthy ones. It would be so easy cure cancer. You need to deplete completely the sugars to start killing them. Please check this fact.

  • Mr. D. Agostino, depending, on kind of Cancer,for examples Bloods Cancer's after a failed Chemotherapy, and a bone marrow damaged, and you sufferings from exess in Bacrerias or Mycotoxins the treatment must be totally differently about a solid Cancer's treatments. Foods are the solutions for yours survival's. You must know what's food to be eaten to avoiding Microbacterial to develop ! But it's quite difficult, that's why People's dying from low Immunes Systems, even from HIV .

  • I lost my daughter at 19 to Ewing’s sarcoma. There is a site specifically to raise funds for that form of cancer and our girls story is on there along with many others with the same disease. Interestingly two survived last time I looked. One was a long distance cyclist and the other was a long distance runner so plenty of intake of oxygen. Wish I’d known about all this at the time. Also I now know people that help sufferers through a change of diet and often help them survive. Happy to share that info and the book and site etc if asked. Yes I am one of those very frustrated people that could still have my daughter here but we were guided through pharma cause my wife worked in it.

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