good morning guys welcome for another
episode of what I eat in a day on KETO
diet it’s 9 o’clock and me and this guy
we taking a power walk because I want to
incorporate some exercise into my new
lifestyle so we’re gonna go ahead and
then I’ll be back and show you what I’m
having for lunch
you would say it’s only a walk but I
break a sweat man maybe it’s due to the
90 degrees outside I think that tomorrow
we will head out the door at least 2
hours earlier than today it’s really hot
we gotta avoid the heat me and Axel we
are dead well I still want to do some
I’m actually pretty ready for that look
at my shirt drop it like a squat so
that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do my
hundred squats for a day I actually
decided yesterday that I’m gonna do this
challenge that I’m gonna do 100 squats a
day for 30 days I was thinking about
making them a progress video about that
challenge so if you’re interested in
that leave me a comment down below or
give it a thumbs up here that I know
that you would be interested in seeing
that I would include some pictures
before and after and stuff like that
just let me know if you would be
interesting in seeing that kind of video
okay I’m gonna breath while hundred
squats are behind me and now I’m gonna
hop in the shower make myself a coffee
and I’ll check back in with you around
lunchtime guys fresh out of shower it’s
1 o’clock and I’m gonna break my fast
with some great lunch I just want to
make some tuna salad today and I will
put it on my Kido breath I made the
other day so here is my pita bread I
will use a can of tuna
how much shaft red onion some green bell
pepper instead of mayo
I will be using avocado today I will
seasoned it with some squeezed fresh
lemon and salt and pepper
today’s lunch has 490 calories 50 grams
of protein 6 grams of net carbs and 28
grams of fat per snack today guys I’m
gonna have this awesome kilo peanut
butter cookies I ran down the macros and
each of the cookies as hundred calories
8 grams of fat and 2 grams of net carbs
I’m gonna leave the recipe in the
description below for you and I also
made a video how to make these so I’m
gonna leave the link there as well
this cookies makes excellent keto snack
and they really hit the sweet tooth spot
so I encourage you to give those a try
they amazing
guys for today’s dinner I’m just gonna
throw together some stuff I have in the
fridge and freezer I don’t really feel
like cooking mash is really hot so our
spiralized 1 zucchini and I’m gonna make
some little cheesy sauce using blue
cheese butter and heavy whipping cream
and gonna season it with a little lemon
fresh pepper and soul and then I have
these shrimp I’m gonna add in and drops
gonna have this tortellini he wants so
cheesy sauce and shrimp tonight I’m
gonna add 1 cup of the blue cheese onto
the pan about 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold
butter I’m gonna add half a cup of heavy
whipping cream I’m gonna use lemon juice
from about quarter of a lemon in some
now when the cheese is melted I’m gonna
pop in the shape
those are cooked frozen once so they
just need to kind of defrost and heat up
and we’re gonna be ready to serve
guys at dinner was amazing I was so long
craving some cheesy sauce and this
really hit the spot to holding their
heads 593 calories 38 grams of protein 6
grams of net carbs and 45 grams of fats
so I think I’m done for today so we’re
just gonna take a walk and call it a
make some tea and watch some TV so if
you liked this video give it a thumbs up
and don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll
see you again soon bye


  • Guys another Full Day of eating KETO Diet for weight loss. Today I will share my Low carb Cheese Shrimp Recipe I just made out:) This Keto shrimp recipe is very easy, quick and tasty, you are gonna love it! xoxo Iva

  • Trying to get a home exercise plan together here myself so I am totally interested in your squat challenge and the results. Going to try the peanut butter cookies tonight. It was so weird that you put that video up on the same day that I found the Amy Scudder's Natural peanut butter at Walmart on clearance for $2.25 a jar!

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