Simple Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes | Liv Baking

Simple Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes | Liv Baking

Gemma: Hi Bold Bakers.
I’m here with Olivia Crouppen, my alternative
baking expert.
She’s got a great chocolate recipe to share
with you today.
You’re in good hands, so take it away Liv.
Liv: One of my all time favorite desserts
is a chocolate cupcake.
These gluten and sugar free chocolate cupcakes
have a double dose of chocolate thanks to
my two ingredient chocolate frosting.
I promise it is possible to make cupcake good
for you.
Get ready, I’m going to show you guys how.
To start off our gluten free chocolate cupcakes,
we’re going to mix up our wet ingredients.
So it starts off with some eggs.
If you don’t want to use egg, you can absolutely
substitute flax egg here, and that would actually
make these vegan as well.
And then we’re going to go in with some
coconut oil.
I really like to bake with coconut oil because
it’s a really good source of healthy fat
and a nice neutral flavor.
To follow up the coconut oil, we’re going
to do some coconut milk.
Just a little bit, this is going to keep everything
really really moist and rich and it kind of
like tenderizes the cupcake, almost like buttermilk
or sour cream would in a typical recipe.
Okay, so next up is our sugar.
This is not your average sugar.
This is a sugar alternative.
I really like to bake with sugar alternatives.
This one happens to be derived from monkfruit
and it is vegan and totally natural.
So we’re going to go in with this.
And then the last thing is our vanilla.
You cannot make anything sweet without vanilla.
As Gem would say, this really like seasons
the cupcake.
Okay so now we’re just going to whisk this
And you’ll see it will come together and
be super rich.
These are just like making your everyday cupcake
with just a few swaps.
So we’re halfway there.
Wet ingredients: check.
Now we’re going to move on to our dry ingredients
so I’m just going to set this aside.
Okay, so I have a big bowl.
I like to work with a nice big bowl.
So our dry ingredients start off with coconut
I love to bake with coconut flour because
it’s naturally gluten free, it’s vegan,
and it’s wheat free.
If you’ve never used it before, it’s actually
just dried coconut that has been ground into
a fine powder.
It’s really nice and keeps things super
The star of the show is chocolate.
These are chocolate cupcakes after all.
So this is a really nice Dutch processed cocoa
powder, but you don’t have to use Dutch
But I would suggest you use a really high
quality, unsweetened cocoa because, again,
this is what’s going to flavor your cupcakes.
It’s all about the chocolate.
Some of you might be wondering if you can
use hot chocolate powder or a sweetened cocoa;
I would not suggest that in this case.
You really want to go for a pure, high quality
And again, because you have that sweetener,
you don’t need to worry about if it’s
going to be sweet enough.
So we’ve got cocoa powder, we’ve got coconut
flour, and now, pretty standard, we have raising
agent, make everything nice and fluffy.
And then we’re going to do salt.
So with that, that is the end of our dry ingredients.
We’re going to get these all mixed together
and you can see the ratio of chocolate to
coconut flour is like 70 chocolate, 30 coconut
And that’s how you know it’s going to
be super chocolatey.
Though a little fun fact about coconut flour
is that it absorbs liquid a little differently
than a nut based flour or a wheat based flour
and I really like to use it in cupcakes, cakes,
anything that you really want like a super
moist texture to because it really holds in
all that liquid.
Now, we’ve got our dry.
We’ve got our wet.
Just a matter of combining the two and we’re
halfway to gluten free chocolate cupcakes.
So let’s do the thing, shall we?
This is really coming together nicely.
It almost looks like brownie batter, which
is a good sign.
This batter because of the coconut flour and
the amount of cocoa that you have in there,
you cannot overmix it, unlike a regular flour
that has gluten.
This doesn’t really develop any gluten,
which is typically what would cause overmixing.
It’s really nice, you can kinda just go
to town.
If you want to make this batter ahead of time,
you totally can because it only gets better
after it rests.
Look at that.
This is a party in a pan.
I have lined this 12 well cupcake tin with
some really fun colored liners.
One of my favorite things about these cupcakes
is not just the way that they taste, but the
way that they look.
I think it’s so fun to have the colorful
sprinkles and the different color papers.
So if you want to do them without a liner,
you totally can.
I think that it’s really fun to interject
some color in there.
I’m going to fill these about two thirds
of the way full and I’m going to do it with
a spoon.
I find filling cupcake tins to be not the
most fun because sometimes it gets a little
messy, gets stuck around the outsides.
That’s why I like to use the spoon and go
nice and slow.
Now that our cupcake liners are all full,
I’m just going to take a little minute and
clean up the edges here.
Like I said, sometimes I make a mess.
That’s okay.
I’m just going to take a little paper towel
and wipe up the edges.
These are ready to roll.
Let’s get them into the oven.
Bake your cupcakes off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
or 180 degrees Celcius for about 25 minutes,
and while they’re in the oven, we are going
to get going on our two ingredient frosting.
So our chocolate frosting is going to start
in a large bowl.
It’s only made of two ingredients.
It’s completely sugar free and it is also
So I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t
want to give this a try.
It starts with a can of coconut milk.
I like to use a full fat coconut milk.
No skimping here.
This is a sugar free bar of chocolate that
I use all the time when I’m baking.
It’s great for melting.
It’s also just great for snacking.
If you can’t use sugar free chocolate or
you can’t find it, you can always use regular
but I highly suggest you give this a try.
We’re just going to get that into there,
to our coconut milk.
So now that our chocolate and our coconut
milk are combined, we’re going to pop this
into the microwave.
If you don’t have a microwave, you can always
do this over a bain maire or a double boiler.
Our coconut milk and our chocolate are nicely
melted together, so now we’re just going
to whisk it until it’s like smooth and shiny
and it will sort of resemble a thick chocolate
So now this has come together really nicely,
we’re just going to pop it in the fridge
and make sure it gets nice and firm.
So here is my chilled frosting.
I made this one a little bit earlier to give
it time to set up.
I like to do this for around an hour.
You can do it overnight.
It’s a great make ahead frosting.
As you can see, it’s nice and firm to the
So we’re just going to go ahead and hit
it with our hand mixer.
You can also use a whisk and a little bit
of elbow grease if you prefer.
And make sure that it is just nice and fluffy
and spreadable so that we can pipe it on our
Look at it, it is light, fluffy, perfect for
So now that this is all fluffed up, we’re
going to get it into our piping bag and it’s
time for the best part, which is decorating
our cupcakes.
So that was my timer.
The cupcakes are all done.
They look awesome.
You can tell they’re super moist and fudgey
and when you press on the center, they’re
nice and springy which is great.
We’re just going to set these aside and
let them cool.
So now it’s the moment we’ve all been
waiting for.
It’s time to decorate our cupcakes.
So I’m just going to grab them.
Okay, these are our cooled cupcakes.
They look awesome.
But obviously they’re about to get a lot
So I have all my cupcakes set here, and now
I’m just going to top them with a generous
amount of chocolate frosting.
And of course, rainbow sprinkles.
I’m really excited about these.
I love how fun they look.
I’ve got a mix of little round sprinkles
and these longer rainbow ones.
But use whatever you have around.
It’s time to just go to town.
So because this frosting is made with coconut
milk, it’s super rich and can tend to be
on the softer side.
But when you pop it in the fridge, it will
firm up really nicely similar to the texture
that it was before you whipped it up.
Time for sprinkles.
We’re going to make it rain guys.
We’re just going to make it rain rainbow
Look how fun that is.
Immediately these just look so fun.
So as you can tell, I love rainbow sprinkles.
I’m so excited to give one a try, but before
I dig in, I think there is someone I might
want to share with.
Gemma: Sprinkles.
Liv: Check it out.
I made these for us to share.
Gemma: Oh, it’s yum.
Liv: Yeah?
Gemma: Yeah.
Liv: Yeah?
Gemma: This is just like devil’s food cake.
Like really moist, nice and like dark.
Happy dance.
Liv: And the frosting.
Thoughts on the frosting?
Gemma: It’s yum.
No, it’s really delicious.
It’s nice and smooth.
They’re really moist, good job.
Liv: The recipe for these gluten free chocolate
cupcakes is on so get
into your kitchen right now and give these
a try.
Gemma: Gemma approved.
Olivia, can I have another one?
Liv: You can have anything.
You can have anything you want.

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