Methi Paneer Corn Pulao – By Vahchef @

Methi Paneer Corn Pulao – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal;
welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re
going to make some pulao using paneer
methi and corn with a good flavoring
coming from methi leaves; add oil then
add cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon and
once you saute them add
I’ve got some javitri and pepper corns, add them and then add some sliced onion and
add pinch of salt in this i’m going to
add little bit of turmeric not too
much to give it little bit color
ginger garlic paste saute ginger garlic
paste now add paneer pieces of paneer
after you saute the paneer little bit add corn, methi leaves, mint leaves and some
coriander also, this is chopped coriander
I’m going to keep little for the last you know this going to nice
light green color when this is done
but the methi leaves have got a little bit
of bitterness and along with the corn sweetness and paneer
it’s going to be a very good combination
if i have to give it another name i
would rather call it methi chaman pulao
so this is pretty good
now before we add water I’m going to add
some more salt because in the pulao
we need good amount of salt for the rice
also in this add rice which has been
washed and kept aside, in this i’m going
to add some hot water do not add cold
water because that’s going to take a lot
more time
it should be good enough and you know
i’m going to add a little bit of butter
in this
I forgot to add green chillies but green
chilies are never too late because you
can eat them raw you can eat them fully cooked just going to mix it a
little bit
whenever you add water after you add
make sure you add hot water because if
you add cold water the rice can get a
little bit mashy mushy
so to avoid that to make sure that you
get the grain which is perfect
always add hot water to the dish
just you may have to mix it one more
time and then put the flame on sim
and we’re going to leave it like that
for another 3-4 minutes and switch off
the flame after which your pulao will be done perfectly I have an awesome
curry waiting to go along with this
awesome pulao
Haa it’s mild anytime you make a mild pulao like this make sure your curry is hot
and spicy
hmm you know
even a simple raita would go excellent
with such kind of pulao, its got very nice
flavors, dear friends
I hope you enjoyed today’s session but
do not forget vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook
so please post your recipes and cooking
tips so others can benefit from your
great cooking
thank you

26 thoughts on “Methi Paneer Corn Pulao – By Vahchef @

  • Oh god am cant resist any kind of rice. I just loooooove rice. I dont think I can keep up with my weight watcher because of your nice recipe :((

  • Sometimes vahchef, i watch your videos and my cooking prediction brain says "I -have- to make this. This is mandatory" This pulav is one of those things I have to make. I think im gonna pair it with the kashmiri chicken curry with yogurt gravy you posted, and add some extra chili powder.

  • Tofu just looks like paneer, but nowhere close to it in taste. Paneer, you can get in any Indian grocery store… Though you can make it at home too… Just boil milk, when it boils add anything bitter to it, lime, vinegar or anything and a thick curd like thing will separate out. Drain the water and take the solid separates, tie it in a thin cloth and put some weight on it for few hours to drain any access water. And your paneer is ready.

  • Even before you telling I had the same thought that, Methi will be bitter and Corn will be sweet… with Paneer being a vegetarians delight. I have to try this one… This sounds aweseome

  • Thank you for the replay, I make cheese the same way, I didn't know you call it Paneer.
    By the way I like all your videos I learn a lot from you, watching your videos make me feel I want to cook all day, I love your food and your smile.
    Thank you chef.

  • Hello
    For cup of soaked rice for about 30-40 min, what is the quantity of water to be added while cooking pulavo in a pressure cooker ? Please, reply.
    Thank you !

  • if we add i spoon of tomato ketchup also , becomes a little sweet n tangy . liked by children .  thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • It was sensational thank you so much chef ..I did little twist to ur recipe Didn't have corn so I added peas , a little bit of green capsicum ,Garnished with raisins & roasted cashews and a dash of lime… The aroma & flavor was excellent!I can't wait for my son to try it… happy cooking everybody!

  • Chef share some Belgium chocolate tiffin recipes ,my both sons r huge fan of Hagen dozz Belgium chocolate ice cream n ask me to give in their tiffin,but it’s not possible to give it will melt. So please if u hw any similar to give in tiffin share with us.

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