Prep for PEAK WEEK | Grocery Haul & Diet | VLOG | S3 Ep 10

Prep for PEAK WEEK | Grocery Haul & Diet | VLOG  | S3 Ep 10

hello everybody welcome to the vlog and
happy peak week the video that you’re
about to watch is the week leading up to
peak week and there’s a lot of things
that I had to do to get ready I’m gonna
show you guys a sneak peak of my
competition bikini which I am so excited
about show you what changes I made to my
food order this week so you can see just
how my food is changing and then I also
checked in with coach and he kind of
gives a rundown of what our plan is
going into peak week so I hope that you
guys enjoy the video I may cut back in
in just a minute because I feel like
this week leading up to peak week I feel
like I wasn’t able to vlog as much as I
would have liked so there’s a lot of
like one clip from one day and that’s
about it so if i interject it’s just
because i feel like there’s more to say
and more that i want to add so sit back
relax enjoy the vlog and before we get
into it if there’s something in
particular that you guys want me to film
within the next two days hurry and
comment it below hurry right now go
comment below what is something that you
want to see about peak week I am doing
two back-to-back peak weeks so if I miss
your comment before my first show then
I’ll try to get to your comment before
my second show and I’ll do it during
that peak week so what are your peak
week questions what you guys want to
know leave them down below I totally did
not expect to get a little emotional
when I was announcing that to you guys I
just am like so freaking excited and I
cannot believe that it’s here that it
was just like hitting me in the gym and
cementum behind the camera was like oh
my god they’re gonna make me tear up
I’m just so freakin happy guys so my
next icon meals order is about to be
here but in the meantime I did quick
little grocery haul my next icon meals
order by the way is just steak bison and
chicken all with rice so that I
literally just got the plainest meals no
vegetables I’ll cook my own vegetables
when I need them Organic ground beef
this is $6.99 a pound and it’s 11 grams
of fat and 23 grams of protein per 4
ounces so I’ve got a few meals out of
these three some lightly salted rice
cakes I tried to buy the off-brand
because it’s a dollar 79 and these are
379 I believe but the other ones are
just always a little stale
just every car bit matters right now so
I spent the money you know living my
best life on these rice cakes though I
got a plain cream of rice so that I can
make it myself it’s not as convenient as
the packets but with this you get zero
sodium and that the carbs or thirty six
grams per 45 grams so I can make it
however much you know however many carbs
I mean I can make it at exactly to that
and we’re watching our sodium right now
so I want to be really in control of my
sodium and I still have sodium it just I
want to be in control of it and I want
to be able to adding it to my foods we
have asparagus zucchini shredded lettuce
which I’ll cut out during peak week and
then which is next week on the milk and
then water I want to measure my water
really accurately and that you just wait
for me to do that is just to drink out
of a gallon all day and then in my QA
told you guys that I didn’t use anything
special for my hair but recently my hair
has not been feeling as good and I think
someone’s gonna be like I told you that
shampoo is not good it feels really good
and feels really refreshing but yeah I
don’t believe that it’s the best this
brand that I’ve used before
I loved it is a little bit more
expensive and you get less when you buy
it but it’s freakin worth it it’s this
L’Oreal it’s the L’Oreal sulfate free
curl and color care system so I got one
hydrogen poo for anti frizz in
definition and then one lightweight and
fullness volume conditioner so I’ll use
these together and I already know my
hair feels amazing after using these and
I feel like my hair looks better styled
when I use these so I went ahead and
bought them even though I have shampoo
and conditioner and I hate doing that so
I don’t like spending money that’s
unnecessary but I need to look good for
my shows and I’m gonna be washing my
hair myself so had to get these
breakfast today is a spinach and
mushroom omelet with a cafe latte and
creamy rice and the creamy rice I plant
stevia and gingerbread cookie seasoning
and it tastes amazing she’s getting some
work done eating my next meal and you
guys it’s so freakin good it’s just the
organic grass-fed beef shredded lettuce
spinach a little bit of seasoning I used
garlic herb in some salt a little peeko
I think of it just forget it so good I
literally get more packages than anybody
I know I just walked with all of that
and my heavy backpack all the way from
in front of the building to that kind of
thing but guess what
something very special I can’t wait to
show you guys all right so as I told you
guys I got bison steak and chicken all
with right rice just a bunch of those
different meals so that I can eat one
steak one bison one chicken every single
day it’s a competition suit
oh it’s so beautiful
gosh I think it’s good one of you guys I
just put on these new leggings and
sports bra by Alphalete this is a new
material that they’ve never done before
and I love the leggings right here how
it creates that V but these leggings
literally feel like butter like you put
them on and it just feels like like I
don’t know this is my favorite material
that they’ve ever had so far even more
than the revival which are like my
all-time favorite but I’m gonna go to
the gym and do legs in them because
sometimes you like an outfit and then
you train in it and you’re like oh it
doesn’t feel the same so I want to train
in them first before I like give you
guys the full rundown and before I kick
through my rival to the side this is the
back of the one of the sports bras and
the leggings just have the athlete right
here I really like these so much
it’s in that reporter single set for a
leg workout because somebody’s having an
amazing day today it was good lots of
energy lots of reps lots of super sets
well when you’re trying to bring in
conditioning and lines and stuff like
that you really have to stimulate in
ways that you haven’t before that’s why
the volume changes so much and
everything is like 10 reps here within
30 reps here so we’re like a week out
now has my trainer how do you how do you
feel about it beautiful I mean they’re
the whole job is to just bring the best
personal package I don’t even really
ever think about anybody else but we see
changes every time we’re in here thank
you rock and roll yeah okay so I have to
update you how training was in that set
because I never did that leggings
absolutely stay exactly where they are
they don’t fall off they don’t punch up
which is really nice and they’re
definitely one of my favorite leggings
that I’ve ever had I will say I went
back into the cardio session later that
day when it was really hot and I sweat
so much so when you guys get the lighter
colors you are probably going to sweat
through them so I was sweating and all
the wrong places and I didn’t really
care but I definitely sweat through the
light colors so just make sure that you
know that upfront if I had to choose
between the surface pocket and the
surface I think it’s called path the one
that has the little like V tapered waist
I think I would choose the V tapered
waist because I just think it looks so
nice on the waist in the little belly
area so if I had to choose between those
I would definitely choose that one unto
the next day the gym just did 30 minutes
of cardio before we left and I’m going
to go train with them
little bit later today guy here to pose
but somebody was clogging the posing
room okay I do too so this is outfit
before this is the new bra that awfully
is releasing on August 17th and new
leggings the surface lightning so they
have a bucket and then right here
they’re so nice it will go right here
I love these I love feeling cute in the
gym I always feel like I’m gonna get a
better workout it’s like easy it’s
literally just a sports bra leggings
it’s so cute though okay I love it
I’m sorry I didn’t get a workout
recorded for you guys but honestly
during my training sessions I’ve just
been really really focused and not
really had any time or effort or energy
to be able to put into getting filming
so it is difficult there’s so much I
wish you guys could see and like I feel
like it adds so much to the video but I
just I can’t always get it done so I’m
sorry I do it when I can I did want to
update you guys that the keyhole bra
that I was just wearing is by far my
favorite so it’s that bra with the other
leggings that are my absolute favorites
we’re pretty much in agreement on all
this but I figured that I just do this
video so for this week Monday Tuesday
Wednesday train like normal don’t train
beyond normal Thursday Friday we’ll just
do some circuit work to really bring
down the inflammation get the cortisol
lower get your insulin sensitivity up
you’ll really fill out well yeah I’m
excited this is hands down the best
physique you’ve ever had so it’s gonna
be exciting I think this weekend will
etch out a bit more detail get a little
bit leaner really make sleep a priority
you know you’ve been doing a good job
lately I think you turn the corner and
that you’re really focused so I’m
excited so I’ll see you soon
one week as you guys can see I am
keeping my Foods really simple and
really consistent eating the same thing
every single day with what I know
digests really well for my body and then
with my training
we like to train all the way through so
like coach said Thursday Friday we’ll do
more circuit work style of training
we’re not going to be doing drop sets
and going past failure because we don’t
want to create that inflammation but we
do train all the way up to the day
before the show so I definitely look my
best when I’m training and when I’m fed
and when I get that pump and I get that
blood flow so the goal is honestly just
to keep most things the same if you guys
want to know specifics about like if
we’re gonna carb up if we’re gonna you
know back load or preload
whatever let me know and I will include
that in the next video I’m gonna do my
best to record as much as I can during
peak week honestly now that it’s here I
just feel really it feels really really
surreal because for me this has been
like a 2 years coming like two years ago
I just it I can’t believe it’s been two
years since I’ve slept on stage so it’s
very surreal to me it’s very exciting
it’s very it’s just I don’t know I feel
like I feel like I can’t believe that
it’s here and like I can’t I don’t know
it’s just like this like surreal feeling
I don’t know how to describe it but lots
of peak week feels Monday day one a peak
week right now so I’m going to start a
new vlog either tonight or in the
morning and I’m gonna vlog consistently
and well this week I promise so give
this video a thumbs up please I’m sorry
it wasn’t like the greatest but I love
you guys and I’ll see you soon ha

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