How to make Caramel in a Can

Hello and welcome to Todd’s Kitchen. The other day i made a caramel and cream cheese tart.
Now ever since then i have had a few people tell me they can’t find the caramel in a can

in their shops but its rather easy to
so join me today as i show you how
to make caramel in a can.

To start of with i have a deep pot on the stove
Now you can’t do this with a shallow pot it must be a deep pot
Simply because the can needs to be covered in the water the whole time
so to do this we’re gonna get one
item every country seems to have and
thats sweetened condensed milk
now some people may ask do we need to use a
particular brand, now i have deliberately brought
the cheap no-name brand for this
just to show you that any sweetened condensed milk will work
So before we start we are going to take the
label off, it just makes a mess if you don’t
and place that into the pot. Now the good thing about this is you can do
more than one at a time
so you don’t have to boil one can for three hours at a time
You can put three or four cans in there and do them all at once
So now bring this up to a simmer and keep it at a simmer

for three hours but the most important thing is
to keep checking the water often to keep the can covered
because if some of the can becomes exposed to the air while simmering away
it could possibly explode. And you don’t want that. So just make sure it stays covered in water
and you won’t have an issue
okay so we have our can and what i have done is take it out of the water
and i have let it cool overnight. Or try and let it cool for at least six to eight hours
just to be on the safe side. If you open it up straight away chances are the pressure is going
to force allot of caramel to shoot out
now comes the big moment. Now this obviously was white
lets see what its like now
oh look at that, that is perfect
so this is exactly what you are after. Now even if you can buy this in the shops
it works out far cheaper to do it this way
This can of sweetened condensed milk cost my one dollar eighty
but the camel cost about six dollars so the cost saving is fantastic
but most importantly if you can’t buy it i the shops now you can make your own
but I’m going to have a lick of the lid and see what its like
oh that is so good. Now i love caramel and that is beyond fantastic
that lovely creamy caramel texture taste
simply delicious
also if you want to know how to make your
own sweetened condensed milk
i’ll leave a link down below to my good friend from the simple cooking channel
to his video on how to make your own
sweetened condensed milk is very simple
to do and
make sure you check out his video and
subscribe because he really does some fantastic
So if you can’t buy it in your country or you want to save some money
or just for the fun of it give it a go because i know you will love it
Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen. Please check below for links to my Facebook
Twitter and home handy hints channel
but until then I’ll see you next time
for another delicious recipe.

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  • 2 hours it’s pourable; 4 hours it becomes a Caramel β€˜pudding’ you can slice (open both ends and slide out!) and serve with whipped cream and toasted nuts! 1/2”-3/4” slice is more than enough! Remember, do NOT open can until totally cool!!!

  • You do know about Bromphenol A, don't you? Nasty plastic stuff that coats the inner surface of the can. Not good to expose this stuff to heat. I'd recommend taking it out of the can before cooking, and finding/making another pressure vessel, sans BPA.

  • all these people like "uh not caramel, its dulce de leche" someone translate that and tell me what it say. I stg.

  • Hi Todd, thanks for this video. Do you know how long the tins of caramel last and do you keep it in the fridge overnight or just at room temperature Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Me too Todd!! Caramel has always been my fav. I even describe that shade as a 'caramel colour' Looking forward to watching more of your vids. Cheers from Canada:)

  • No offence, but either the boiling time wasn't enough or the "condensed milk" has no actual milk in it, because the color and the density are both so off. It should have been a lot darker and thicker

  • Goodness people, so "much ado about nothing". Todd is not wrong. If you look up the English translation of "dulce de leche" it is "caramel'. Just because there is a cheaper caramel made with water and sugar doesn't mean it's the only caramel recipe in the world. Each type of caramel is used for different recipe types… one being able to be hardened into a candy and the other being creamier and used in fillings and such. So you're right, there is a water and sugar caramel… but so is Todd right with his milk and sugar caramel.

  • Thanks for this, Todd. I think I might have a can of sweetened condensed milk left in the pantry… have to look though because hubby likes it in his coffee. πŸ™‚
    I think this would be wonderful as a filling in a pound-type cake… put some cake mixture into the pan, then put this in blobs over that layer and give it a bit of a swirl and then put the rest of the cake mixture on… then bake it. Mm-mm-mm!

  • Awesome thank you for this I was trying to figure out what I was going to to sub Carmel for my upside cake and now I'll just make it to adventures in one that's what I call awesome

  • this is not dulce de leche — my mother made this in 1925 in Minnesota when she was a little girl. No Mexican folks there.

  • Todd, my family has been using this way to make caramel cakes for 50 plus years, thanks for showing. Absolutely delicious!

  • Ok, so when you say it's much cheaper, did you cost in the 3 hours worth of power? If it's still cheaper, I'm doing it this way for sure πŸ˜ƒ

  • A family member did this and it blew up, spewing sticky stuff all over her kitchen. Ceiling, cupboards, floors…it was not pretty. You can find good caramel recipes online, involving sugar, butter or cream, and it’s not so dangerous. Just beware of the molten sugar in some recipes.

  • I would suggest using a crock pot with preheated water and setting on high for six hours. Nothing to keep an eye on, water will not escape with the lid on, nor will pressure collect in the can. To be sure you don't get burned, however, just sit it out for an hour before opening. The advantage will be you can pour it hot more easily than cold into an appropriate container.

  • Careful !!! Once a long long time ago I worked in a car rental agency. For lunch, some of us would put a unopened can of soup on the burner of a coffee maker until it was hot, then open it and then enjoy. Taking my newly learned skills home, I put a big can of stew on the coffee maker while I talked to my future ex-wife on the phone. Long conversation. Suddenly, with a muffled boom the can exploded. Stew was evenly distributed on all surfaces of my kitchen and living room (open floor plan). Took hours to clean up. Never again. And I won't follow these instructions. Maybe with a towel covering or something…

  • What is the big deal about calling this caramel or dulce de leche? Dulce de leche is a specific type of caramel. Caramel could refer to anything that involves the browning of sugar with some liquid involved, be it water, cream, butter, even plant based milks.

  • Wait.. so he really did just boil a can of evaporated milk? I was coming here to say that as SARCASM, because who the hell would waste their time doing anything else?

  • crem brule' in a can!!! been doing this for as long as I can remember. only we open the can just a bit, then only have the water 3/4 the height of the can. you have to watch the water level that it doesn't simmer away, but is safer this way. the can cannot explode if it is already open to vent steam pressure.

  • mom would cook those up all the time an dad would eat the whole can, scooping it out with a spoon till it was gone, he didnt have many teeth LOL

  • In Mississippi, we call this "white trash creme brΓ»lΓ©e". And, no it definitely is not a good idea to try this at home…with either type of can, or a pressure cooker. But, if you're brave/stupid enough to do it, it sure does taste good.

  • Zoom out! Zoom out! Why do fat people not know how to frame a camera. You're fat face should NOT COVER 85% of the frame!!!

  • Looks delicious.
    My brother in law put a can in a pressure cooker on the stove and ducked off to the shop for a few minutes. On his way back home the roads were closed by protesters. It took him hours to get home. As you expect the whole issue erupted. The can and pressure cooker had erupted. Caramel was EVERYWHERE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I live in South Texas and I have been making caramel by placing the cans in the shed outside in the summer time; it gets over 100F degree in there and I just leave eight or ten cans for the summer and then store them in our house for later use; also you don't have to worry about the cans exploding.

  • You can empty the can of condensed milk into a saucepan and heat over a low heat whilst stirring to achieve the same result, no need to waste all this time.
    Add a couple of drops of vanilla essence for extra flavour but try without first.

    My family have made caramel slice this way for the last 40 years.

  • it is a heck of a lot easier the way i do it 7 or 8 cans in the pressure cooker after the first whistle turn the heat down to med and cook for 20 minutes turn off the heat and leave it alone it will loose pressure and cool for an hour or so .i just cover the cans with about an inch of water over the top of them and there is no need to keep a check on the water level cos the water cant go anywhere really .

  • DUH!! Slaps own forehead!!! What a dumbo, it never ocurred to me to do more than one can at a time. As you said it I had a real smack the gob moment lol. Ever since I saw Gary Rhodes do this in the frozen wastes of the 1980's or early 90's I've only ever done them singly (might've been down to my absolute terror of the tin exploding though) Do you reckon you could do this in a slow-cooker or is that just a daft idea? Thank you.

  • Hi Todd. Having tried this for 3 hours with 2 tins in there, it has changed to a yellowy colour and has a taste fo caramel but isn't as brown and caramel looking as yours. Should I boil them for over 3 hours?

  • I boil mine two hours every time full boil, and water always don't cover so I turn can now and then and top up with hot water. , mine never exploded, in guess I'm lucky

  • me thinks about caramel in a can

    suddenly wants sweetened condensed milk

    suddenly thinks about reality. Wait hold up! In a can!?!

  • Iirc, this trick was in the Poor White Trash Cookbook (in the US) from many years ago, and was around for many many years before that.

  • In Brazil this is known to be the home made Doce de Leite and we cook it in a pressure cooker, just to make the cooking process quicker. πŸ™‚

  • DO NOT use pop top cans like he's using. You run a real risk of it exploding cause a huge mess and possible burn injuries to you and anyone else around. Solid cans people.

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