Keto Krate May 2019 Review + Unboxing I Lazy Keto

Keto Krate May 2019 Review + Unboxing I Lazy Keto

Hey you guys today we are doing a review
on the May 2019 Keto Krate plus we’re
doing a giveaway as well of course duh
so yeah grab a snack sit back and relax
and enjoy this video okay guys so I
received an email from keto krate the
other day in a stated that they have
three new plans available now and they
did like a little updating to their
plans as well so for the sake of the
video I won’t go into everything because
I feel like it’ll just be too long for
the video but I will say that the first
plan is the nibbler plan you can expect
to receive five or more keto friendly
snacks in that plan and it is $19.99 and
the second plan is the muncher plan
which is you can expect to receive ten
or more keto friendly snacks in that plan
and that plan is $39.99 and the third
new plan available with Keto Krate is
the Hangry plan and you can expect to
receive thirty keto friendly snacks and
in that plan is $89.99 and that’s great
for like if you like have a whole little
keto family and sometimes nature I feel
like that would be a good little thing
to do as well or with the hangry plan if
you just really love keto snacks I mean
that’s relatable I understand that
completely so yeah and of course as
always they do have the gift option and
that’s great for like if you’re not sure
if you’re ready to fully commit or if
you’re just trying to test the waters
that’s a great option and also you can
gift another person a keto krate as well they do also have
it now that if you choose to prepay six
months or 12 months in advance that you
can um save money as well if you want
more information the first link down
below in the description box will be my
personal keto krate link and I will
also have my 15% off discount code with
keto krate that you can use so um yeah
let me stop talking y’all and let’s go
ahead and get to the video because I’m
hungry and I need food in my system honestly though y’all this keto krate do y’all
hear that it is heavy like what is in
here this month let’s go ahead and open
this month keto krate and as always you
guys everything that I mentioned in
today’s video their links will be linked
down below in the description box
ok you guys so the first product I
pulled out I’m so excited for because
they were in a previous keto krate and I
thought their lemon bar was just so
good oh my gosh this time we have the
dang bar in the flavor cardamom chai and
this is the plant-based keto bar
so nutrition facts it is 210 calories 15
grams of fat 11 grams of carbs 6 grams
of fiber so that’s 5 grams net carbs and
then we have 9 grams of protein in this
so y’all know how I have a problem with
dairy like I just don’t get it I try my
hardest to still try to sometimes beat
nobody is like why are you trying to
play yourself like no not gonna accept
it congratulations you played yourself
so you guys this is what the cardamom
chai flavor looks like ok smells good so
let’s go ahead and try it so I think
this is good y’all but since I have the
lemon bar I feel like that tastes better
the lemon bar taste is a whole lot
better in my opinion but this is still
like a yes for me
the next product they have been in a
previous Keto Krate is the Fat Snax Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
yes it says on here low carb sugar-free and keto
so nutrition facts for one cookie
it is 100 calories 9 grams of fat 7
grams of carbs 3 grams of sugar alcohol
to grams net carbs awesome 2 grams of
protein all right you guys I’m so
excited for this fat snax double
chocolate chip cookie yes like double
chocolate chip cookie you can’t go wrong
with that y’all I broke my cookie oh
that’s funny so this is what the cookie
looks like y’all when I say I broke this
cookie so you guys I really got a
feeling this is gonna be good though
mm-hmm oh wow
my son is so happy right now
so yeah you guys I’m gonna eat this
whole cookie I’m gonna try my best not
to use a second one but I can’t promise
you anything okay y’all so I’m really
interested in this one this is the Sun Biotics
I think they’ve been in a
previous keto krate it is their
chocolate almonds oh my gosh all I
really hope this is good it says I’m
here organic raw gluten free and non dairy yes so nutrition facts it is 180
calories 13 grams of fat 7 grams of
carbs 3 grams of fiber 2 grams of total
sugars and 6 grams of protein so you
guys I really hope this is good I love
like chocolate-covered almonds y’all
like you don’t understand my obsession
so let me show y’all what these
chocolate almonds look like okay
hopefully they’re good
On the packaging it does say that it’s
a light and crispy super snack and yeah
I agree with this y’all like I would get
this again but if you think it’s gonna
taste like you know regularly like
chocolate-covered almonds no but it does
help you like get that same feeling in a
way so the next product we have is the
mission meats beef sticks original they
have been in a previous keto krate I
like this company it is gluten-free no
MSG paleo friendly and derive from beef
fed no GMO fed okay so yeah let’s go
ahead and try this I really didn’t want
to try like other flavors though from
it’s very soft but not too soft I
really needed that meat stick y’all that
was good
um I’m gonna be drinking some water real
quick water break I don’t show that I
drink a lot of water y’all but I’m
drinking a lot of water like I mean I
show you how like when I drink my coke
zeros and all that other stuff but
better believe your girl is over here
still drinking her water matter of fact
have you gotten your water in today if
you have not go ahead and get something
mm-hmm the next product is from Stoker
bar it is in the flavor in cocoa almond
um I’m excited for that
it said I’ll hear more crunch less carbs
I remember them in a previous keto crepe
um it does say on here it is 250
calories 22 grams of fat yes thank you
it has 18 grams of carbs 6 grams of
fiber 2 grams of total sugars and 8
grams of sugar alcohols
and then they also have 9 grams of
protein on here it does say oh wow
Keto Krate is just spoiling me right now it’s
paleo low glycemic keto gluten-free
dairy-free oh my goodness non-gmo vegan
low-carb and all-natural y’all I
honestly love it when a product is keto and dairy free
like it’s like not that
many companies enjoyed it like that but
do it I appreciate it you know look at
what this stoka bar looks like oh my
gosh yeah that’s gonna be good I can
already tell in my soul y’all this is
gonna be good
I’m so happy right now I really do like
this you know y’all I really feel like I
need to get more flavors from them
because I think I like that previous one
too as well I think so
okay you guys so the next product I
don’t know why keto krate is playing
with me this month y’all but my spirit
is so happy right now this is the
Catalina Crunch zero sugar foods company
ditched sugar cinnamon toast artisan
cereal yeah look at this cinnamon toast
cereal what is going on with this world
okay so nutrition Fest is 90 calories
four grams of fat 12 grams of carbs 7
grams of fiber 0 grams of sugar awesome
and eight grams of protein y’all oh my
so this is keto friendly gluten free
nothing artificial plant-based I’m so
happy right now zero sugar and it’s made
with pea protein they were in a previous
keto krate and I really did like it
so um yes I’m gonna just try one you
guys is so crazy because I was literally
thinking about this company the other
day ok like I said this is cinnamon
toast oh my gosh all smells so freakin
good this is what it looks like
Y’all I’m so happy right now
this is better than the other one
this has zero sugar I’m not being punked
oh yeah it is naturally sweetened with
organic monk fruit y’all so go along
with my cereal they had the Milkadamia
Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk and it is
50 calories 5 grams of fat 1 gram of
carbs 1 gram of fiber 0 grams of sugar
and 1 gram of protein and this milk is
gluten-free vegan and dairy-free keto krate
why y’all keep playing with me
right now like I’m like right now I feel
like this is definitely my top 3 keto krates right now y’all I gotta put this
keto cereal up cuz there’s just too much
temptation y’all that cereal is so good
the next company has been in a previous
keto krate
it is the Pizootz flavor infused sea
salt and cracked pepper on here it says
all-natural no artificial colors no
artificial flavors no GMOs no
preservatives no trans fats no MSG and
it’s gluten free okay so for a nutrition
facts y’all they are a very precise it
is 203 calories 15.95 grams of fat
7.25 grams of carbs 2.9 grams of
fiber point 7.25 grams of total sugars
and 10.1 grams of protein and y’all for
the ingredients very simple peanuts sea
salt ground black pepper and water Wow
mm-hmm so these Pizoot Peanuts are powder free y’all and I just love that
I feel like the last time I tried these
they were just okay maybe but right now
y’all I’m like literally loving these
peanuts mm-hmm okay y’all so the next
product I have is the kegenix keto meal it is in the flavor and vanilla so
nutrition facts it is 150 calories 10
grams of fat 8 grams of carbs 3 grams of
fiber so there’s five grams net carbs
zero grams of sugar and 10 grams of
protein so you guys I don’t know like
how my body is going to react to this so
I don’t know if I’m gonna put this in
one of my like keto what I eat in a day
videos or if I were just like let my mom
try and let y’all know what she thinks
about it one day so I’m yeah I’ll put it
right here what I decide to do okay you
guys so the next product is the Chocorite Protein Bar it is Yellow Cake
flavor oh wow look at this y’all look at
the packaging that’s cute I like it
so Nutrition Facts it is 200 calories 7
grams of fat 27 grams of carbs 22 grams
of fiber 1 gram of sugar 2 grams of a
wrist and tall and 20 grams of protein
yo I know my body does not let me try
this I already know how my buddy’s gonna
read but y’all like y’all look at this
packaging it makes me want it and plus
it kind of go for my nails too like so
I’m about to just have just a little bit
of this I want to try to see what it
looks like though okay mmm it smells
hmm wow this is good
okay y’all so that
looks like that’s it for they May 2019 Keto Krate Review
so now it’s time for
the giveaway portion okay y’all so rules
for this month’s keto krate first things first go ahead and click
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second thing to do is comment down below
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beginning of your keto weight loss journey
I also think that information would be
great for those that are also just
starting out on keto and as you’re
typing down below make sure you put your
Instagram handle so if you don’t have
Instagram y’all just go ahead and put
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UniqueFit17 I’m gonna put it right
here and like I said if you don’t have
Instagram just ignore this portion right
here if you’re into extra credit your
I’ll give this video a thumbs up I
really truly hope you guys enjoyed the
may 2019 keto krate review + giveaway
if you’re new to the channel welcome
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thank you so much for watching this
video as always if you don’t hear it
from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Monday love you guys!
Byeeeee : )

20 thoughts on “Keto Krate May 2019 Review + Unboxing I Lazy Keto

  • I saw someone crunch up the stoka bar and pour the milkadamia over the top. She ate it like cereal. It looked delicious!

    I wish I could have told myself to be patient with the process and be kind to myself at the beginning of my Keto journey.

    My Instagram handle is norveltl

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  • I wish I would have listened to what I told myself. Listen to your why, stay the course and don’t watch the scale. Most importantly to forgive myself when I fall..just get back up..IG: tryin_2bfitnlocked

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  • Stoka bars and Dang bars are two of my very favorite KETO bars…. I love them so much… Lemon DANGS OMG! Vanilla Stokas Yeah girl…. What an awesome box this month… One day I may afford to buy it until then, Imma try and win… IG: lisatrepper OR [email protected]

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    Ive been with you for a while and always 👍 videos. Thanks. Fyi that keto krate was on point this month

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