Hunt and Snap is one of the most intriguing and exciting applications to be released in the app store this year. Hunt and Snap brings your iPhone and Facebook account together giving you the opportunity to participate in, and create scavenger hunts for your friends to join.

Scavenger hunt style games have always been popular, and now even more so in a digital and social media world. The application makes the format accessible to everyone and very easy to quickly set up hunts and challenge your buddies or teams.

Priced at just $0.99 in the app store, with dazzling reviews and holding a strong five star rating this app looks to have a fantastic future and pick up a large following. Its ability to link with your Facebook account makes it easy to invite your friends and set up a game within just a few minutes. As social media and networks such as Facebook have become a multi-million dollar industry having the application link to Facebook makes this app future proof.

In Hunt and Snap you begin by either hosting a hunt or joining any hunts that are already in progress. Creating a hunt is very simple and can be done within just a few minutes. You can choose to pick a pre-made hunt or theme, or create a custom hunt suited to your participants. A hunts length can be set from anywhere between 24 hours and 1 month, you can give your hunt a custom name then add your selected players from your list of Facebook friends.

When a hunt has been created, ten items will need to be found. friend filter for facebook This is where the iPhone works brilliantly with the scavenger hunt format, as you must take photos of the items on the list. When you have captured a photo of the item others in the hunt can then view them and confirm if the item is as required.

The game is point and award based. You can view the score of any of the player in the active hunt at any time and see how they are doing. Bronze silver and Gold medal are awarded throughout the hunts as you collect more and more items.

This fun iPhone game is a unique idea and the best in its niche. If you enjoy scavenger hunt games then this is a must have. Its design and development have been flawless and this has produced a perfect and bug-less application. This is sure to become a hit in the app store and on Facebook, so get involved now and invite some friends to the hunt. You can download Hunt and Snap now from the link below.

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