Intermittent Fasting: Dealing with the Flu

Intermittent Fasting: Dealing with the Flu

Welcome everybody to day 13.
Congratulations for everybody that has
been on the intermittent fast raw food
challenge. Congratulations!
I just wanted to go over a few questions
and also I wanted to talk a little bit
about the flu and what people can do.
What’s going on,
hospitals are completely overcrowded
right now, it is a big epidemic that’s
happening. So first off tomorrow is the
last day, tomorrow is day 14. Hopefully
everybody will, I mean hopefully by this
point in time everybody’s feeling great.
it’s such a huge accomplishment if you
haven’t been doing intermittent fasting for a long period of time if you haven’t
done water only fasting you know if this
is a change for you and you haven’t been
on raw foods, by this point in time, by
day 14 your body should start getting
used to it and hopefully you’ll start
incorporating some raw meals into your
diet and hopefully you’ll continue on
with the intermittent fasting. One
question I got was during intermittent
fasting with raw food, do you recommend
exercise? Yes, absolutely, I mean exercise
is always good for you regardless. So you
know, and you don’t even need to go to
the gym really to do exercise. You can do
20 burpees a day, 20 push-ups a day, 20
sit-ups a day, 20 jumping jacks a day.
That’s what I do sometimes whenever I’m
not able to go to the gym. I just do the
20, 20, 20, 20, 20 from home. Push-ups, 20
push-ups throughout the day, just give
your body a little exercise depending on
who you are and if you’re intermittent
fasting and doing the raw food.
It’s going to take some time for your
body to kind of get used to that because
your body’s going to be used to having a
lot of glucose in there, having a lot of
carbohydrates probably. So when you do
start doing intermittent fasting and you
do start reducing all those
carbohydrates, that’s cooked and
processed food, and you’re going to more
of a raw food, your body, remember, is
going to be going through a
detoxification cycle. So you might not
think that you’re having a lot of energy
when you’re working out, but remember,
when your body’s healing itself,
your body is pulling energy from and
utilizing the energy stores that it has
for healing. So it’s not, you’re not going
to be, you know, I get this question, well
I started going doing the raw food, I
started doing intermittent fasting and
my energy levels are so low, and they
blame it on the food, and they blame it
on the intermittent fasting. It’s not the
food, the raw food in the intermittent
fasting, it’s the fact that your body for
once is now starting to heal itself and
it’s utilizing the extra energy stores
that you have for the healing process
and that’s a good thing and you just
didn’t notice it before because, probably,
you know, in the majority, people weren’t
eating that healthy before and utilizing
lots of carbs. I mean I see bodybuilders,
and work with bodybuilders, and they have
the worst diet they end up gaining tons
of weight when they stop working out
because all they do is live on chicken
and rice and carbohydrates and they
think non-stop they have to get all
these carbohydrates and all this meat
protein in there to build muscle. Now, if
you look online and you look at
bodybuilding, intermittent fasting
bodybuilding, ketogenic diet even, the
vegan bodybuilding, vegetarian
bodybuilding, these guys are even
stronger, they have more muscle than
regular bodybuilders. The protein thing
is a complete myth that we
generated, just like milk does the body
good, a complete myth. Myth just like
fluoride keeps you from getting cavities,
just like the million of vaccines do
you well. Go get the flu shot get ten
percent off at the grocery store and
that leads me into my next topic for the
day, which is I know this doesn’t really
have a lot to do with intermittent
fasting, but I’m going to make it have
something to do with intermittent
fasting. Because when you fast and when
you do intermittent fasting, yes your
immune system is stronger and right now
all over the United States, California is
a disaster warzone right now, I think
because of the flu shots and because of
the all of the chemtrails. This year’s
flu shot, there’s a few different ones
that came out this year and there, some
of them are hexavalent now, what that
means is and they contain squalene, and
fetal cells, and monkey, and pork
cells bonded together. Viruses,
preservatives, mercury, aluminum, the list
goes on and on. It just so happens, I
don’t know if anybody remembers this, but
the swine flu years ago the h1n1, when
the big talk, and you can pull it up
online just type in Tamiflu,
what happened years ago, and we said this
years ago, we said just wait they’re
gonna, they’re gonna produce all this
Tamiflu and they’re going to wait, they’re
gonna need to use it you know in the
future sometime. They’re gonna have to
use all this Tamiflu, you could pull it
up online,
governments buy 1 billion dollars worth
of Tamiflu to stock pile, to stockpile, to
stockpile. I was talking about it years
ago, is probably two years ago, three
years ago, well guess what? Just so
happens that conveniently all of the
expiration dates
running out on Tamiflu, and we said years
ago they’re going to create a big flu
epidemic in about three years, and this
is the third year, and then they’re gonna
come and save the day and rescue
everybody with Tamiflu before the
expiration day goes out, and they’re
going to get rid of all the billions of
dollars of Tamiflu that that the
government stockpile. Sure enough what do
we have going on right now? We have a flu
epidemic that’s going crazy.
Hospitals are packed full with people
right now all over the United States and
guess what? The CDC and all the doctors
are recommending, and prescribing? They’re
prescribing Tamiflu, which doesn’t even
work by the way, and they came out and if
you go online and you type in Tamiflu
reactions this year, or Tamiflu side
effects 2018, you’re gonna see a whole
list of, they’re giving Tamiflu to
children like four or five years old.
You’re gonna see six-year-olds that are
having severe symptoms. I think there’s
even been a couple of deaths. I mean it’s
what’s happening this year with the flu
epidemic. So the good news is every
single one of you that have been on this
14-day raw-food intermittent fasting
challenge, and have done multiple
cleanses, hopefully. I just did my second
liver cleanse last night, I drank the
olive oil, most likely you’re going to be
healthy and you’re not going to get the
flu. So is that why they are spraying so
heavily with the chemtrails, and yes that
is why they’re spraying so heavy with
the chemtrails. We’ve known, and for
anybody that thinks chemtrails is a
conspiracy, please go and do your own
research on that, anybody who thinks
vaccines are good for you,
do your own research on that, go to the
National Vaccine Information Center, go
to the Dr. Mercola site, go to my site, go to
Mike Adam’s site, go to, you know there’s
plenty, and there’s plenty of information
out there. They have found that in
chemtrails there are certain strains of
bacteria, and everything else. Here’s a
situation, I mean they’re giving out
these massive doses of hexavalent flu
vaccines, and, and, and don’t believe what
I’m saying when I tell you. I want you to
go do your own research on this, look
online on the influenza virus, the
influenza virus changes its structure
and form every time it replicates.
Therefore it is scientifically
impossible to create a flu vaccine. That
is why the whole flu vaccine is nothing
more than a scam. It is a scam. It does
not protect you against the flu. It’s a
money-making scam, and you’re injecting
mercury and all of these toxic damaging
substances into your body, okay? What can
you do to protect yourself against the
Number one you can take high doses of
vitamin C, you can take doses of iodine,
Detoxadine, 70 percent of your immune
system is in the gut. 70 percent of your
immune system is in the gut! So if 70
percent of your immune system is in your
why isn’t the medical profession giving
out probiotics instead of Tamiflu? Why
isn’t the medical industry talking to you
about the damaging effects of GMO foods,
and gluten, and chemicals and all the other stuff. What
happens, this is why healthy people are
getting the flu this year, I mean I know
people that are vegan, that are super
healthy, and they get the flu, and I’m
gonna tell you why. You would think that
normally, if you’re really, really healthy
you wouldn’t get the flu, right? Well over
the last four or five years, they they’ve
engineered these flu vaccines to where
they can give a flu vaccine to some
person, okay, and for 15 days after that
person had the flu vaccine, they can
spread it. They can spread it to healthy
people, they can spread it through there,
through sneezing, and everything else.
They can spread these inactivated and
live flu viruses. So you think that you
know the the government, or the medical
profession says, oh we’re giving you
these flu vaccines to prevent the flu. No
they’re spreading the flu everywhere and
even healthy people like me can get the
flu because these organisms: when you mix
six different viruses together, no one
can tell you what’s gonna happen, and
that’s why sick, I mean, that’s why
healthy people that never gotten the
flu are getting the flu this year. That’s
why I can get the flu, that’s why all of
us can get the flu this year, because our
bodies haven’t seen anything like this
We don’t have we have antibodies to the
influenza virus, but we’ve never created
antibodies to these hexavalent, weird
strains that are mixing with all of
these other airborne particles, and all
these viruses out there. So don’t think
that, so don’t think that you’re immune
to the to the flu just because you’re
eating healthy and and all this other
stuff. This year they’re engineering
these things specifically so every
single person can get sick. I mean, you
know, your immune system, just because
your immune system is strong doesn’t
necessarily mean, you might, you might,
take you 72 hours to develop an antibody.
If you’re super, super healthy and the
thing is, even if you get the flu the
normal time the flu takes before
goes away naturally is eight to ten days,
but what do people do? They run
immediately into the doctor’s office and
get on Tamiflu. I mean you can do nothing,
and the flu would probably go away in
like four, or five, or six days just by
itself. And if you if you look at the
University of Southern California
studies, USC, three days of water only
fasting, that’s why you’re never really
hungry anyway when you have the flu,
because your body doesn’t want you to
eat – three days according to USC, of water
only fasting produces immune stem cells.
How cool is that? It regenerates your
whole immune system. What is a good
over-the-counter probiotic? There is no
really good over-the-counter probiotic,
unless you go to Whole Foods, or
something like that and you get a good
refrigerated one. You’re not gonna get a
good probiotic at any drugstore, grocery
store, GNC, any of that stuff. I mean our
probiotic, I’m not just you know saying
it, but Floratrex and Latero-Flora. Floratrex
is the only one that took us like
almost seven years to develop because we
don’t spray it with four layers of toxic
chemicals like all the other companies
out there. When you spray your probiotics
with four layers of toxic chemicals that
make them heat resistant, pH resistant,
and all the other stuff resistant, then
you’re adding more toxins into the body.
So one of the things I love, if I ever
you know feel like I’m getting sick, or
my kids get sick, it’s very common for
kids to get sick, even my kids. They,
you know, eat healthy, they’re organic, but
they go to school with all the other
kids, right? So you can do, what I
recommend, and what I do is MMS, oregano
oil works amazing and you can even put
it on the bottom of the feet and then
put a sock over it, colloidal silver, and
mega doses of probiotics. Like five or
six capsules twice a day
of the Floratrex and iodine. If you
look, if you watch my iodine seminar
on YouTube, everything you need to know
about iodine, then you’ll find that there
was a study I think in 1961, it might be
might have been 1951, or 1961, by the
Royal Society of Medicine, and this is why
the government got so freaked out about
iodine and started taking it out of
everything. The Royal Society of
Medicine came out with a study that said
iodine will deactivate and kill pretty
much every single microbe in the body at
certain doses, and then those doses were
like 20,000 micrograms a day. There’s
lots of different things out there that
you can take to boost your immune system,
and avoid the, and avoid the flu. That’s
pretty much my rant on the flu vaccine.
It just it upsets me when you know, so
many people still haven’t taken the time
and effort to do their own research on
it, and one more thing, enzymes, digestive
and systemic enzymes. Digestive and
systemic enzymes are great to take if
you’re sick or if you just want to boost
the immune system, or keep the immune
system strong also. Also two
other things, I’m just kind of looking
through my notes here because I have
notes on how to how to beat the flu
naturally – reducing your stress levels. If
you ever notice, a lot of people, you know,
in an office where you have beta glucan,
also, it’s a really good product to take
to boost the immune system. Reducing your
stress levels! Reducing your stress
levels is amazing at boosting your
immune system because stress alone
can knock immune system down
instantaneously by 50%. Essential oil, and
yes, essential oils work great as well.
Tea tree, neem are very effect,
echinacea, something else, it’s just, you
know, the thing with echinacea is it’s
just so hard to find a really, really
good concentrated form, but all of those
things, I mean you can, you can use, and
you can take… good hot teas are also
effective, and then sleep. It’s very
important to get sleep whenever you’re
sick, or whenever you’re trying to fight
the flu. Make sure that you get lots of
rest, and don’t, try not to stress out, and
just get let your body heal. Vitamin D is
also on my list. A lot of people right
now, this this cold front that’s been
going across the whole country, are not
getting enough vitamin D. Especially in
the wintertime, from November all the way
through February. It’s very important to
get a lot of vitamin D, and most people
need to supplement with that. So I would
recommend supplementing with a good form
of vitamin D. We have a vegan D available
on our site, and one other thing that I
haven’t talked about is the, is how
effective turmeric is. Turmeric is an
anti-inflammatory, this actually has a
lot of immune modulating effects, it’s
high in antioxidants, it’s got curcumin
in there. It actually produces and
enhances T cells, B cells, and natural
killer cells. So I hope everybody out
there is healthy, I hope everybody is not,
I’m sure that pretty much a lot of you
know somebody that has the flu or
suffering from the flu. This is going to
be going on for probably the next couple
months as well, from what I’m hearing
from my inside sources. There’s going to
be another strain released out there
somewhere in the next couple weeks.
Romina says turmeric plus pepper.
There was one study on that,
it’s kind of controversial, but here’s
the deal – pepper makes anything stronger.
It really does. It opens up those small
capillaries, whether it’s cayenne, whether
it’s black pepper, it’s always good to
add a little bit of pepper, and Stacy
asks do you need to take turmeric with
fats? It just depends on what kind of
turmeric there is. Like our turmeric is
the first raw herbal extract, based on
the ancient alchemy with the putting the
energized trace minerals back in and
concentrating it, and we had it tested, we
have not published those test results
yet, but it was 30 thousand times more
energetically powerful than any other
turmeric on the market. I’ll end
there. I wish everybody a great day,
tomorrow is day 14. I’ll do another
update tomorrow, and keep yourself strong,
keep yourself healthy, and have a great

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  • IF for a year now. Live in Ca. I see sick people everyday and take colloidal silver each time I run across a flu shot victim. This is the first year I havent been sick, yay. The colloidal silver I make is strong with a little oregano oil in it.

  • been on high dose vit c – with your detox stuff – over the winter — no sickness. hey bro uplevel your lights and get rid of the cap! ? the rule in photography — focus on the whites of the eyes. humans go to eyes then face first so better lighting please! mike adams really has his studio recording down! use his setups as inspiration. ?

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  • I feel sorry for healthcare workers, like nurses, who are FORCED to get a flu shot or lose their jobs.
    Other people can make an educated decision.

  • Hi Dr. Group I’ve been on water only fasting, although I’ve had several surgeries and I still have an open wound. It was almost closed. But not it has opened and bleeding with a very foul smell. I’m on my 6 day I just need to know what to do. Please advise,

  • I was so impressed by this video that I put it on facebook – information I wasn't even aware of. I just got a massage from a therapist who just got over the flu, all the more reason to at least try to not get it, with liposomal C, cat's claw extract, nascent iodine, and I'm off sugar which could maybe help.

  • My sister had the flu… Never got a flu-shot but is in high school so is around lots of people who had.. about a week ago she got sick and it was really bad.. so bad she went to a doctor.. they actually recommended that she gets a flu-shot.. while she's sick they wanted to vaccinate her!! After she pointed out that was retarded they recommend Tamiflu… Well she decided against that, I gave her a whole bottle full of Infowars silver bullet.. drank it all at once and 6hrs later her fever had broke and the next day now today she says she feels completely better and was thanking me.. true story.. spread the message!! They are killng us!!

  • Every year I take my kids to the doctor for a flu shot, because I have no choice. They go to a daycare and it’s the law to have them vaccinated, or else they won’t be allowed in their school. I hate it and feel helpless. I haven’t had a flu shot in years.

  • If you are starting to get the flu try eating one slice of a red onion. Chew it into a liquid before swallowing and use lemon water as a chaser. The burning will feel good on your throat if it is sore. It took me a half hour to get it down but I felt better immediately when I started to get sick. It just totally killed the virus. So far no one has taken me up on it and it wasn't easy but it worked!

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  • Why is the general public so stubborn, I don't understand. If society would stand up to these bastards and let them know we only will use organic foods purified water grass fed free range animals, clean air

  • Dr. Group, you are appreciated more than you know! I’m a RN who is forced every year to get vaccinated, and I don’t believe in them. I’ve been taking your supplements for years and swear that is why my immune system has been taking care of me this year so far (I work at one of the busiest hospitals in Michigan). My dream is to eventually get out of the hospital and work for someone like you. You are a true blessing!! Thank you for everything.

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  • I just came down with the flu one week ago and I've been staying home ever since nursing myself to Good Health again. I'm not taking any medications. I haven't had a flu shot since 2009. I did take three drops of my Nascent iodine this morning… just riding it through.

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