Next BucketList Stop | Key West | LivinRVision!

Next BucketList Stop | Key West | LivinRVision!

🎶after smile
🎶she want’s to destroy my life🎶

one, two…Start over!
we’re parked illegally
🎶I walk alone… she was coming after me!

ho ho ho
🎶Every rose has it’s thorn…
kind of crazy here. though I’m not
healthy because I keep eating PIE!
it’s Santa! 🎶Oh black water, keep on rollin’

this cute girls waving at me, hi!
oh my god, they’re everywhere! They’re
Frank is back!
we’ve got some old tire covers, we’re just gonna get rid
of them. been hauling them around, we’ve
got some newer tire covers that we’ve
had for a while and we we’re getting out
the Christmas decorations and saw those
in there and thought, we might as well
give them to somebody… that can use them.
that is hilarious.Boy that squirrels brave.
He’s just taunting him now.
here kitty-kitty. Alright, so we’re getting
ready to leave tomorrow morning for the
keys and we put this slide in to start
this is the one that we have to bring in
first. Bring the slide in and then put
all the chairs and the table on there,
try to keep the weight off that slide
while we’re bringing it in. The sun decided
to come out. That way I can hook Sonny up
without worrying about getting drenched
well, here we go
this will be our first time ever to the
Florida Keys. ready to go key bound? keys
yeah! except our first stops going on be
an overnight stay just before we hit the
island of the keys there because, um, we’re
not supposed to check in until tomorrow
but we won’t want such a long drive so
we’re gonna go early stay at a Cracker
Barrel cracker. Cracker docking! Goin’ cracker
docking and then in the morning we’ll
have a short drive and that way we can
get there closer to check-in time
What’s the most exciting part of this
trip? is it going to the keys or is it
going to Cracker Barrel eatin breakfast?
hmmm, that’s a toughy. it really is. Well we’ll see what
you say after going to the Keys. Yeah.
I hate when it rains and then you track everything in. of course after a
couple margaritas in the keys, you’ll be like…I really miss that breakfast,
that breakfast sounds so good right now
we use three different Maps really
copilot we don’t care for but we still
use it just to double-check the other
truck map and also Google Maps which we
sometimes use it only if we know we’re
going in a direction that we know there’s no
we’ll use that because of the turn-by-turn
directions are so much better on it than
the others
🎶smile after smile…Silver bells,..what? Oh, that’s you! Bears! When I think of Florida I think of palm trees
and beaches, who thinks of cows and bears
bears and wild pigs. Oh my.
oh m?y ha! lions and tigers and bears, oh my! like Florida just has alligators
and birds that’s all I figured. Ha!
well we got all parked there at the
Cracker Barrell and we looked on the map and
we noticed that Key Largo was only like
a 30-minute drive. Where we’re gonna be
staying is gonna be further down towards
Key West and we might not get to Key
Largo so we thought, well shoot let’s just go
tonight have supper there and catch a
sunset and check that off list. yeah!
yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah? yeah let’s go! yeah!
you ready go eat? yeah, I am. I might need help out. oh, ok. wait. Yep, gonna need it. Come on little Shelly, you can do it! Oh my gosh. That a girl! Oh my gosh. Big girl you are!
That was not graceful. first time ever Key Largo, no
Key Lime today? No, coconut triple layer cake. But, you know, I’m still missing Sherman’s
Deli, coconut cream pie!
Oh my gosh! Is it good? That’s good!
You ready to go get your barrel on
sweetie? Ready to get my barrel on! Oh…good lord.

you want a little coffee with that cream?
oh dear friend…
we made it! we had our doubts!
especially across seven mile bridge and…
we ever told you we don’t like bridges? we
don’t like a lot of things, we’re very nervous people. We’re such nervous people! one more thing
that might be helpful. if you stay at the
Cracker Barrel that we did, right before
you come on to the keys it’s the very
last Cracker Barrell to stay, Florida
City? in Florida City.
it took pretty much two hours probably
five minutes short of two hours so
that’ll help you estimate timing wise it
varies with the traffic. and we’re
heading to Key West! honey you have bay
doors open! oh boy…
okay let’s try this again. I got one thing
to say… Frank is back! Oh boy… Gotta got the the southernmost point, that’s where
you get your pictures by that thing
that’s the southernmost point
Duvall streets way over here
southernmost points down here
Mallory squares up here I think that’s
because of a sunset get the sunset there
when I read parking some $4 an hour we
can park up to 10 hours and then if
you’re a night owl midnight to 8 a.m. is
free that’s not us fun fact Key West is
known for its sunsets that draws
tourists from all over the US many
famous writers have called that island
the home Ernest Hemingway Robert Frost
and Tennessee Williams and you cannot
see Cuba
Frankie west because it’s 90 miles
a little insider tip we found a parking
spot that we thought was convenient for
many reasons it cost the same as most
places at four dollars an hour and was
covered and secured parking it was at a
parking garage by the Margaritaville
Resort and Marina right next to Mallory
square it shows up as 201 Front Street
Garage on Google Maps but you need to
enter 231 Front Street in your GPS to
take you right to the garage entrance
Google will have you approaching Front
Street from Green Street you will then
take a left on Front Street and within a
short block it will see the entrance on
your right at the entrance there will be
a kiosk that will require you to push a
button to get a ticket in tonight we
found it very handy to park on the third
level as there was a small ramp that
takes you into the hotel coming into the
hotel right around the right hand corner
is a restroom and elevator the restroom
was very handy to use before and after
our daily adventures when you take the
elevator down to the main level it takes
you right in front of the side door
which is here outside to your left you
will see Mallory Square and if you turn
to your right and walk straight ahead on
Green Street you will find Whitehead
street then Duval Street if you take a
right on Whitehead Street you can walk
one mile straight to the southernmost
point and along the way you will find
many shops and restaurants
mile marker zero and Ernest Hemingway’s
home and museum before arriving at the
southernmost point if you go one block
over from the southernmost point you can
walk back on the famous Duval Street
where you will find all the action
you know it sounds good for supper
chicken dad
then the I found it’s a really cute
bathing suit for you
I don’t worry
don’t smoke
but that’s just fine
sounded like him this kid is the same
entertainer we saw in San Francisco
this past summer and now he’s here in
Key West
everyone say just do it I’ll do it fast
and convince it you want to see me do it
it’s hard to find a parking spot when
you want to go to the southernmost point
all that’s residential parking here
along the streets so either
so we’re parked illegally but yeah
that’s why we’re trying to hurry
so we went took a quick picture and now
we’re rushing back to the car he’s
trying to get to the other side
on this other hat the wind was about
ready to take the other one off this
place Michelle it’s a museum
kind of hope and she doesn’t want to go
in there did you want to go in here or
no hogs breath salut
five dollar happy hour
grandpa Peck
a little bit you may have a better $5 by
every fan don’t get run over by this
bicycle just kidding don’t get run over
by this little pen
boom why did Brian and Michelle cross
the road follow the chickens car drop
upside-down Christmas tree that’s funny
and what was sloppy joes famous for
anyway came here earnest anyway that
would be that would be it but that’s
what it’s known for
yep this makes what how many times we’ve
been the Key West now since we’ve been
here this is four or five here we are
again on Christmas Eve see I told you
Sam is real Sam is real and here we are
Frank and Lucy’s back let me try that
and here we are Frank and Lucy’s Bell
and here we are
Frank and Sally’s back
now you want me to go with Lucy who are
you today Michelle with Sally
I think my lunch is killing I think I
don’t have a choice of human
nice and strong key lime pie this makes
number four alright sorry buddy already
took a bite
Alonzo’s yes
or seafood
and they have been keyline project
what amber have to say so I sent her a
picture of me with the Cuban coffee and
the key lime pie man she said that I
looked healthy and happy but of course I
had to reply well I’m not healthy
because I keep eating behind this tree
big and weird tree
for chickens and roosters
so we stop here and have the pork nachos
which was really good and reasonable
keep the price down his only $12
my back
she called this my bus
that’s a golf cart limo
that is the line over there for Ernest
Hemingway’s house how these two live in
and I believe that was $14 per person
with that
I don’t know if I want to go to the top
for $12 no a lot of money just to see
the city
these trees here are so bizarre look at
kind of crazy here you got to get in
to get your picture of this another
we’re getting closer
someone just got proposed to
we’ll just go one block down and take a
left and we’ll go down to fall we came
up here up this to eat that we’ll go
people watch out for the minute mud that
line for the line about that long but
that was smack dab in the afternoon
on Christmas Eve we were just talking
about if this was the middle of the
summer when that’s like really humid hot
enough we’d want to be here but it
doesn’t feel like it since it’s 75 all
right so this should be Duval Street all
right turn right here like the chickens
to get to the other side
Hey so I get away from my babies
what’s this tag say don’t feed me I’m
with the Chanukah go rapid-response
rip-off don’t get ripped off at cosmetic
hum that god they’re everywhere they’re
cute girls waving at me
hi she’s following me
we lead me out into the track not
you’re this slow like you were in track
in high school no you like dart and
friend of I did not like that
run away back to Key West what’s so
honey elf we got her stuff and we are
ready to go look at the little dog he
has his own little pet carrier on the
back of this motorcycle he went down in
the hole and then he came back home how
cute we were gonna go on the
glass-bottom boat to her today you have
to call it Kermit’s
try their key lime pie they have
gluten-free also y’all ready to take a
ride on the glass-bottom boat mom this
we go
the Botox and but pixelate some other
boats without any notice you know
so it’s a 3d game for yourself as well
as lifeboat where you move about when
you move about that were running with
climbing on any camera succeeds
including cameras and seats were here
jumped like 10 feet out of the water
I couldn’t believe how high he jumped
in crazy
how you won welcome to do that you’re
not required to say to make happen the
whole time
oh nice
that’s right being out on the water was
it will still warm
it wasn’t they in the houses of I here
range from six to eight million dollars
108 million dollars
write your name
there’s a chick sitting by my chick
where it is a little chick
that’ll do for our time here in the West
if you haven’t already don’t forget they
hit that subscribe button hit that Bell
to be notified of our new videos see you
guys next week

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  • Again, you're a few steps ahead of me. I'm headed to the Keys next week. Doing all of Route A, 1A, A1A from here in Maine to the very end is on my bucket list. Hope to meet up some day. Still loving your sense of humor. and quirky perspective.

  • What a great Tour! We really got a feel for the Florida Keys by watching your video! The editing process on this vid must have taken a long time! You guys really have a talent for putting these videos together! Thanks for the info!

  • I just found your videos and love the tone of your voices. Easy to watch and listen. Welcome to my Florida. You forgot about snake's, coyotes and panthers.

  • We loved this video…… you were about a few days behind us at Sunshine Key RV Resort. We pulled out on the 22nd. We are now in the Disney area until mid February. Safe travels!

  • Well, we finally made it to Key West and the Florida Keys! Michelle also had fun "sampling" Key Lime Pie and has found Key West's best. Curious to know where? Send her a message in the comments below to find out where! 🥧😋

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