Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Grains

Alright well we’re going to talk about some
grains now. Remember grains form the bulk
of the pyramid. Six to eleven servings per
day is what we need depending on where you
are with your weight. Whether you need to
minimize or go to the upper end. A serving
size as I stated earlier would be a half a
cup cooked or one slice of bread, one ounce
of cereal, a half a cup cooked pasta. Those
are the serving sizes. So why do we need grains?
Well grains are important because they are
carbohydrates. And carbohydrates are the bodies
preferred fuel. We need those for energy.
It’s just like the gasoline for the human
body. So the grains also provide fiber, too.
Fiber is good for exercising the colon and
for getting rid of waste products, maintaining
good elimination. But they’ve got to be whole
grains. The white flour products are devoid
of fiber and you can see that if you look
at the nutrition facts panel on packaged cereal
or what not. You want to see at least two
or three grams of fiber per serving. The grain
group includes oats and buckwheat and millet
and brown rice. I would suggest you look into
some of the more exotic grains, too. For example
millet, quinoa, amaranth. Try them out as
well. They’re very good. So we need, for the
fiber I’d like to give you a few suggestions
on how to work these into your diet. I wanted
to talk to you a little bit about oatmeal.
I think oatmeal is a great way to start the
day. I know instant oatmeal and rolled oats
are very popular. But here’s something I’d
like you to try. Try the Irish oats. The texture
is a little bit different and it’s not precooked.
You have to cook it a little bit longer. For
about ten minutes. But it’s a little bit more
chewy. But it doesn’t turn to sugar as fast
in your bloodstream either. So it has what
we say a lower glycemic index. You put a little
dried fruit in along with it if you like.
Here’s a suggestion for pasta. I know a lot
of you are using white flour pasta. This is
a whole wheat and quinoa blend. And it’s not
gritty like some whole wheat spaghetti’s are.
You might like this one. But you want to see,
as I say, at least a couple grams of fiber
in your pasta. If not you’ve got to make it
up with lots of vegetables and fruits. What
I like to do is cook up a pot of brown rice
for the week. So you have it there all week
available for your meals. You can use it for
a stir fry. One of my favorite things is sort
of like a turkey rice hash where you have
a ground turkey burger in your skillet and
you saute it with some celery and onions.
And then add about one cup of cooked brown
rice. Stir it all together and you’ve got
a nice one pot meal. So that’s how we get
the healthy grains into our diet. You want
six to eleven servings. And keep your elimination
good and your energy high.

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  • better to get your carbs from fruit and vegies. many people are sensitive to grains, however oats seem to be fine for most ppl. brown rice is an acidic inflamational food, but better choice than white rice. Choose organic grains if you must and use spairingly, can cause bloating, i

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