KETO What I Eat In A Day – Cheeseburger CHAFFLES – Peanut Butter CHAFFLES!

good morning guys it is Saturday morning
and I am doing a full day of keto eating
for you guys I have never done a keto
what I ate in a day of vlog it’s always
been Weight Watchers so I’m excited to
do this with you guys just go to the
shower and still hard to make my coffee
and stuff but wanted to come and say
good morning and I’m excited for today
it’s gonna be a fun day I have a lot to
do today I have to run some errands go
to the post office I have to film I have
to eat of course and yeah so it’s gonna
be a Saturday day-in-the-life what it’s
like and I’m excited so let’s go make
some coffee it’s Coffee time
alright so in here and I have my Peter
collagen for keto I get this on Amazon
so it gives you like a mocha flavor a
little bit of half-and-half and a couple
drops of liquid stevia my coffee this is
calling me and copy from Wendy Valencia
and it’s a new stove I like to have the
espresso with it it’s a little bit more
of a bolder flavor zoton i love this it
keeps the nascent hot I don’t like using
like titanium that stainless steel mines
they just I don’t like them it makes it
there we go and it’s delicious
how am I giving Jamie’s calling Piper
from the ring he’s he’s thinking about
it he’s thinking about it
Piper who’s that he’s so confused
they’re just lizards out here
Piper where’s dad we’re dead oh yeah is
that dad in the ring do you see him
Piper huh yeah
oh here comes Skylar I just got back
from the post office and I got some
goodies I open these up because there’s
no way that I can open them one-handed
but first one is for my giveaway from an
errand of Aikido she’s amazing and I won
that new pasta I’m really excited this
is the fun yet
pastas here and so there is the angel
hair and these come in water and then
you do is you rinse them take them out
you rinse them for like five minutes you
wanna make sure you rinse them a lot and
then you can touch them and they are
zero net carps which is awesome one gram
of fat one gram of protein so there’s
the angel hair there is this it gets
nice and I was told that it’s best to
boil them and then put them in like the
frame frying pan was like your sauce or
whatever but boiling kind of helps with
the texture and they do sit had like a
fishy taste and some very fishy smell
and you have to rinse them really really
well to get this spaghetti one and then
the fettuccine
I’m so excited cities I have tried this
type the clinic the typical pasta one
time before and it did enjoy like I just
rinsed it and then put it in the frying
pan and it was not very good I know like
it mr. Piper is all up in my business
because I have boxes I’m gonna try these
no that’s gross okay and then I got some
packages from t me he’s awesome you guys
know I love to me I have code for you
guys for 18% off and I got the Greens a
superfood blend they actually sent me
two of them I know about maybe I’ll do a
giveaway with the second one do y’all
would you like that I’ve heard so many
good things about these what I think I’m
gonna do I’ve done it with
in the past like at Green’s drink like
this is mix it with lemonade
we’re obviously I can’t have lemonade on
keto but I do have the ultimate lemonade
powder so I think I’m going to do that
that sounds really really good so these
are for total carbs – fiber so – net
carbs for one scoop so keep that in mind
but they are really really good 16
superfoods this is a nutritionist blend
of plant-based supercruise bowls getting
daily dose of powerful greens in your
so I feel ooh and free blah blah blah
blah blah no artificial flavors these
are great I’m excited and then lastly a
repair this is my favorite favorite oil
it is amazing it has helped with my
breakouts so much like if I have a
pimple starting or one that’s in full
effect I put this on and in the morning
it is like so much better or completely
and it has a little dropper in there
this thing is amazing
I love the repair oil and it smells so
good it’s a chamomile well I love it and
just like that the hair and makeup is
done so that to start filming and get
ready for all that which I need to still
figure out what I’m filming today
but if of a youtuber just one unit
dinner time and I am starving so I am
making cheeseburger truffles I finally
had jumped on the choppa bandwagon and
bought my – mini waffle maker it came in
the mail yesterday on Amazon I have a
link for you guys if you want it was
like $10 super cheap some ground beets
that are just defrosted in just some
water here and it took like 45 minutes
to defrost some cheddar cheese I’m going
to eat it cheeseburger style so I’m
still gonna have cheese on top of it so
it’s I’ll use probably two slices of
cheese for the chocolate and cheese burg
got some lettuce here some no sugar
added ketchup salt pepper for the burger
and then
one egg for the truffle and kind of say
that when my favorite things about this
house is the under cabinet lighting
isn’t it just so beautiful I love it
love it love it
alright let’s get cooking burgers
picking and we are ready to make this
chocolate let’s see if we can do it with
one hand yeah
it is already pre-greased I am going to
put cheese down on the bottom here and
half the egg mixture I’m not gonna put
the rest of the cheese on yet I want to
wait for it to cook a little bit more
because I like the cheese a really
crispy so I will wait be very very
careful not to burn yourself
I burned my sir almost for myself
yesterday so I’m going to turn an oven
mitt Oh guys does not look so good okay
now we are going to put on the rest of
the cheese for this one if you ever went
back on just for safety and then let it
now what you think that is gonna be like
90 seconds minute take no it takes like
5 minutes per towel if you like like me
very crispy so I’m gonna let this cook
burger is coming along good and I’ll
show you what it says crisp on it and
let’s see it’s ready now keep in mind I
like I’m like really really done
that looks so good like an eggo waffle
oh yeah no I don’t think that’s done
enough yet flip it and do it one more
all right
that is one shuffle and let’s make the
second month the rest of our egg mixture
so this is just one egg between the two
chuckles oh baby so we got the bottom
chopped oh we’ve got the burger some
cheese that some G here dusty Hugh some
sugar-free ketchup some lettuce and then
the next truffle and look how crispy
this is I do have some leftover burger
but I am NOT going to have that on here
just because I’m not too hungry and I’m
so excited like I have been missing a
bun I’m burger
to me a burger makes the bun so I know
this is in a normal bun but I think with
something really good I’m excited and a
lot of Strep burgers they’re good but
they just don’t do it for me so I’m
ecstatic I were still not too sure but
he likes looking outside but he likes
just kind of being so close but not
quite there I’m about to do some editing
so I want some brain fuel I already
trying to sit with us and it’s really
good it is the perfect pair with the
greens and to the última skies so good
so let me know if you want to try it I
will have a discount code for you guys
teimi 18 i think it is and then this is
linked to me with some story but y’all
this is so good it has a little bit of a
healthy taste but it’s honestly I don’t
do well with stuff like that and this is
totally good for me I love it all right
I am so excited bout this so I’m hungry
this is like a little snack / meal I
don’t want to call it but super easy
it’s just some lettuce some romaine
lettuce some leftover ground beef and
Swiss cheese and some Thousand Island so
it’s gonna be almost like a fresca mount
it just woke up her nap and somehow this
one decided to sneak up on me he’s out
just say living her best way Oh Skyler
yeah sure just sneak up my mom and take
a nap mmm-hmm real I must be getting my
period or something cuz I’m craving
something sweet so I made peanut butter
so I did the egg a little bit of
mozzarella and then I did maybe a
teaspoon of peanut butter in the mix
just this simply nature working peanut
butter then I made them and then while I
was telling them I just used my frother
it made it some whipped cream with some
whipping cream and top that and then put
some lilies semi-sweet chocolate chips
on them oh gosh yep definitely craving
sweets and I’m excited look at that
peanut butter whipped cream chocolate
goodness all right guys just close my
afternoon walk and or evening walk I’m
trying to go before the Sun Goes Down
and it’s starting to cool down a little
bit not too much just got my water here
and this is so much fun you guys like
these kita ye in a day vlogs they are a
lot of fun to do so I would love to do
more but only if you guys want to watch
them so let me know down below and I
will talk to you guys soon

14 thoughts on “KETO What I Eat In A Day – Cheeseburger CHAFFLES – Peanut Butter CHAFFLES!

  • Kelly I LOVE the what I eat in a day video!!! I’m still struggling with portion control and my appetite hasn’t calmed down yet. I’m hoping it does soon. The Chaffle looks amazing!! Thank you!!! Keep these going because I need inspiration. ❤️😍🤗

  • My husband would starve if it smelled like fish. He definitely is a picky eater and if it smelled the least bit off from it's appearance he'd eat out. Lol

  • Hey Ms. Kelly. Congratulations on your new home!! You are one smart and savvy lady. I finally got a chance to shop shop at Aldi last week. It was nice. I took my time and looked and shopped. Produce was very nice and was really surprised by the taste of the eggs. They are really good. Thanks for you advice and tips and tricks. I can save some money on my groceries now.😊😊

  • I didn't know what a Chaffle was until about a week or so ago!! I wish I had a waffle maker.
    I like the "cloud bread" low carb buns for burgers or sandwiches.
    Your poor kitties are so bewildered by Jayme's voice in the patio – they are suspicious enough of the area as it is! LOL!

  • I have visited your channel and watch your couple of videos,

    I found that those are amazing and it shows how hard work you are doing

    for creating such videos well keep uploading such an amazing content and

    surely you gonna get success

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