How can you get help from a dietitian who is overweight? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

36 thoughts on “How can you get help from a dietitian who is overweight? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

  • I would rather have an overweight (though not obese) therapist/ dietician than a very thin one. When I was an inpatient at 15 I had a therapist who was open about her previous ED but was clearly still very constrained by it (in her 40s). She told me off for having yoghurts with sugar in etc. definitely damaged my recovery.

  • This is the most appropriate journal topic for my life situation right now. Thank you so so much Kati <3 

  • Loved this journal topic, such a great way to put it. Very encouraging to be reminded that our self worth isn't affected by what others do to us. Xoxo

  • I <3 question 2 because my first  traumatic experience as you know, involved a emotionally abusive person, who posed as a guidance Counselor. because of that and other extenuating circumstances I still have trouble trusting my therapists-even though I've been working with one of them for two years (our anniversary just Passed) and that hurts me because I care about her so much. I'm always so afraid she is going to leave me, I'm afraid I don't deserve what she has given me. I'm also so afraid of "hurting her." I guess I am glad to know there is hope, and that I am not crazy.

  • It could also be possible that the dietician has a medical issue that causes them to be overweight

  • I went out with some friends yesterday, we had some ice cream, it was kind of hard but I focused on the company rather than the calories. Have an awesome weekend Kati, thanks for everything <3

  • That journal topic is from this talk titled You Are My Hands. by Dieter F. Uchtdorf who is a General Authority in the Latter Day Saint Church (Mormon).
    The story starts at about 8 minutes if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

  • Just wanted to add that someone can be big and still be healthy sometimes our bodies are just naturally bigger(:

  • The problem is that if one can only take one $20 note, and you choose between a clean pristine neat fresh frok the bank note, and a crumpled up dirty note. Now tell me which note will I choose. It's the same principles that goes with life in general, people like successful people, not many people care about those dirty crumpled note/people.

  • For number one I would also point out that some people may have physical health conditions or be on medication that had caused their weight gain rather than it being anything to do with their diet etc. Therefore it's not fair to assume they eat unhealthily because they are overweight just as being a normal weight doesn't mean that someone is healthy or doesn't have an eating disorder

  • I saw an obese dietician once and she had similar issues to me. I quit seeing her because she was very mean to me and obviously couldn't get over her issues. IMO she wasn't ready to help people similar to her.

  • What an amaizing journal topic! Self worth. With all those kinks and flaws and freckles ( freckles are a sign of beauty ) nice one. I went to my sisters engagement party last night and I didn't get back till 11pm very late for me. I felt very awkward but I went and did it. I've been trying very hard to put myself in social situations and I don't like it! What don't I like? People may be judging me thinking I'm stupid or I say something stupid! That's what scares me!

  • # katifaq
    Hi kati, I am soooo messed up and I hate myself. Why can't I get a boyfriend ? I am 36 and never had a relationship. Started therapy a month ago but I can't tell my therapists that I am so messed up. How can I tell my therapist that I am one of the most messed up persons on this planet and I don't know how to ask for help. How do I express that I am completely broken…..?

  • Kati, I have to disagree with you on this particular video. There are many reasons why someone has a bigger body, some of them having nothing to do with diet and exercise and which wouldn't affect their expertise or ability to help a client. Obviously people should feel comfortable with the professionals they work with, so your advice on asking which voice is the one uncomfortable with their weight is important, but if it's just a general discomfort with being around a fat person who is otherwise knowledgeable, capable, and understanding then I personally think it would be important to encourage people to look past weight to see what they as a person/professional can do for you. Otherwise it's a great video!

  • Hey Kati! Could you do a video on socio/psychopaths and their behavior or thinking patterns? Or if you need a specific question, how would you know if you are a sociopath or not? Thanks! #KatiFAQ 

  • Please make sure to remember that someone can be overweight and still be healthy and still practice very healthy habits!!!! Not everyone has a natural body size that falls within the typical idea of "normal," and many people gain weight because of certain medications or disorders. I know that at my healthiest (I ate well and exercised regularly) I was "overweight," and that it took extremely unhealthy habits for me to fall within "normal" in terms of BMI.

  • I can't deal with overweight therapists or dietitians…. I will totally agree that my ed plays a huge role in that. 

  • For the journal topic: If a $20 is ripped in half is it fixable? Is it worth $20? Nope. It has been destroyed beyond repair. What if someone is past crumpling, past being stepped on, and has been torn in half? Are they not worth anything anymore?

  • I am wondering what that means about me – I would not take that 20 dollars. And it isn't because I have a lot of money, mostly I think that I am poor… ;s Great answers and questions! Have a nice day 🙂

  • Yeah, I had a therapist for anxiety, and she said that "it works every time – well, except for me. It'd never work for my fear." and I lost total confidence in her

  • I disagree with the first half of the video. The doctor/therapist/dietitian may not practise "what they preach" for a reason unknown to the patient – maybe the dietitian themselves has an eating disorder or disordered eating behaviours that makes them of unhealthy weight, or maybe they are recovering from eating issues and have not yet returned to a size considered healthy. This should be fine as long as they know the theory and it doesn't affect the patient. An obese dietitian and a "healthy" dietitian should prescribe you exactly the same meal plan if they are doing their job properly.

    If this makes the patient anxious or less trusting then that's a completely different matter and the patient's feelings are to be respected.

  • You can't judge health from the outside. Humans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Health (mental and physical) is on the inside.

  • To all the people who disagree with the 1st half of this video/are preaching "health at every size," I'm sorry but this is just not true. Humans are not that genetically diverse – we are all one species. Do you see any other species in nature with a huge range of weights? (Not size, but body fat/composition)

  • It's impossible to understand something like. Maybe he has a lot of information about this,also maybe is registered. But first of all a dietitian must apply all what he do on himself ,to motivate and show the people that it's possible.

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