Deterioration of our hearing ability starts in our late teens. Recent studies in Australia show one third of elementary children already experience hearing loss. In North America one out of seven adults have hearing loss and 12.5% of children 6-19 year olds who use iPods or MP3s. Most people will not do anything about it. The first reason is money. Hearing aids cost too much. The second is being too embarrassed or vain to wear a hearing device. Statistics show that only 15% of people who need hearing aids, get them.

City noise and pollution have gone up by 1/3 in the last 50 years alone.

The ambient sound in our cities has gone up a whopping one third in the last fifty years alone. Dr. Shapiro’s study from UCLA shows how the particulate matter in air pollution has gone up the same amount in the same time period. This is an all out assault on the ears.

Listening devices can cause you hearing loss in just ten minutes.

It was different when we were young and the batteries for your Sony Walkman only lasted a few hours. Today with iPods Mp3s and ear buds we can listen all week to thousands of songs at the same volume as a jet taking off. This is going to cause some permanent hearing damage or age related hearing loss.

Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone!”… Not true!

The old adage of “once it’s gone, it’s gone” no longer applies. If you act quickly enough there are many things you can do to repair and return your hearing to a more natural state. If you don’t act quickly, it has been proven that dementia is one possible result. It’s not just the supplements that we can recommend to help you, but there are other approaches and modalities that can help as well.

Psychology, Bio-Feedback and EFT for your ears are new on the block.

For example, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Hypnosis has shown themselves to be advantageous to returning to people to a better state of hearing. Hearing training is also held in high regard. That’s retraining you ability to “hear” over again. And for some, it really works. After all, we learn to “tune” noise out. Now we have to re learn how to “tune” back in again.

As stress is a major cause of high blood pressure and imbalance, Bio Feedback and other psychological paradigms can now be considered as viable tools in the tool chest. And last but not least, especially representing the holistic paradigm of healing, is good old everyday “exercise.”

Getting regular exercise is your very best friend.

You can take all the vitamins and minerals you want and they will only be partially effective. Give yourself a good exercise routine and the value of those supplements you paid highly for start paying you highly in return.

Exercising your mind by learning new things is your next best friend.

Exercising your mind by learning new things keeps the memory sharp. Staying socially connected is critically important since loneliness has been clearly shown to exacerbate the decline of your hearing and cognitive (thinking) systems.

After exercise, you are what you eat.

Dietary choices have a huge impact on your body. We are what we eat, is a withered but factual statement. If using food for both risk prevention and slowing the progression of hearing loss are your goals, the following natural remedies will help you gain them back and greatly reduce your chances of hearing loss.

Sugar will always be your enemy!

First we have to look at the big picture and see some of the things going on that makes hearing loss possible. The first and top of the list is sugar. Carbohydrates specifically. A large recent study drew clear parallels between sugar and presbycusis or age related hearing loss. Just as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries is a result of to many saturated fats that also affect your hearing loss. Sodium is another culprit that has clearly studies and shown to predispose you to hearing loss.

Harmful (ototoxic) drugs to your hearing range from aspirin to antibiotics.

Heredity and diabetes also play a significant role in the advancement of hearing loss. Vasculitis or inflammation of the blood vessels can affect the cochlea, thereby reducing its blood supply. As well as smoking, hypertension and ototoxic drugs, which include everything from aspirin to antibiotics. People have literally gone stone deaf using Vicodin.

Ear infections rate pretty high on the scale for hearing impairment. Finally, there is hearing trauma. Trauma caused to your ears from loud music to machinery. To combat this assault on your ears there are many supplements available that can help your hearing and health in general.

The most common decline in hearing (and thinking) is poor nutrition.

The most common cause of hearing (and cognitive) decline in the elderly is poor nutrition. People are just not absorbing enough of the specific vitamins and minerals that are helpful in maintaining cognitive function and hearing.

Vitamins like B12 and Folic acid (B9), have been linked to hearing loss that was recently revealed in a study by Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine and many other researchers from around the world. There are other studies in the Journal of Neurological Science and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that also agree that supplementing with B6 and B12 have clearly improved hearing.

B6, B9, B12, B smart, Take them every day.

The National University of Australia has clearly shown an improvement in short and long term memory loss and cognitive decline by taking B vitamins. Particularly B12 and B9 or Folic acid.

People over forty don’t digest B vitamins like they used to.

One cause hearing decline is the inflammation of the nervous and vascular systems called homo cysteine which is lowered by the use of folates or folic acid. One of the problems however is that folks over forty stop ingesting B vitamins through the stomach like they used to. Instead, use lots of leafy greens. Like spinach, asparagus, broccoli and kale.

They might not be natural but the studies show that they work!

According to Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Tanakan (pharmaceutical drug) was discovered to reduce tympanitis and improve hearing and speech in aging patients. Suggesting that everyone could increase their hearing and reduce presbycusis (age related hearing loss) with this drug. It might not be natural but the studies show that it works!

Age-related hearing loss may be retrievable. Dr. Jonathan Wright.

Another drug/hormone that is just now being put in 弱聽徵兆  the spotlight is Aldosterone. According to Dr. Johnathan V. Wright, the Medical Director of the Tahoma Holistic Medical Clinic in Washington and pioneer to the hearing impaired. Three people treated who were hard of hearing or who had lost all of their hearing and were treated with the bio-identical hormone Aldosterone and were able to regain most of what had been lost.

Presently Dr. Wright is the only known clinic that practices this therapy.

While on the topic of hormone’s I thought you should know that women who take progesterone or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) experienced a hearing loss to 10 to 30 percent more than those women who didn’t.


The US Navy has spent eleven years and millions of dollars developing a pill that returns hearing called The Hearing Pill. The many researchers and doctors who discovered this unique product believed in its potential to promote hearing health and reduce the damage caused by loud noises (gunfire). As a result of thousands of hours of research invested by the Department of Defense, The Hearing Pill® was introduced to the market. You can purchase this or you can buy the basic ingredient called NAC N-acetylcysteine, 600 mg. at our web site.

Alcohol is not your friend.

You may have already experienced a night on the town and noticed your hearing is a little fuzzy as you made your way back to your car. Alcohol is one of the biggest contributors to your hearing loss.


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