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Hi. Mandy Curry with Healthy Kids Inc. Welcome to our kitchen. So it is Sunday
afternoon and we wanted to give you a glimpse inside what it takes for
our family
to pull off healthy meals for the whole week. And I wish I could tell you that we
had the whole weekend to really get ready and plan to prepare for our
week’s meals but the reality is that we just got home. I’ve actually been
out of town since last Tuesday.
I’ve been home for 30 minutes. I did have a chance to hit a couple farmers markets
before I got home.
So we’ve got everything that we need for the week on but now it’s just a matter
of getting it all ready
because we’re getting ready to roll into
a crazy, hectic week for our family.
I’m going to be out of town for 2 nights this week. The kids have baseball games 3
nights this week.
They have games Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, I’m out of town
Thursday night, so Friday night is our
first real dinner opportunity as a
But we certainly can’t wait that long to
have a healthy dinner. We’ve got to make
sure that we are ready to go so
breakfast lunch and dinner
need to be all strong and healthy this
week and this is what it’s going to take to
pull it off.
So we thought we’d just give you a little glimpse inside what it takes for us to go
ahead and get everything ready
and organized because we’re only going to have about 20 minutes each night to get our meals
So, we’ll go ahead and show you right now. Ok. So here’s the way we’re going to pull all of this off.
First, we’re going to start with our kale that we got from the garden today. All we need to do
is just clean this,
trim it, get it ready. I’ve got a cucumber. I’m going to go ahead and slice it up.
The okra, all I need to do is clean and
cut it up as well. We’re just going to roast it.
All of the tomatoes are going to serve as our nice pasta sauce for the week. We
actually may be able to pull that off for 2 nights. So we’ve got all of our tomatoes here
and then we’re going to add a little bit of our grass fed beef to the tomato sauce.
I also have some green beans. I just need to cut and clean and trim these.
Corn. This is a really big time saver. If I can go ahead and get my corn chucked in advance so
that all I have to do is put it in a steamer
for about 10 minutes when I get home. Perfect! That’s what I need.
We’ve got some garden fresh zucchini. I’m just going to slice this up now
so that when we come home we can just go ahead
and put this into the oven and make some nice zucchini chips for us and the kids.
A little bit of short ribs. All I need to do with this is get it marinating
so that we can go ahead and be ready to go ahead and put this on the grill when
we get home.
We also have some mushrooms that we’ll be using as an after school snack so I’m
going to get the mushrooms all cleaned and trimmed.
Once we fill this up, this will be a nice pizza snack and we’re going to have this ready in about
10 minutes but going ahead and cleaning the mushrooms is going to save us a lot of time
during the week.
And then to cut down some time this week too, we went ahead and just purchased one whole free
range chicken.
Twenty-two dollars is what this costs. This is going to cover us for about 2 nights of
and then probably a lunch or so. So well worth it. Nice healthy chicken. This is going to
help us a lot throughout the week. I also have a bit of bacon.
So we’re going to go ahead and make our bacon up today as well
so that first thing in the morning the kids are going to have that ready to go.
All of our veggies are also ready for our smoothies. We went ahead and got some peaches. I’m going to slice them up
and then I’m going to freeze them.
So that we can go ahead and put this into our smoothie along with our kale, along with some
carrots, and and along with the bananas as well.
Also, I have some organic raisins that we’ll be using and this is going to help serve as our snack
because were going to be making some granola bars for the kids this week and then lastly we’re going to be
using some raw pumpkin seeds.
We’re just going to flavor these up. We’re going to sauté with a little bit of coconut
and a little bit of sea salt and this is going to be a great little snack for us this week.
So really that is everything that we need. So really now from this point we just need
to start cutting, cleaning, and trimming, and
organizing everything. So we’re going to go ahead and get to it and then we’ll show you how
everything looks as soon as we’re done.
All right. We’re back! We did it! All our meals are prepped and ready for the week.
Took a bit longer than normal but we wanted to make sure we had
everything ready. We don’t want to even have to think this week because it’s
really busy
so all of our meals are ready. So what we did here. First, I went ahead and cut up all of our peaches. They’re
actually in the freezer so I’m going to roll these into a smoothie in the morning.
Also, have our kale that we got fresh from the market.
Went ahead and cleaned it, trimmed it, and it’s ready for our smoothie as well.
So we’ve got that ready for breakfast. Went ahead and made up some of our bacon.
So bacon is good for our morning breakfast also. And then I boiled a couple
of eggs
so we can have a quick grab n go for the morning too. So breakfast is
officially good to go for all of us.
Now as far as snacks and lunches, we always have, lunches are pretty easy for us.
We actually do that in the morning so I didn’t have to prep a whole lot for that.
I do have some of our garden fresh cucumbers already cut up. We also have some
of our mushrooms already ready to go. This will be a nice after school snack. We’re just
simply gonna
fill this with a little bit of marinara sauce and a little bit of cheese and
pop it in the oven and these are the
perfect healthy snacks for after school.
Also, went ahead and took some of our, here we have some nice little pumpkin seeds and I
went ahead and sautéed these up in some coconut oil
and added a little bit of sea salt and these two will be a really nice snack for
the kids and also for me while I’m
this week. That takes care of our snack
lunch and breakfast. And now on to dinners.
So everything that we need for our dinner is in here. I do it a couple of different ways.
Some times I just put it all in here. Some times I actually put them into individual boxes
for each individual day of the week. So here’s everything that we need.
Went ahead and cleaned all of our corn. We shucked it. That actually takes sometimes the
longest amount of time but all of our corn is ready
and we’ll have this steamed in just a few minutes. That’s going to be an easy part of the
Zucchini Chips. We are just going to pop these into the oven one night. They’re ready to
go. Everything is cleaned and ready.
Our green beans, these too are cleaned, trimmed, good for us.
And then I also have a little bit of okra that we’re going to be using one night as well.
That takes care of all of our vegetables. Here we have some of our
pork ribs. I have these marinating right now in a little bit of barbecue sauce.
We have some cod that we will be using this week. We also have a little bit of ground
that we’ll be using for our pasta sauce. And this is what took us a little bit longer is that we
actually made our own pasta sauce for the week.
Actually made quite a bit of it using
fresh tomatoes and peppers and onions
and garlic
and here’s our pasta sauce and it’s probably going to last us for at least 1-2
meals this week
and possibly a meal over the weekend too. So we’re happy about that.
And finally we ended the week with some homemade popsicles.
They’re green in color, which is always fun, because you never know what color that you’re going to get
but these have a little kale, carrots,
banana. They have peaches in them. A little bit of lime juice. This is always a fun experiment.
A little bit of almond milk.
So really easy. The kids love them. They’re the perfect serving size. So those are in
the freezer. They’re gonna be ready to go for tomorrow
either for an after-school snack or maybe an after-dinner snack.
So that takes care of all of our meals. Man it feels really good to have all of that done.
Now it’s just time to
hold on tight and let this week just go
where it may go but at least one thing
is for sure, we know that we’re going to have healthy meals for the entire week and
that feels darn good.
So hope these were some thought starters for you and a little bit of inspiration.
And you can hop over to our website to learn a little bit more at

26 thoughts on “How to Prep Meals for a Busy Week – Healthy Kids Inc

  • how much does plastic bags cost wer u pack or freez food for the week, bye the way great video im looking into doing somthing same along the lines.x

  • The plastic bags are just Food Saver bags. They can be a little more expensive but a great way to preserve your food. We're huge fans of the Food Saver. It's one of our essentials in the kitchen.

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  • I absolutely loved this video. It truly encouraged me, knowing meal prep can be all family inclusive. I would love to know where you purchased your containers. Especially, the square containers. Are those the bags used with a FoodSaver machine?

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