Psychiatry Inpatient Admission: What Families Can Expect at Cincinnati Children’s

Psychiatry Inpatient Admission: What Families Can Expect at Cincinnati Children’s

It was the middle in the night when Allison Hughes, depressed and suicidal,
needed help. Her family turn to
Cincinnati Children’s
and Allison was admitted to our College
Hill Campus for inpatient care
in the division of Psychiatry. Naturally,
her mother,
Lisa, was worried, frightened, and not sure what to expect.
“I think it’s important to”
“make the child and the parents feel
“they’re in a safe environment.” “Anything with strings on it we don’t allow here.”
“If she has a different kind of sweatshirt,”
“you know, she’s welcome to bring it.”
“A place where she can focus on
getting better.”
The division of Psychiatry at Cincinnati
Children’s offers
expert assessment and diagnosis of children who are experiencing behavioral,
emotional, or developmental disorders. We offer care on both an inpatient and
outpatient basis.
As well as residential treatment for
longer term care.
Our first priority is to stabilize a
child who is in crisis.
Treatment is then tailored to each
child’s individual needs
by a team from our division of child and
adolescent psychiatry.
“The College Hill campus especially
because it is dedicated solely to mental”
“They have all kinds of”
“specialties involved in the”
“whole health of the patient.” We treat
kids ages 2 to 18
at three campus locations that offer
inpatient treatment.
Your child will be assigned to a unit
best suited to his developmental,
psychological, and medical needs. That unit may be in a different location then where
you first arrived for care.
Depending on the number patients on the
your child may have a roommate. Our units are not separated by boys and girls.
Most children stay on an inpatient unit
for five to seven days.
Your child’s safety during his stay with
us is of the utmost importance.
All units are locked.
Your child will receive a special ID
number to protect confidentiality.
We provide clothing for your child to
wear and do not allow electronics or
other items brought from home.
You will receive a parent handbook that outlines all of the safety measures we employ
and provides details about visiting
hours and procedures.
We will ask questions at admission such as who your family doctor is,
what medications your child takes, and
whether your child has a case worker or
“I think a lot of things that will ease
parents when they come through the doors”
“is even the other patients on the unit,
they see them smiling, “
“they see them being able to either play
in groups or”
“that they’re safe.” The doctor who cares for
your child will perform a thorough
direct his treatment plan, and manage his
Your child’s primary nurse will meet
with you
and manage your child’s inpatient stay.
the primary nurse and social worker
will be able to answer most of your
Mental health specialists will keep your
child safe as they lead goals groups and
provide one-on-one support.
A Health Unit Coordinator will help to
keep things running smoothly.
Your child will have a team of experts
here including behavior specialists,
teachers, dietitians, music therapists,
speech and occupational therapists, and
“My experience here at College Hill is
that and the staff”
“are big hearted and very passionate
about what they do”
“from the cafeteria, to maintenance, to
service people all the way up to”
“nurses and doctors and social workers.
They are have some kind of”
“of passion driving them to want to make an improvement for these kids. “
“I feel like we’re treating the whole
patient, so”
“there’s really a sense of reward”
“that you’re having such an impact on
a patient’s life by,”
“you know, saving their lives.” When your
child is ready to return home,
we will work with your family and your
child’s school and primary care provider
to have a plan in place for continued
treatment. You’ve taken the best possible
step by seeking help.
We can help your child learn to manage
difficult feelings
and give your child, and you, the skills
and resources needed to grow and thrive.
“Don’t be scared.”
“It’s gonna be okay. Just”
“talk and it’s gonna be a positive
“let out what’s wrong and if you”
“basically talk to people. If you go
through a whole bunch negative stuff,”
“I think it makes you stronger person. ‘Cause I look back now and I say”
“I wouldn’t change one thing that
happened to me.”

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  • Thank you so much Cincinnati childrens hospital for helping me through this time of need I'm not about to graduate from high school

  • Those rooms are too closed in and no Windows.. No child at 2 should have mental health issues and no nurse should be responsible for psychiatric care and all those other types of therapists have nothing to do with mental health and neither does developmentally disabled children need psych maybe I'm missing something but this definitely would not be suitable for my child..and what happened to 3 days instead of 5..and are the kids not allowed to have visitors?

  • I feel so sad for every child that has ever been taken here, how horrible, the only thing any child needs is love. Remember Jesus he loves you.

  • I've been on there inpatient and outpatient war that have a lot of rules that I didn't like but I had a lot of fun there.

  • When I was an inpatient, I put my phone in my underwear and they didn't notice. I would've gone crazy had I not had some form of communication with my friends. It sucks that there weren't any smartphones then, because I would've loved to have internet and watch netflix.

  • Thank god I did not tell my parents my attempts my parents called me crazy for saying I was struggling I refuse to Ask for help cause I dont want to get hospitalized

  • I’m going to a psychiatric hospital tomorrow and i might stay there for a couple of months, i dont know how to feel about it :/

  • I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  • Good day,
    I would appreciate any support to tell my story or improve technology or just to be me and pretty and worthy.

    I was about 21 when I was in a major train accident and had major head injuries and it left me paralysed for a few months or sooo as my pelvix bones were broken as well. I am a 50 year woman who worked for Nebank for 27 years then this traumatic events started . We were moving office from one floor to another and I fell up the stairs with boxes in my arms and aged 22 bumped my head that time my colleague laughed and said they never heard of a person falling up the stairs but only down the stairs.

    The doctor that time said my tumours is inherit from 3 generations meningioma and malaama passed and is stress related and he suggested that we move out of the residential area. Which we did. But neverless I lost everything my husband my beautifull plot my children my friends all my personal en sentimental belongings due to my personality changes, emotional insecurity, social phobia, memory loss, Nobody understood the changes in me, not even me do now. I had 4 brain operations due to genetic gene's, over a period of 15 years. The first in 2001 half of my hair was shaved of to open my scalp to remove the tumour, the second 2002 the back of my left ear that leave me partial deaf the 3 rd in 2011 on my frontal right lobe eye what started with losing my eye sight the last in 2015 in my right frontal lobe.. which created a personality change which I battled to accept and it is difficult for my family as well. My children think I am putting up a act to get attention. I am losing my eye sight I think the last one was the most difficult one due to my age and it created a personality change which is difficult to accept by myself and family and I am scared for people that I did not know before the operation. I have no words to explain my condition, I cry every day and is tired and sleep most of the time. I am unbalanced and dizzy if I stand to long I cannot even go shopping. I went through a divorce and into a relationship which made every thing more confused as I did not understand why are everybody treating me like a baby. It felt that all know something but dont want me to know. I believed I was crazy but my family resued me. Well I believe I am able to cure with professional help / sponsorship or even if reseach is done on me to better technology. I am prepared to relocated for studies to be done on me. I want to be better a person with wealth and health and happiness and success and love than before. I am under 24/7 care but believe I am able to heal 100% with God on my side and professional help. I constantly change living arrangements within the family as they do not know how to handle my moods and cannot live by myself . I have emotional issues as I cry a lot and my family want me save and happy. I have short term and long term memory loss and it seem that no one understand me and I have no reason to live anymore. I was once admitted to Akeso Clinic and one in Randvaal area but I turned out worse and know i am with family in Heidelberg always family with me 24/7 as I get lost and all funny things happen to me. So I am never alone….. I were everywhere with the family Durban, Cape Town, but had no professional help just loving family protecting and caring for me for the past 4 years.
    The Brackenhurst clinic referred me to Alberton North physo who wanted me go go to Sterkfontein hospital but my family said noooo
    Once a month the family comes together and dress me up and make me beautifull for photos but that makes me even more emotional. They love me soo much and also want to see me as I use to be and I know I am breaking theirs hearts as they see me deteriorating . Please see attached documentation and advise accordingly. Your help will be much appreciated. I am positive that this will be sponsored as I want to heal but the financial is limited from our side . I also believe that a book can be written as this is generic from our past 3 generations as some of my nieces and cousins sit with the same issues but not diagnosed or as severe as mine This would also make a great testamonial or a motivational speech. . But I do not no where to begin and need professional assistance.

    As I know I won't ever be able to work due to this condition i have. I have both short and long term memory loss. I mix my words and numbers and are a threat to myself at home when left alone as i forget to put off the stove and to close the bath tap and forget who is who i drink the wrong tablets, gets lost looses count for 3 to 4 days etc. I need my family or fiance to give it to me on regular basis. . I do not want to be a burden to my family and want to know if there ever be a possibility that I can live a normal life again . I come out of a loving family with Christian upbrings and they support me 100% If not can you direct me in the right direction please. I am sooo scared and cannot go on this way of living I beg you out of my deepest heart to help to be a normal happy person again.

    I know I look normal but the problem is inside my confusing head and I cannot think as I used to think and do not remember what and when I do what and forget what I wanted to say someting.

    The knowledge I have cannot be taken away from me but My brain have difficulty to accept new information…
    Nedbank authorised me to apply for a disability grant at Sassa
    Jimmy Abbotte referred me to Nasa Smartmind in Heidelberg who is doing case studies on me currrently.. as I have breakdowns and loose count of 4 or 5 days at a time.. I know i am high maintenance but do not want to be a burden or a laughing joke to anybody.
    God is good….. All the time….
    I cannot go on living this confusing,depressed, joint stiffness,scary,trustless, helpless, suspicious, emotional, anxious, panicfull, frustrating, irrational, dizzy, impatient, constipated way.

    [02/28, 10:48] ICAS also referred me to Sanca in Heidelberg who said they will refer me to someone else. I am still waiting for their call…

    [02/28, 10:55] Vic: Icas reference me to Sanca in Heidelberg again 27/02/2018 and their response was the same as the last time. They cannot help me as my case is to complicated with my brain tumour and injury and with my long term memory and short term memory loss. But they gave me 2 numbers for dr in Vereeniging and in Alberton which my fiancee must phone for help.

    He did phone but one is over seas and the other one works on a cash basis which I cannot afford.

    Currently I am on prolax and epynoutin from the gov hospital in Heidelberg, Gauteng.
    I buy solal amino acid naturally high now, I used hpt5 before,
    And i also drink IPS energy tablets and need a serotonin increase

    Please help me with correct health supplements to become a normal me again. ..

    I have recurring genetic multipule meningioma tumours and malamoma skin cancer inherent from 3 generations passed accordingly dr Snyckers,dr zorio and dr Torres-Holmes from Milpark. And they also said my brain do not produce serotonin any more.

    My name is AV TROLLIP and my date of birth is 18/06/1968. I live in South Africa.
    I got your info from the Internet
    I am busy writing my story for 3 years now…

    The dr said I must write everything down, and I am 50 years old now and I think I am getting better as I am starting to accept my personality changes and God knows what He has planned for me…

    I meditate every night and listen to sounds to rewire my subconscious mind….i believe I am in a awakening stage but still very confused ..

    I know get my meds from Heidelberg gov hospital . The dr psychic at Heidelberg referred me to the Psychiatrist in Ratanda dr Thoka who want to atmit me to Tara in Sandton but must first have a panel interview with various drs at Sandton and a discussion with my family…..
    I also try to live in the moment every day….i am a new me and want to grow further please help me as i need help to improve faster in my subconscious mind
    I am starting to accept the other me and must adjust to it. I want to grow further and improve my condition and knowledge of the consious and sub consious mind.
    My mental disorder can also be caused by my previous narcissistic marriages or child hood beliefs. I believe reseach could be done on my brain
    Altough I have both short and long term memory loss and know I won't ever be able to work in the open or public market as I am scared for people which I don't know or any other person from my previous life. I believe God is working within me giving me wisdom to heal

    JG DE LANGE on behalf of AV TROLLIP

    Sent from my Huawei Mobile

  • I feel so bad for every kid that goes here because I have heard that families have been ripped apart because of this and when they grow up they might commit suicide when no one is watching since when they do not have electronics they might break up with there best friend that moved since they and not talk to each other in anyway so heartbreaking I feel like this place is so freaking useless since all a kid needs is love or support by someone that they really love and that are willing to change there life not this stupid place. some children just needs Jesus to be with them at all times if they are Christian or catholic. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • My parents would never admit me they don't even know that I'm depressed it's surprising how much a fake smile can hide

  • If you are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please tell your parents. It seems scary to let your loved ones know, but remember that they love you and if they realize that you truly need help, they will get it for you. My friends who struggled with suicidal thoughts got help and are getting better, even with going to a psyche ward like this. It’s worth it.


  • Last year i went they never took us out, the food was gross and cold, i stayed for almost a week and i cried all night, i still didnt felt like anyone cared at the hospital because all the nurses act like they didnt care and just wanted the day to finish so they can go home. I had to pretend i was doing well so i can be sent home early and it work. I got therapy which was WAYYYY better than the hospital. Just get therapy.

  • Im going to one soon because my mum thinks I have autism. I wasn't told about staying there or anything so I think I'm going for just an appointment.

  • So the mom cant take proper care of her daughter so she sends her off to a place that locks her up for having these thoughts.

  • i am on a psych hospital in london and like i would be so upset if i could not have my phone – it keeps me sane and helps me vlog so i am heard!

  • I’ve been in a similar place. It’s called John mire health or something. It’s was horrible
    I literally felt like I was going insane😂. We weren’t aloud outside either

  • So I know a lot of you in the comments say you can’t imagine living without a phone or having any communication cut from anyone outside. It really sucks but they do it to prevent for relapse. Now you would think that it’s probably BS but it’s true. Let’s say you know someone that is encouraging you to continue the negative things you did before being put into inpatient, you will still have contact with them. That’s not good. Now when I was in inpatient that was a year ago (I was barely 12 but now 13) so I had a smartphone if we had access to things like the internet we could look at things that might trigger us or others. Not only that we might be on YouTube or Instagram and be encouraged to do bad things. This was strictly enforced at the hospital I went to because it specialized in eating disorders. I have anorexia and was diagnosed with it. I had gone when a lot of the damage had already been done. Not even teachers or my parents found out. They don’t know what people did to me before we moved. They still don’t. I admit though, I developed this mental illness without even knowing. Treatment is hard and just downright scary, but in the end it’s worth it. These type of places are for when things like this happen and there’s no other way to help the person. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️: I had lost a massive amount of weight-I used to be overweight, almost obese-then I began restricting (not eating) and then my mom found out. She said if I want to lose weight I needed to do it the right way and exercise instead of taking the “easy” way out and not eating. I began exercising. I became obsessed with it and while still restricting. My parents could not help because I would lie and Begin hiding and throwing away food they served me when they didn’t notice. It got worse, and at one point I had a heart attack and barely made it. I was seeing a doctor who said to them that I needed to be institutionalized, no question asked. Found out that I had lost bone density since I was very Malnourished and my body began to eat away at the bone marrow for nutrients. I felt so weak, and would sob at the sight of food. I was so afraid of it. Especially not being able to do any physical activity. These places may seem harsh and overwhelming to some but really it’s very good for situations like mine. Give or take, there were some that weren’t as bad as I was but the point was so they could recover and not get to a point like that. It’s very helpful. It’s not something to be ashamed of. If you ever go to these places just know it’s for your own good. It’s for you to get back on track and so you can heal. It’s a pretty big boulder in the road but once you get passed it, things will get easier and you’ll be healthier mentally, and physically.

  • I can handle with no phones, maybe cry at times because I can't speak to my friend, but I can just draw. It's not hard for me.

  • Having no contact with any of my friends would make things worse for me, let alone not being with my family. I have depression, as well as separation anxiety, and I can't even last through sleep overs. Obviously not saying this doesn't help anyone, just probably wouldn't help me.

  • I don’t know anything about psychiatry but it wouldn’t be that bad to be honest if I didn’t get to bring my iPad with me if I ever went there, but why are you not allowed ANYTHING from home? It’s very comforting to bring something from home when I go anywhere for more than a day, like even just a plushie, a small plushie, is just SO comforting and nice to have with me, that rule just seems odd to me, and even a tiny bit mean… but correct me if I’m wrong

  • My mom is sending me to a mental hospital. I'm really scared, especially because I love to talk to my friends online…I really don't wanna go but my parents are sending me for reasons. I'm just watching a few of these to get an idea before I go.

  • I was gonna tell my family about how I would cut and then I thought about them trying to send me here so I stopped trying to talk about it

  • Guys I’m seeing a lot of negative comments but I promise you. These kinds of hospitals aren’t as bad as you might think. I went to went after I tried to kill myself and I got so much better. The people were truly there for me. (Sadly not all of them are nice, but not of them are) you do het to call people more than twice a day (i think like 5 times) it truly helps too! 🙂
    Hope you all are well and stay safe
    Love y’all 💖

  • Being in a psychiatric hospital helped for me. I was in stress and depression from problems like school as well as an online breakup so it felt good to escape from the internet for a day or two.

  • I’ve been needing mental help for eve but now that I know what this is… I’m kinda scared now… I want help, I really do but this sounds kinda scary…

  • At first I did not want to tell my mom about being suicidal because I did not want to go to a hospital then I thought I need help I went and I did not like it before but then I thought this is nice because I'm getting better

  • My hospital in London only admits for 3 days to 1 week and then lets you go. Doesn’t matter if you’re still suicidal/have suicide plans.

  • Just got out and I'm more stressed then before if anybody can give me some coping skills I've been out for 3 hours and I'm panicking I'm used to a hall way and 10 people

  • My dad asked me if I wanted to go there(long story) and I told him straight up no. If you have ever watched river dale you know the farm and all that. Well I watched this video and I just don’t think I could walk in like and am and look like all of them I just could not! ( while writing this I over heard my dad talk on the phone to some one about this )

  • If I got taken here and they took away my ds I'd probably go insane. That thing is literally the only thing that can keep me calm when i go through breakdowns

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