NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES IN VEGAN DIET- (B12, Vitamin A and D, Omega 3, Iodine, etc)

NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES IN VEGAN DIET-  (B12, Vitamin A and D, Omega 3, Iodine, etc)

Hi guys, I’m Erica welcome to half your health today
What I’m gonna do a video about is isveganism
really a healthy diet? As some of you probably know, I made a video a few months ago
About why I stopped being a vegan and vegetarian
at the time I didn’t realize that that was like a really
stereotypical topic right now and then when I kind of
Searched that topic to see what other kinds of videos were out there on the same topic and realized that
actually, a lot of other people had the same problems that I did when they were vegans especially and
It made me really fascinated with the topic all over again. But this time I was like how come everyone is getting
like digestive problems
joint pain
mental health issues things like that on this vegan diet
Especially when it’s supposed to be the healthiest diet. As a teenager, I worked at a vegan
Restaurant and around vegans all the time and about it is the optimal health and all the David Wolfe and I was just completely brainwashed by it
I feel
my intention with this video is just to
help other people do research who might be
Deciding whether or not to be vegan because there’s so much information that says veganism is healthy
I really think it’s a good idea to take a step back and really consider as
much as possible the nutritional
content of the diet before doing it and
Other people who are vegans, I completely support
Other people being vegans. I used to be vegan. I just feel like since it’s something people are turning to a lot of time
trying to improve their health and its best for them to go in with as much information as possible because
Once you destroy your health doing something that you thought was going to be healthy. It’s quite upsetting and you end up feeling
Betrayed and disappointed that you put so much work into something that turned out to make things worse
So I just don’t want that to happen to other people
So that’s my intention with this video in my experience on the vegan diet
I ended up getting a fistula which is a problem with your
colon and following that I also got Crohn’s disease and
when I changed my diet and started eating meat and
vegetables only basically, I
Recovered from the Crohn’s disease, so that’s my personal
Experience with the vegan diet was that I did not end up healthy myself. None of my videos are medical advice
I just do a bunch of research and read a bunch of clinical trials and articles and whatever and share the information and
My own stories, that’s it
I’ll just go into a few of the key nutrients which are
Very likely to become deficient on a vegan diet the first most obvious one is vitamin b12
So there are no vegan sources of vitamin b12 found in nature
some people say that there’s vitamin b12 in spirulina and nutritional yeast and that is not true. In
spirulina there is something that
resembles vitamin b12 is structurally similar
But it doesn’t get used as the body as b12
So it’s not. you can’t use it like that and in nutritional yeast
There are other B vitamins, but it’s only got vitamin b12 in it if it’s added
Nutritional yeast itself doesn’t have vitamin b12 vitamin b12 is found in fish meat poultry
Liver, you know, it’s an animal vitamin and there’s no source of it and diet unless it’s done through supplementation
So that means that people who don’t have access to food that’s been either fortified with b12
Or who are injecting or otherwise supplementing b12 should never do a vegan diet because they will be completely
deficient so symptoms of a deficiency, I
have notes are weakness fatigue
pale skin, digestive problems, nerve problems and more so it also helps transport oxygen to cells
Vitamin b12 is absolutely necessary and the most common supplemented form of vitamin
B12 is called
cyanocobalamin it’s so it’s a cyanide molecule attached to the rest of the
Shape instead of a methyl group attached to it. So in plant sorry in
Animal foods it will be methyl balamin. So that means there’s a methyl group attached to the rest of the molecule
so your body means to convert it from the cyanocobalamin into the
Methyl group or there’s another one that it could also be converted into in order to be used for the body
So the cyanocobalamin one is not found in nature
it can only be used by the body once it’s convert it and there are certain people who
Genetically, they can’t make that conversion so they would need to get that animal form and you can supplement that as well
however, it’s
not as common so if you’re relying on things like
But fortified soy milk or something like that that says it has vitamin b12
if you’re a person that can’t make that conversion you won’t be getting any b12. in my personal opinion a
Diet where you don’t get any of a certain nutrient that your body needs to survive is
very unlikely to be a well-balanced diet and
Even though vegans don’t want to believe that
There’s anything wrong with that and they think it’s ok to get a supplementation
I would say that that’s doing something very dangerous with your health. Okay?
So let’s go on to vitamin D
So vitamin D is another nutrient which the form that our body
Really uses is not found in any plants
So vitamin D helps absorb calcium from the intestines it plays a role in
Improving mood it’s used by your endocrine and immune systems
It’s used in cell division
So it’s important to have vitamin D in the bloodstream basically at all times for your body to really work properly
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with rickets and children
it’s also associated with MS and other autoimmune diseases a deficiency and
Of course
Osteoporosis. a lot of people who say well you can get vitamin D from the Sun and that’s true
but if you live in a northern climate
Like I do I live in Canada. There’s no way that you can get enough vitamin D from the Sun
For probably about nine months of the year depending on how far north you live
You will only have a few months of adequate vitamin D
If you try to get it from sunlight alone, and that is very very unhealthy
So the best sources of vitamin D are fatty fish beef liver eggs
Particularly the yolks. You can also get it from grass-fed lard and
Basically, it’s again all animal sources. So one
popular vegan
Claim is that you can get vitamin D from
mushrooms that have been in sunlight
so not mushrooms that are grown in a warehouse like
Most of the ones that we eat but ones that have been exposed to the Sun they produce vitamin d2
so the animal forms vitamin d3 and the
vegetable form even though mushrooms aren’t a vegetable is
vitamin d2 so when they’ve done studies comparing vitamin d3 and vitamin d2
Both of them are used by the body and temporarily they both elevate vitamin D levels. However,
Vitamin d2 isn’t really stored
like as soon as they stop taking the really high doses it just kind of goes back down to
the same as the control group, which isn’t taking
Vitamin D. Whereas the people that took a lot of the vitamin d3
sustained a high level in
This study which just goes to show that if you want to have vitamin D circulating through your bloodstream
Available for use which is what you want
The vitamin d3 is much much
much better however vitamin d3
supplements are made from
Lanolin, which is sheep’s wool, like it’s the oil on sheep’s wool that makes it so they can stay warm better
So vegans can’t really use vitamin d3 supplements that come from Lanolin of course
So they’re pretty much dependent on vitamin d2
So they supplement, you know
soy milk and things intended for vegans with the
D2 which isn’t as effective, whereas they supplement milk with vitamin d3
Generally because it’s not for vegans. So if you’re eating vegan products chances, are you’re getting vitamin d2?
supplemented and it’s not gonna elevate your vitamin D levels the way the vitamin d3 would
So they have come up with a way to make vitamin d3
From a vegan source, which is like in and I had a really hard time finding out how they make it
But let me just tell you okay?
The lichen is collected in buckets and washed at the source and then put in a multi-step process
of extraction
Purification and concentration in the UK before it is added to a vegetable oil carrier
It is then shipped over to the US in canisters to be made into finished products
So basically this is a highly processed product and if your immune system is anything like mine
it would probably react to this like
I would say that this because it’s a very processed refined thing and it’s in vegetable oil
Would not be an ideal
Thing for you to eat if you have any kind of autoimmune issues
and that’s just my personal opinion based on my experiences if you are vegan, or
Considering being vegan
These are your options, so here we have calcium
So calcium is used for bones muscle contraction teeth blood clotting nerve impulses regulating heartbeat and
Other things it’s in some pink. Oh, so basically every cell of your body needs calcium. It’s very necessary
So everyone kind of knows that it’s in your teeth and your bones, but it’s also used for a lot of other things
It’s very important. So signs of deficiency are numb the numbness
Tingling fingers muscle cramps poor appetite brittle nails fainting and there’s quite a long list in my case. I
well, I was a vegetarian for seven years and a vegan for one year and
I became very
calcium deficient and when I went to a naturopath with my Crohn’s disease
He said that part of my problem was my calcium
deficiency because there’s like a sphincter in between your small intestine and your large intestine and
It’s like supposed to be hard and is made of calcium. So when your body gets very
calcium deficient
Not only does it start to rob your bones and your teeth of calcium
it’ll also start to rob other structures in your bodies such as that and
He was telling me that since it was not
Strong enough anymore because it didn’t have enough calcium in it
it didn’t close properly and that’s part of the reason why I was having such problems because
there’s only supposed to be bacteria in your large intestine where it basically
Helps break down food and your small intestine. There’s not supposed to be any bacteria, but when that sphincter doesn’t close properly
Like it’s supposed to just open to let food go through and then close again
But if it’s not working properly just kind of like stays open
Bacteria can get from your large intestine to your small intestine
And so even if you try starving them or put it on antibiotics or whatever try to get rid of that
It will just happen again until you get enough calcium
So that’s one of my personal
Consequences of calcium deficiency. So a lot of vegans end up with SIBO small intestinal
bacterial overgrowth and I can’t help but suspect that it’s because they’re eating a lot of carbohydrates which
Basically feeds bacteria along with not enough calcium which leaves the door open for
Bacteria to get into their small intestine because there’s not supposed to be any bacteria in small intestine. So
that’s just a side note of
What happens to many people on vegan diets including me?
so one of the reasons why people get so calcium deficient on a vegan diet is because
They look at and I did this they look at the amount of calcium that’s in food
And they think that they’re going to get that calcium
so things like spinach or soy or
These all have oxalates in them. So if you eat a food that has calcium and it has oxalates as
It breaks down and your gut the oscillate and the cow by to each other and it’ll just be passed out
So or if it goes into your body, that’s one of the reasons why people get kidney stones. It’s by eating a lot of oxalates
the point is that if you try to get
Calcium from foods that are high in oxalate they’ll bind together and it won’t be well absorbed
So even though there’s all these
Vegan sources of calcium and people are showing their numbers and saying this is how much calcium that’s in my diet
It really doesn’t mean anything if you eat calcium, if you don’t absorb it and unfortunately
Unlike animal sources like cheese or other dairy products or even like bone broth
Which I’m not sure how much calcium is in bone broth, but the calcium that’s there is available
So your body can just absorb it and dairy, you know, there’s no oxalates and dairy. So when you eat that calcium
Granted it’s not along with other foods like that
You’ll absorb it. Whereas if you eat a food that
Contains calcium and oxalates. You’re not going to absorb as much. So not only are you getting less calcium
you’re also absorbing less of the calcium that you do eat and
That’s a real
Thing to consider if you’re doing a vegan diet is how am I going to get calcium?
without also eating oxalates at the same time, so
As if that wasn’t enough
Now we have a vitamin A
So a deficiency in vitamin A can cause dry skin dry eyes
infertility issues delayed growth and children night blindness throat chest infections poor wound healing
Breakouts. Oh and it also plays a role in the immune system producing and the functioning of white blood cells
So it helps maintain mouth healthy bones teeth soft
mucus membranes and skin
liver is the best source of vitamin A and
Also eggs cheese and butter are good sources
so when it comes to vitamin A there’s two different kinds there’s active and
inactive so
active vitamin A means that it’s from an animal source and
That means that our bodies can just take it in absorb it and use it. They don’t need to do anything
So that’s only found in animal products
then there’s pro vitamin A which is like beta carotene and the kinds of
Precursors to vitamin A that you get in, you know red and orange
plants especially so this needs to be converted into vitamin A in the gut it’s it’s not
Able to just be absorbed in use it needs to be converted
so if there’s any type of
Problem in the gut such as Crohn’s disease or any of the many many digestive problems
But we have these days the chances of a conversion happening are a lot lower
so depending on the kind of
vegetable that the vitamin A is coming from it gets converted at a different rate as
well as whether or not it’s eaten along with fat because
Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin
so it needs to be eaten along with fat and of course vegan diets are often low and in fact
So that is a factor to consider. So to give you an example of
The amount of vitamin A that you need to eat from plants in order to be sufficient if you’re converting it at a normal rate
Spinach had a 21 to one conversion rate. So in a carrot, it was 15 to 1 so it was better so
yeah, I need to eat 15 units of
The beta-carotene even from a carrot
To get the equivalent amount of vitamin A from one unit of vitamin A for animal source
so again, just because you’re getting
the precursor to vitamin A is
not equivalent to getting animal farm vitamin A and
Also based on genetic differences some people that really can hardly make this conversion at all. So it will be lower
There’s a huge variance in this conversion
So I’ve put some
studies in
The description box if you’d like to look more into vitamin A conversion like beta-carotene converting to vitamin A
But this is just to give you the general sense of what kind of ratio it really is. It’s not like
one carrot and
one slice of
You know liver. It’s a very very different thing and
Especially for pregnant women or women
Who want to become pregnant?
It’s very important to get enough vitamin A
So this is definitely something that people
Who are considering a vegan diet should really look into and educate themselves on before just jumping in
That’s what I think
So now we’ve come to iron so iron deficiency. You’re probably aware of anemia
So that’s towered minute short is a breath pale skin, you know people with bags my eyes and they just are so exhausted
People are often anemic
Sometimes women who are very very low in iron will have mental issues or they might stop menstruating
Because that’s one way that your body kind of loses iron
Vegans sometimes lose their
Menstrual cycle and I’m not sure if it’s due to iron deficiency or not
Again, there’s a significant difference plant and animal sources of iron
so there’s heme iron and it’s just meat itself is
50% kiemce iron and 50% non heme iron so he and iron again is
their kind that’s the most bioavailable to our body and
Non-heme iron is less accessible as is
Absorbed at a lower rate. So
vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron
But one thing that I think
Could play a factor in a vegan diet is that?
Glucose and vitamin C compete for absorption with each other. So if you’re eating
Glucose in your meal. I
Wonder and I don’t know whether it would interfere with the absorption of iron because it makes vitamin C
Less painful that’s something that I would like to look into more. And if any of you who know the answer, please tell me
But anyways, you need some vitamin C and
The main problem here is again the oxalates
Also bind to iron so a lot of those
Vegan sources of iron are also high in oxalate and then also phytase so phytates
Are another thing that’s considered in you know, an anti nutrient basically, they block the absorption of nutrients
They don’t block the absorption of the heme iron
But they do a block the absorption of the non heme at a rate of about 50 to 80 percent
So they make it much much less bioavailable
and of course phytates are in you know, leafy greens and soy and nuts and
so many vegan foods, especially those are that are considered sources of
So again, it’s the same question as with cal which is how am I going to absorb this like?
What is the source that I can get iron from where it’s not going to be either bound with an oxalate or
Blocked by a fight ain’t and you know, I’m not an expert
On this I’m just presenting this information and you can do the research yourself, but these are really important questions
For you to ask if you’re considering a vegan diet. So not only that
but when iron and calcium are eaten together they also
Interfere. So a lot of the vegan sources of calcium are also the vegan sources of iron
They’re also with the oxalates and they’re with each other. So it makes it so that it’s very unclear
how much is actually being absorbed so even if you look at the
Nutrition label and you see oh there’s X amount of iron. That’s a
Huge difference between what you think you’re getting and when you’re actually getting and your chances of the iron deficient go
alot, so
According to the sources that I could find which I put in the description box
The absorption rate of non heme iron is about 5 to 12 percent for most people
Where as you’re eating heme iron the absorption rate? I’m sorry
I don’t look it up, but it’s a lot higher because it’s just more by a
Bioavailable plus it’s possible to eat it without these other things that are gonna block its absorption. So it’s just a higher
quality source of iron so there’s a lot of other
nutrients that
Are severely lacking in a vegan diet. So one of them is iodine
In a small study they did
They found that in this study, they had vegans vegetarians and omnivores
80% of the vegans were iodine deficient versus 9% of the omnivores
So sources include shrimp tuna eggs seaweed and the main source for most people is dairy. There’s also
omega-3 so
making three is necessary for like your mental health and it needs to be eaten in a good ratio with omega-6 to
calm inflammation or to
have an anti inflammatory response in the body, they’re both necessary so we can eat way too much omega-6 and
Not enough omega-3. It’s
It’s not good
So anyways, people are often saying that things like flax seeds and even hemp seeds and which I do think are really good for you
you know canola oil and stuff like that our source of them omega-3, but the conversion rate of
Omega-3 which again is it’s a different length molecule in plant than it is in animals. So when you eat
Omega-3 from animals. It’s just the bioavailable your body uses it
When you get it from plants, it needs to be converted in order for your body to actually use it as omega-3
And it’s converted and most people at a rate of one percent
One percent so you would have to eat 99 times
More so I know it works than you think
anyways, you would need to eat an
astounding amount of
Omega-3 from plants in order to get anything
comparable to getting it from animals from fish and
you know free-range meat and in Alaska, so
I would not consider
omega-3 from plants to be an adequate source of vitamin for sorry of
omega-3 because the conversion rate is just so low that
It’s really more of a fuel your body burns it as fuel burns
99% of the omega-3
from plants as fuel and
uses 1% of it as omega-3 and that’s really necessary for mental health as well omega-3
So if you’re not getting enough of it, it’s a serious problem. So
Zinc is also
inhibited by eating phytates, so
Absorbed 35% less in a vegetarian not even a vegan diet then in an omnivorous diet
So this is like I could go on and on there’s just so many things that are either blocked or
completely absent in a vegan diet and
I’m not trying to I’m just trying to say like is this really healthy?
Is it really healthy to be missing this many nutrients? So then we come to fiber so
This was definitely a huge problem for me. They always like made fiber your friend on commercials and stuff
Like I feel like fiber is not it’s not my friend
I’m pretty sure that eating too much fiber those eating raw vegan is how about a fistula and that basically ruined my life for like
seven years and
I just feel way better when I eat less fiber
I think that if you’re eating a whole bunch of processed food where all the fibers removed for it, but from it, but it’s still
Carbohydrates then maybe increasing fiber can be helpful. I don’t know
but if you’re just eating normal food
I think you really need to worry about how much fiber you’re getting like you’re eating meat
Your body knows what to do with meat. It doesn’t need fiber like it’s
So more than 70 grams a day of fiber is considered too much. It can cause digestive problems it can cause constipation
It also interferes with the absorption of minerals
Including calcium magnesium zinc and iron so if there wasn’t enough problems
You’re also interfering with it by eating too much fiber
Basically on a vegan diet you’re forced to eat
what I consider to be an insane amount of fiber vegans have
many bowel movements per day most of the time just because there’s so
fiber going through their digestive system and
You know, there’s a good study done
Which shows that people who have chronic constipation?
Actually the best way to remove their chronic constipation was to eat a zero fiber diet
So I think that our our attitude or our thoughts about fiber is
largely misguided and
that one who major
Problem with the vegan diet is that you’re forced to eat so much fiber and not everyone’s body can handle that
Especially not in the long term
so there’s always people that are having digestive problems like bloating and gas and
all sorts of things really if you look at lots of their personal experiences and
it seems to me like probably a lot of that is just that they’re trying to force so much fiber through their digestive system and
When you eliminate meat, there’s not really much other option
Another important thing to consider is the right
depression are hired vegans and vegetarians than an omnivorous and
It probably has something to do with all the deficiencies that they’re likely to have like
a lot of those things are associated with mood such as vitamin b12 and vitamin D and omega-3
those are all really strongly associated with mood and
I could
Probably do a second part of this video
Look, it’s veganism really healthy too and still have tons more to say on this topic
so these are just a few of
the vitamin and mineral
deficiencies that are very likely on a vegan diet as well as some of the other
Issues that I think are very important humans evolved eating meat. There’s no group no group
That was vegan even in India where a lot of people are vegetarian
they’re not all vegetarian and a
lot, and there’s a reason why the cow is holy in India is because they need milk and
Ghee like clarified butter, that’s so important so
You know, it’s possible to be healthy as a vegetarian. I do think that probably not for everyone but some people can
But veganism I feel is something that people really need to consider and a lot of people just need to accept that
It’s it’s not gonna work for everyone a lot of people develop really serious food
sensitivities on a vegan diet and
I was
one who I
Couldn’t digest many many foods for a long time. That’s unclear the real reason, but I don’t think it helped
So I would be very careful and
yeah, thank you so much for watching and I hope that this has been helpful just on people in your research and
Basically, I just wouldn’t want to see people make the same kind of mistakes that I made
Yeah, look into the clinical trials and the stuff that I’ll put in the description box if you’re looking for a place to start for
more information and all of us on your healing journey or just your
Life journey. Okay, and if you like this video, please press like and if you want to see more of my videos
please subscribe and if you didn’t like this video just tell me in the comments because
or you can just like it if you want but
I’d rather I’d rather know why you know
So yeah, thanks so much for watching. Okay. Okay. So there’s another thing that I forgot to mention
which is that there are so many things missing in a vegan diet which are really healthy for your nails your hair and
your skin so
Gelatin collagen that kind of stuff and a lot of the time people want to be in diets start to look really amazing at it
and their skin starts to get really thin or I
Started to be able to actually identify
and it’s a bit sad because I know that they’re
Doing it for really good reasons and generally really really really kind people
but that would be another thing to consider is the effect on the ability of your cells to reproduce and
in a healthy way and
Create new
structures like your hair your skin your nails things that regrow all the time just to let you know there’s more and
This is just for people that are considering it
Some places to start really ask yourself don’t get stuck in idealism really ask yourself
Where can I get these nutrients? Where am I going to get?
where am I getting a calcium unless you can actually answer those questions and for sure be able to convert them and
Store them and use them and absorb them in the first place then you should not be doing a vegan text
That’s my opinion. If you can find a satisfactory answer to those that isn’t just from like vegan and makes no sense
Anyways, you need to start by finding an answer to the those questions cool. Thanks for watching. Bye

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  • Actually majority of these deficiencies are also found in meat eaters, and studies have shown that whether you eat meat or not you should still be taking B12, vitamin a and B, and Omega


  • It is healthy, theres a reason why studies keep saying to reduce meat consumption significantly. Like all things in life, it's important to have a balance. Too much heathy does have repercussion.

  • I think you have absolutely 0 idea about what your are talking. Stop spreading your shitty hookerish ideas about something you clearly have no idea about.

    Now fuck off, please!

  • Plant based and vegans lack 4 essential nutrients while meat earts lack roughly 9 twice as much as vegans.

  • i tried it for 2 weeks and i have to say i was feeling better and happier but after the 2 weeks i began to feel ill afterwards. at the end it comes down to genetics. mt blood is 0- and prolong its not healthy at all for me.

  • Great video! Veganism can work very very well BUT you have to be constantly on top of it and do your research which is just too complicated for a lot of people. Nothing wrong with eating meat. I will say though, atleast in the western world (especially in america), we consume too much unhealthy meats. Balance is key! Thanks again for the video!

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