Soft Red Corn Tortillas | Red Corn Tortillas Recipe | Simply Mama Cooks

Soft Red Corn Tortillas | Red Corn Tortillas Recipe | Simply Mama Cooks

welcome back everybody today I’m going
to be making red corn tortillas and here’s
how I do it
okay to start I’m going to
remove the stems and seeds from three
guajillo chilies and then I’m going to
give it a rinse because as you can see
these chilies do come with debris on
them sometimes you can luck out and get
them really clean but the bag that I got
definitely has debris so I’m just going
to remove the stem
I’m gonna open it
up and remove the seeds
and that’s that
and I’ve removed the stem and seeds from
this portion of the guajillo chile
I’m going to continue doing that for the rest
Okay so as you can see I’ve cleaned out my three guajillo chiles
And you can discard this
Now I’m going to rinse these thoroughly. Again to remove any dirt or debris, then I’m going to place
them in a pot fill it up with water and
I’m going to place it on my stove top
and bring the water and Chili’s up to a
boil I’m going to shut off the heat and
let them steep for twenty to thirty
minutes until they are soft and pliable
now that my chiles are soft and pliable
I am going to place them in a food
processor without any of the boiling
liquid I’m going to place myself in
chilies in the food processor I’m going
to add half a cup of water and I’m going
to puree it then I’m going to pour it
through a strainer and strain any seeds
and skin that did not get pureed
so once you’ve pureed it here’s what you
end up with this is pretty much the skin
that just did not puree and that’s fine
so you’ll discard this and you should
end up with close to a half cup of
guajillo chili puree
okay so now I have
my puree it gave me right around a half cup
I’m also going to be using a teaspoon of
salt I have two and a half cups of
instant corn flour for masa not to be
confused with cornmeal and I’m also
going to use 16 ounces or two cups of
hot water so first I’m going to combine
my salt
give that a mix
okay so that’s
mixed well so now I’m just going to add
my hot water to the bowl of pureed chili
and it’s gonna go right into my my Maseca
you could mix this with your fork and it
looks like it’s I’m sure you know you’re
thinking that looks like it’s too watery
but trust me when you start mixing this
and the water starts absorbing into the
corn flour yeah it’s gonna be a dry
situation here but it works
so my masa is completely mixed and I’m
going to let this sit for fifteen
minutes covered I’m going to cover this
and let it sit for 15 minutes then after
that I should be able to roll them into
individual masa balls and start pressing
them out in tortillas now if you find
that the like right now the masa is
probably still too sticky to work with
you see it kind of stuck to my finger
this is the reason why you want to let
it set you want to let any moisture
basically be absorbed from the corn
flour and that’ll make things a lot
easier to handle so at the end of the 15
minute rest time you should be able to
handle your masa without it sticking all
over the place so that’s why you want to
rest it I’m going to cover this and let
it rest okay so my masa has rested for
15 minutes actually it’s been something
like 20 because I sort of got busy but
I’m going to go ahead and start rolling
out my masa balls so you just take some
us and as you can see it’s not sticking
as bad
okay so I’ve rolled out all of my masa
dough balls and I ended up with 20 so
that works so I’m just going to keep
these covered for right now and I’m
gonna show you how I press these out
here I have my tortilla press and
basically it’s this is not super-heavy I
remember my grandmother had one that was
like super heavy they also have some
that are big wood blocked one that’s
made out of wood but I picked this up
for my local grocery store I’ll leave a
link for this one in the description
below so I placed my masa ball on a
plastic bag here you could also use wax
paper or parchment paper I find a
plastic bag really works with this so
I’m gonna give it a press and I’m doing
this one-handed here so I’m gonna cover
it with my plastic bag and you want to
make sure that there are no wrinkles or
as best as possible
because if you press it with a wrinkle
in it it might tear when you’re trying
to peel it off the bag
filming with one
hand and doing this is kind of tricky
okay so I’m going to
fold that over and
I’ll leave the link to this tortilla press
in the description below now I’m
just gonna give it a press
And there you have it.
And I do find
that if you sort of peel this back while
it’s still on your press it’s kind of
flat it does help come off a lot easier
and then what I like to do is close it back
Gosh doing this one hand it is a
little tricky here and then flip that
over and then again just peel it off
if it starts to stick a little bit
well that happens just kind of
push it down
and then you just peel it back again
and there you go
now this is ready for
your griddle or comal
okay so now I’m
going to place my corn tortilla on the
and you want to sort of lay it
just like this
just like that and it is
kind of sticky still but it’ll work so
there we go
so I’m going to cook this maybe 10 or 15
seconds on one side
and thanks to you
guys you gave me this tip I pop up some
comments here
it’s a cook 10-15 seconds on one side
and as you can see it’s starting to
already darken around the edges which
means it’s cooking and then it’s
probably easier if I turn it with a
spatula but I’m gonna try with my hand here
now I’m gonna let it cook longer on
the second side maybe take it 45 seconds
and then after 45 seconds I’ll come
right back and I’m gonna show you how to
get this to puff up
okay so it has been
about 45 seconds not quite a minute I’m
I’m gonna flip this and already it started
to bubble but you said to give it a tap
and you see I barely had to tap it and
it totally
so I’m super excited
Thank you guys for the tip from my last video
because this is perfect I’m gonna
continue cooking my tortillas and I will
be back when they are all done
okay so everything is cooked and here is
where I have them stored this is
actually a pie container like to
transport or store a homemade pie my
mother bought this for me I don’t even
know where she likes to go through she
likes to go to antique store so I’m
pretty sure that’s where she got this
but look at the finished product these
came out the wonderful I actually prefer
to make these type of corn tortillas than the regular ones but I will redo my other
video but I’m gonna tear into this so
you can see here look at that and you
can tell the inside formed a really good
bubble so it’s definitely tender and
soft and super delicious
so I hope you
guys give this recipe a try I hope you
like it and thanks for watching

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