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– Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy.
And today’s video is The
Basics of the Model Physique,
the Model Body.
I’m also a professional model,
and thus I train my ass
off to stay in shape.
Okay, these are the seven easy simple tips
which guys like me abide by religiously
to make sure they’re in shape,
and thus this is the tricks
of the model physique.
All right, number one.
Okay, number one is to stick
to a low carbohydrate diet.
Google paleolithic diet.
It’s a caveman diet.
It means if you can’t
pull it out of the ground,
like a vegetable, you can’t
hunt it, like an animal,
you can’t fish it or you
can’t take it off a tree
or forage it, nuts and
fruits, you can’t eat it.
So paleolithic diet,
basically the caveman diet.
Eat like a caveman.
If everything is natural,
you cut out all the unnatural
crap, you will stay slimmer,
and your metabolism will work for you.
Paleolithic diet, number one.
Number two is to ignore
conventional meal times.
If you wake up and you
have a massive breakfast,
okay fair enough.
The breakfast is the most
important meal of the day.
For me, it’s not.
I wake up, I have a glass of water,
a coffee, and a very small snack.
I might get more hungry and
have another snack mid-morning.
I eat when I’m hungry.
Always small portions and
usually high in protein,
and low carbs again, following
that paleolithic model.
So eat when you’re hungry,
not when you’re meant to,
and especially in the evenings.
That brings me onto our
next point, number three.
The times when you eat are very important.
So do not eat in the evening,
especially not carbohydrates.
Try to eat less in the evening.
So give yourself a cutoff point.
No more food after eight o’clock at night.
It’s when you sit in front
of the TV eating carbs,
that’s when you pile on the pounds.
So have your last meal of the day early
and try to hack it, grin and bear it,
until the next morning when
you’re gonna be super hungry.
The evening is the most dormant time.
Night time, your body is
burning no calories at all
and will store all of that
into that belly you wanna lose.
Number four, is to plan
when you’re gonna take on your carbs.
If you hit the gym every day,
then the best time is to eat your carbs
directly before the gym.
You’re gonna burn that off,
and it’s gonna maximize your workout.
Whereas if you eat a load
of carbs at nighttime,
like I said just now,
you’re gonna store that.
Or if you’ve got a long day ahead of you,
then you might think, you know what?
I’ll have a decent breakfast this morning,
and then genuinely wind my
carbs down as it’s ending.
So plan your carbohydrate intake
for when your body most needs the energy,
not when your mind most desires
to pig out and watch TV.
Okay, another great tip, number five,
is to plan your carbohydrate sources.
If you’re trying to
keep to a low carb diet,
you are much more likely
to mess up and pig out
and eat a load of shit and
bread and cakes and biscuits
if you have the wrong
stuff around you at home.
So one, keep your house barren.
We want it to be a spartan diet.
No good stuff in there.
If I have a cake in my
house, I will mess up,
and I will eat that whole motherfucker
at one in the morning
or some ridiculous time
because I’m craving carbs and
sugar and all the good stuff.
I have to punish myself, not eating.
So the best way to plan your carb intake
is to say, cook up a vat,
a massive great big
cauldron full of brown rice
at the start of the week
and then simply take out
small portions when you need it
to support your meal
plan throughout the week.
So cook up carb sources in advance
and make sure none of that
good stuff is around you,
so you don’t get tempted.
Other good carb sources, sweet potatoes,
general beans, stuff like this.
Cook them in bulk.
Then when you need those carbs,
you can simply add a little bit
to your protein, and you’re good.
And it’s gonna take the
edge off that craving
for all the bad stuff and
those bad simple carbs.
Okay, our next point is legs.
You wanna lose weight,
you wanna stay ripped, work your legs.
A lot of guys neglect that.
They’re like, I wanna get buffed
and get a big, good upper body.
Work legs, they’re
gonna burn the most fat,
squats, especially, and dead lifts.
That is gonna burn calories.
It’s also very close to your abdomen,
and thus has a great
effect on losing belly fat.
We’ve got another great video
which we’re gonna flash up now
on how to lose those love handles,
the stubborn back bits,
so check that one out.
But definitely concentrate on working legs
and big compound movements like squats,
power cleans, and dead lifts.
Our final point, number seven,
is about abdominal muscles, abs, right?
All models have good abs, right?
Good models have good abs,
especially guys who are a bit
fitness model-y like myself.
All right, check that picture out.
I worked like a motherfucker
for that, I’m telling ya.
The key to abs is all of the
points I’ve just put together
done to an extreme and plus your workouts.
So check out this ab
video we made recently
which shows my super sets
which I use to make sure
the abs are toned,
popping off, and on point.
And that is a combination
of all the other factors
we’ve been through plus a decent workout.
So check out the video and watch that.
So that is how I get that model,
sleek, ripped, toned body.
It’s punishing, and you’ve
got to stick with it.
Remember, the key to the gym
is consistency above everything.
And another great slogan is
abs are made in the kitchen.
Legends are made in the gym.
It’s the church of gains, it’s the gym.
It’s the model body.
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14 thoughts on “How To Get A Male Model Body | The Basics Of The Model Body | Male Body Diet & Lifestyle

  • Totally agreed with our points but I will recommend that u should make ur videos more interesting like have a better background
    improve the tone a little bit or add a little bit of background music

  • Hey can you assist with my diet? I'm 6 foot about 15 stone 5 pounds, I get damn hungry I workout about 3 times a week, my diet –
    3 eggs, porridge with raisins and honey, banana.
    Lunch, chicken sandwich, kiwi, Apple
    Afternoon, no fat yoghurt + nuts
    Post workout- protein shake
    Dinner – chicken, veg, potatoes or rice
    Post dinner – chicken sandwich

    I get real hungry but I find bread really bloats me, even gluten free, any tips?

    If you can help me eat less bread that would be ideal

  • A lot of these things you say don’t make sense, carbs don’t cause weight gain. Calories cause weight gain, I lost 23 pounds by working out and eating nothing but mcdonalds and hot dogs, there is also an article on CNN about a dietician who went on an all Twinkie diet and lost even more weight and reduced his cholesterol.

    You can also eat at whatever time you want, I don’t understand where you’re getting all this misinformation.

    Losing or gaining weight is all about calories in calories out, it doesn’t matter where your calories come.

  • I find this outrageous and disgusting. Suggesting that to be a male model you have to be muscly and strong. It's because of people with views such as yours why many man have body image issues. You haven't got to be strong and massive to be a model. You're living in a fantasy world that's full of ignorance.

  • What a great video. I used to do lots of fashion shows in my days and I had to stay ripped always. You just described exactly how it is done. I did it exactly the same way. Now that I'm approaching 40 I got to say that fat puts triple the fight to peel off.

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