KETO Aldi Haul, Meal Prep and Weigh In!

KETO Aldi Haul, Meal Prep and Weigh In!

hey friends today we are doing another
keto Aldi meal prep grocery haul and
wait you guys have asked that I bring
back at the meal preps and the weigh-ins
and all of that and it has been a crazy
couple months just with the move and
Alaska and fincon and all that so now
things are starting to settle down a
little bit more so I’m going to be doing
more keto videos and maybe some what I
eat in a day videos you guys love those
because those are more like vlog style
with the cats and everything so
hopefully those will be coming in the
future but today I am making burrito
bowls for my coworker and I you guys
know that I’m Neil Peart for my
co-workers as a side hustle awesome side
hustle if you haven’t yet I do have a
video on how to meal prep for a
co-worker all the details like questions
everything you may have is all down
below in the description I’ll have that
video for you guys so we’re gonna make
burrito bowls I think I’m gonna make
part chicken and part pulled pork
I do have pulled pork from Costco that I
need to use up so maybe do half and half
just to mix it up just to keep the week
not so mundane and not so just to
everything the same everyday no I don’t
want that so those two things and I’ll
meal prep that all with you guys and
then wait so I took a three week break
from keto because of Alaska and then I
had a week between it Alaska and my
cruise when we Alaska and pimkin when we
moved and then I just had think on last
week so it has been crazy
so I started keto back up this week
which it was hard it was so hard the
first week of keto is just tough man the
cravings the keto flu I’ve only gotten
the keto flu for like I got it last time
as well but only for a couple hours
because I take my ultimate lecture light
powder you guys know I love that I have
in my Amazon store for you guys my name
is like Keo Amazon favorites so that
electrolyte powder is amazing it really
helps just to read jenner eyes you and
eating during the NATO flu I think is
key so many people ask me how do you
fight it what’s best thing when I have
the keto flu I do not want to eat I feel
terrible after
it but ordering it I’m sorry I feel
terrible during it I feel nauseous I
just don’t feel good at all the last
thing I want to do is eat but I push
through that and then after I eat maybe
like an hour later I feel so much better
so if you get the keto flu push through
it it only lasts a couple hours if you
take electrolyte powder have some on
hand and ready to go and you’ll feel so
much better I get so many people that
like or they’re afraid to do keto
because of the key to flu and they think
that it’s gonna last a week like a
normal flu does no it doesn’t and it’s
just your body adapting back to coming
up with carbs when I was on the cruise
that I’ve been Cana I had lots of carbs
it was a lot but I feel so much better
at my body it just really does well with
keto my body it just feels so much
better on it it’s amazing how much I
have so much more energy I just feel
better on keto I I can’t believe I
pushed it outside for so many years but
I’m so glad I am back so wait I lost two
and a half pounds 2.5 pounds exactly
since Monday so I’m filming this on
Saturday so from Monday to Saturday
almost a whole week I lost two and a
half pounds which was great I am super
happy with that a lot of people coming
on their first week will lose like seven
pounds lose a pound a day my body just
doesn’t do that it didn’t do that last
time so I didn’t expect it this time but
I’m very happy with that
I took my measurements I forgot to take
them when I started but I took them this
pet I took them today so next week I’ll
be able to have my measurements as well
and I’m excited to just kind of deep
load a little bit lot of it is water
weight but I am definitely less puffy
than it was last week so that is awesome
so let’s get to the hall here is
everything from Aldi this was a pretty
decent week I spend a total of $60.50
got some really great deals here and of
course I scanned it in my federal wards
and got 25 points for it if nothing was
one of the rewards based still get
points for skinning your receipt and I
have a code for you guys so as you know
if you sign up then you get 2,000 points
which is equal to two dollars and then
you get your own code that you can give
out to other
and get rewards from that as well which
is awesome so I’ll have that for you
guys and on Spain and also in the
description box so this week like I said
I’m making burrito bowls so I got some
some of this stuff is for my coworker
and not me so he wanted some corn in it
and black beans I don’t like either of
these but I did get some lettuce to top
it some salsa
queso sour cream Mexican cheese and then
rice cauliflower is the base and then I
have some pork I mean he’s a mine and he
wanted chicken so I will pick that all
up and as you guys will see the meal
prep at the end so make sure you stay
tuned for that got some bacon bits a lot
of this stuff back here is just pantry
stuff we are still you know using up or
we used up a lot of stuff in the
apartment now we’re trying to restock
for the new house so bacon bits
peanuts these are for the squirrels at
work if you guys watch my Instagram
stories you will see them barbecue sauce
this is for Jamie obviously bone broth
so I have heard a lot of people on keto
say that bone broth is really good just
to have some extra nutrients and stuff
so I got some of that some pesto some
ranch dip or I’m sorry some onion dip
this is really good
only three carbs for two tablespoons but
I probably won’t even have two
tablespoons but I don’t know what to use
this width now that I think about maybe
celery so we will see and then some
Alfredo Jamie loves off radio so just I
have on hand
and this is three parts as well for a
quarter cup which is a lot café Bustelo
I love this because of Dave actually got
man café Bustelo
I add a like a tablespoon to my coffee
whenever I make it and it just gives it
more of that bold flavor
my rice cauliflower I said some tortilla
chips these are my co-workers for his
lunch I will not be partaking in them
even though they look at delicious some
Olay wraps these are awesome
and they are very cute friendly so as
you can see 16 at grams of carb – 11 –
forever so it’s five net carbs four
grams of protein in one 1/2 grams of fat
so I always leave these are not as good
as regular tortillas but they are still
pretty good and gives you that like car
be filled whenever you want something
like a wrap or something like that and
if you’re on smart points Weight
Watchers I think they’re one point two
points something like that I don’t
remember it’s been a while since I’ve
done Weight Watchers that summit
broccoli I have some stir fried some
noodles in the fridge at that Emmy comes
up and makes like a stir fry I’ve been
waiting to make them they’re like the
zero noodles or something I don’t know
got some steak a top round steak this
was what seems mere eight or nine total
it was $5.99 a pound which was pretty
good here the macros 9 grams of fat 25
grams of protein and of course it was
your car so I’ve led me some steak got
some eggs just to have on hand some
Swiss cheese and mozzarella love these
zero carbs these are really hard to see
9 grams of fat and how much protein I
don’t know why it’s like shrimp crab 8
grams of protein and this one is 7
groups of protein 2 carbs and 6 grams
fat some haven’t have just for my coffee
and then apple cider vinegar so I have
been told that this is really good for
your hair to remove build-up and my
hair’s been really just tingly lately so
I’m gonna try this in the shower so if
you guys have any tips for this let me
know cuz I’m excited to try it but you
have to get the one with the mother this
was a giant bottle this is 33.8 ounces
which is ginormous but it was the only
one that they had that was with the
mother so I got it so this is my Aldi
now on to meal prep one of the reasons
we were so excited about this house is
the nicest screened-in patio humongous
and the cats go on it and he is
terrified he’s got his puffy tail he’s
he does not like it seriously paper you
know like this we got
okay it’s so nice out you don’t like it
alright step one of meal prep and
everything is clean off this island as
you guys know we are still unpacking and
everything I got this whole section
unpacked yesterday these are all empty
boxes that need to go my messy cabinet
and then these are a boxes that I still
need to do so this is a disaster here’s
all of our art that we still have to
hang up and figure out a spot for it and
then this is a mess
absolute mess so step one is clear it
all off before we start meal break ah so
much better alright we got this nice
ginormous space to meal prep I’ve got
some of the ingredients out already that
I didn’t put away because we’re gonna
need them that’s meal prep containers I
have more but these were ones that were
just recently washed some utensils and
my sink is still dirty but that’s okay
I’m gonna wait till the end and I got
some ketones in here in my Anita mug
chitchat paddywhack and then some water
depending on what I feel and this rascal
is getting kicked off yeah you know
what’s up you know you don’t want the
mmm-hmm some chicken that I made last
night and then some pot when you use two
of these chicken breasts I’m going to
shred them up and just this container so
we don’t waste a dish and then I’m gonna
stick it on the stove with some taco
seasoning and just saute it up to get it
seasoned I’ve got some corn going in the
stove and then I’ve got some rice too
cauliflower that I’m cooking in the
microwave and then I’m gonna put the
beans in here when the corn is done
corn is starting to boil there and then
here’s the tuck who sees me I just added
some water a little bit of olive oil and
then the seasoning and this is the
closest the McCormick’s from cusco just
gonna let this cook in marinate a little
bit I always have a plate just so I can
put my utensils like in between putting
stuff down just keeps things clean and
organized and this needs some more
I like it a little strong and I just
sprinkle a little bit mm-hmm
here’s the pork this is one that I got
from Costco you guys saw my class coho
I’ve never had this before so what I
think I’m gonna do with this frozen salt
I think I’m gonna portion it up I have
some Ziploc bags I’m gonna put some in
the freezer so it doesn’t go bad and
then do the same thing that I did with
the chicken or just cooking it in the
skillet and heating it up so maybe three
I don’t know I’m gonna see how much how
far the chicken goes I use two bags of
the rice cauliflower and two bags was
this so these are gonna be my co-workers
he is obviously going to have do you
like the rice cauliflower on the counter
so he’s obviously gonna have like the
corn and the beans I’m not going to so
those are his these are mine I need it
three more and then I think when I do a
little bit more in each one but mine
will stay just 3/4 of a cup we are
making really good progress here here is
my conquers his are done all he’s gonna
add a some Mexican cheese and then some
lettuce to top his that’s all he wanted
on his and then mine are somewhat done
so we have chicken and then the rest of
these are pork I coaxed the pork in the
skillet just with some water and I had
to add water like three times to it but
that is okay and I just tasted it spills
and it tastes delicious and then I add a
little bit of the taco seasoning as well
here are some olives that I just cut up
in quarters and I’m gonna top mine with
those after it comes out of the
microwave and everything at work because
I don’t want those to get soggy and then
here is the pork
I just divvied it up into three sections
in a smaller bed and they labeled at
Costco pork 9/15 so that will go in the
freezer and now I am going to start on
the lettuce and get that chopped and
ready lettuce is all chopped here and
I’m just adding some water and just
going to let it finish filling up so
that it can get nice and full and clean
and I’m gonna let it sit for like 20
seconds or so and then spin it with the
water in it
it can fully clean it and then
afterwards then I’m gonna drain it you
can just lift this up thing is awesome
strain it and then spin it a couple more
times and drain in between each one so
that the water gets fully out and it’s
nice and dry it is just unfinished
spinning now let’s open it up and see
how well it did as you can see it
creates like a little tech food in there
and done to the time yo look at all this
water that was after already drained it
so that is all the icky water and when
do it one more time and let’s see how
much comes out this time all right let’s
take a look this is time number two and
a little bit came out not too much
pretty good job alright then I’m just
going to put it in my little storage
container and this will keep it up to a
week nice and crisp and fresh I love
this thing you guys know this is my
rubbermaid produce keeper that I have my
amazon chop and here it is it looks so
good so I am a little bit nervous I’ll
be honest with the pulled pork because
this is more of a Mexican flavor and I
don’t know how the pulled pork is a very
smoky it’s a lot of smokier than I
thought I was gonna be so it’s more of
like a barbecue would be better with
like G hues but we shall see so we got
my co-workers here and then this one is
chicken I did it add some case coal on
top of each one 2 tablespoons of queso
and then I have my Mexican cheese here
black olives salsa sour cream and the
lettuce so I will add all of this after
it comes out of the microwave and it’s
gonna be really good I’m really excited
let me know guys let me know he would
let me know guys what would you add on
to this like how would you customize it
for yourself I would love to hear down
below and the
so let me know all right guys I hope
that you enjoyed that that was a lot of
fun just to put together for you guys
and I did want to mention the apple
cider vinegar so I did it in the shower
this morning and it really helped
I was very skeptical it my hair does not
smell like vinegar I was worried because
when you come out of the shower and your
hair’s wet it still smells like it but
once your hair dries it goes away which
people said that on the blog so it’s
like I don’t believe you but it really
does and my hair because I live in South
Florida I use a lot of dry shampoo
because it just gets so oily so fast
that I was getting a lot of buildup and
tangles from the dry shampoo and the I
use baby powder sometimes and went that
it just really really just had a lot of
build-up and it was just bad so I’m
really glad that I just did this and
really just cleansed out my hair it
feels so much better and I think it
looks shinier and better so I’m happy
with it I’ve been told not to do it too
often like maybe once every two to three
weeks so make sure you don’t do it too
often a lot people is just spray bottle
I just had a cup I had one of those big
Flanagan’s cups and when I took it I
dipped my hair in it like all the way up
to get the ends really really well and
then I just poured it over scrubbed it
in and then I used a shower cap just to
lock it in and then I like shaved my
legs so that it was sitting for like
five or so minutes so that’s key make
sure it sits and it’s it’s it’s really
helpful so I hope that you try it also
off topic but I was thinking this
morning when I was getting ready I have
a lot of like frugal beauty hacks like
that like a honey face Mac doing things
like that would you guys be interested
in that type of video let me know down
below I have thought about doing on for
awhile but I don’t know why I just never
have so let me know if that’s something
that interests you also let me know what
you guys are having this week for meal
prep but whether it’s keto or not I know
that love you still watch my LD hashas
because they’re all day and we love all
day so let me know down below also make
sure you watch next on my video why is
all these so cheap is all the dangers is
it bad check it out I have a lot of
really great insight on why Aldi is so
cheap so check that out right here

21 thoughts on “KETO Aldi Haul, Meal Prep and Weigh In!

  • Try salsa chicken in instant pot
    Jar salsa, packet taco seasoning
    Shred and use liquid with shredded chicken
    I like it in slow cooker better but instant pot works too

  • I like your quick ideas for meal preps.  I am not Keto but I utilize your ideas for my work lunches.  Your cats, Aldi hauls and meals are my favorite videos.

  • Kelly, if you want to make your own pulled pork it is so easy using a slow cooker. You will need pork chops & barbecue sauce. Place a layer of pork chops & put barbecue sauce on, do next layer same as the first layer. Turn the slow worker on low for six hours. Take out & shred. I add more barbecue sauce & usually have enough left over to freeze.

  • I am very interested in frugal beauty hacks. Tonight we are having pork roast with carrots & potatoes. Don't know about the rest of the week. I am playing it by ear because my depression has been quite high since Sunday of last week. Kelly, I just love you & your channel.

  • P.S. My coworker just started Keto.  This might be a silly question, but I can use a recipe from like a WW or maybe South Beach or whatever and not get thrown off track.  But in my head, if I am not strictly a Keto person and I use a Keto recipe, then I am just eating a fatty meal and it is not beneficial to my weight loss.  So I see some Keto recipes I would like to try but stay away because Keto is a high fat, low carb diet and I am nervous to just eat the "fatty" meal when I am not in Ketosis getting the benefits you would be getting.  It seems to me it would just be a cheat meal.  Do you have any insight to clear up my fears or maybe you can do a little video for Keto benefits for non-Keto people?  Is that a silly question?  I have toyed with the idea of Keto but I have not come to terms with giving up my carbs. LOL

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  • Piper will probably like the screened porch when there is furniture and things to hide behind…great work getting back on Keto

  • Hey Kelly! Thanks for another great video! Your house looks great and your cats are so cute – if you ever need a catsitter let me know! 😂 would definitely be in to some frugal beauty hacks and tips – I’ve been thinking of making a flax seed oil for my hair for a while, I’ve heard thats really good. All the best, Signe

  • I'm going to try making my own chicken bone broth in my Crock-Pot with the leftover's from a rotisserie chicken. I have used ACV for the build up in my hair it works!

  • Kelly, I think part of the reason you do not lose as much weight as some people is that you are so close to your goal weight. For example, I lost15 pounds in August, but I am much heavier. They always say , that the last 10 pounds are the toughest. You look fantastic. Thank you for the grocery haul. I hope to see some keto meals plans too.

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