GUT HEALTH FOODS | what I eat every week

GUT HEALTH FOODS | what I eat every week

everyone welcome back to my channel
today I’m super excited because we are
talking foods for gut health so these
are all things that I eat every week to
help nourish my gut and the gut health
is so so important not only in terms of
bloating and digestion and things like
that but it’s also super important for
mental health so mood in terms of
anxiety depression for brain fog for
your brain powering you know your
ability to think in your memory and
things like that
but also for your muscles and literally
everything in the body it’s connected to
the gut it’s actually known as the
second brain so there’s a lot that you
can do and a lot of foods that you can
eat to help nourish that so these are
all just foods that you can get at every
single grocery store
there’s no supplements it’s no fancy
things um but they’re definitely things
that you should incorporate into your
kind of diet so I’ve rounded up the
attend things that I eat every week and
let’s go ahead and get started so the
first one should come as no surprise if
you’ve been watching my channel for a
while and that is avocado so avocado has
great healthy fats that have really
helped to nourish the gut lining plus
they’re full of fiber I feel like that’s
a little known fact that avocados
actually have a ton of fiber I really
learned that when on keto and if there’s
a super super good for you plus they’re
good for your skin and everything like
that too but load up on avocados and a
great thing about avocados is because
they have a skin they’re not one of the
Dirty Dozen so there’s something that
you can definitely don’t have to buy it
organic and there’s so many things that
you can do with avocados I make a
delicious chocolate pudding for a
dessert you know I just put it with eggs
on like a breakfast Bowl you can put it
on toast the pretty much endless
possibilities you can even make salad
dressings with avocado the second one
are blueberries blueberries are a great
lower sugar fruit they help to fight
inflammation in the gut and they
actually help to feed Bifidobacterium
which is one of the good probiotics in
your gut so they directly have good
things in them that are gonna feed those
gut bacteria and really help them be
nourished and happy and well-fed
blueberries are also full of fiber and
as you guys were gonna see a trend here
is fiber is super super good for gut
health that’s some other links similar
through all of these foods they do have
fiber and blueberries are
right on chia pudding just with the
drizzle almond butter you can put them
on like your paleo oatmeal anything like
that they’re just a really good thing to
buy and you can also buy them frozen and
you still get all of that nutritional
value so frozen all often is a lot more
inexpensive and a lot more accessible so
don’t feel bad about buying frozen
because it’s just as good if not better
next up is coconut oil so coconut oil
not only helps you to absorb the
nutrients from your food because it’s
fat and fat soluble vitamins like a D
and K I need that fat to help you absorb
but it really helps to destroy bad gut
bacteria and heal and seal the gut
lining and coconut oil is really
multi-purpose you can do stir Fry’s and
saute with it but you can also make
really delicious dessert like sea salt
brownies or edible cookie dough and I’m
gonna leave all my recipes that I like
to use these foods in and down below as
well so if you want to check out those
videos go ahead and head on over there
but coconut oil is definitely a huge
staple in my diet because it’s just such
a good thing for your gut and for your
whole body in general next up is mint so
mint is super great for your digestion
because it helps to relax the muscles in
there so if you’re having any cramping
or any stomach aches
fresh mint is really really good you can
make fresh mint tea just by pouring hot
water over some mint leaves I sometimes
even chew the mint leaves even after my
teas that I need to chew them for the
digestive properties it’s really good at
decreasing inflammation and just making
your gut overall happy and you can also
add it to things like you know a salad
or any kind of smoothie anything like
that mint is just a great thing to do
especially fresh mint so next up is
asparagus and I definitely want to get
into this one because we are getting
into asparagus season and it’s really
good to eat seasonally but asparagus is
especially good because it’s loaded with
prebiotics and inulin and both of these
things help to promote bowel regularity
which means that they basically help you
go to the bathroom and they also help
with bloating as well so asparagus can
be really good especially going into the
summer months it’s good in salads I also
make like pseudo Bulls with it
even is roasting it really easy 400
degrees 15 minutes little drizzle
avocado oil little sprinkle of garlic
and it’s so so good for you and I feel
like it’s a really underrated vegetable
the next food is broccoli which is
probably one of my favorite like
year-round vegetables I eat it probably
at least weekly if not every single day
and the great thing about broccoli is
that it has what’s called a 3c in it or
indole-3 carbinol and what this does is
it helps to activate the 8h receptor and
the 8h receptor is what really helps to
keep that gut lining intact and keep it
tight so broccoli is super super good
for gut health a lot of the times I just
steamed some broccoli for the week and
then I’ll throw it into different things
so you can have it just on the side of
your meals but you can also just put it
into salads you can roast it you can
just do so many things with broccoli I’m
so meal prepping it and just throwing it
into different things during the week is
a great way to use it next up is apple
cider vinegar now you definitely want to
get apple cider vinegar that has the
mother in it so look for the label says
with the mother now apple cider vinegar
is great to take before meals or even
use it in a salad dressing and what
apple cider vinegar does is it helps to
stimulate digestive enzymes so if you’re
taking it before a meal sometimes I just
take a shot glass with a little bit of
water and it helps to get that going so
that you’re kind of loading up the army
for when you eat your food and you’re
able to digest it better if you’re able
to digest it better you’re not gonna get
things like bloating so it’s super good
for that plus it also enhances nutrient
absorption so by using apple cider
vinegar you’re gonna get more of the
nutrients out of your food next up is
salmon now with salmon you definitely
want to get wild caught salmon and not
farm salmon if wild caught salmon is a
little too expensive where you live you
can definitely get wild caught canned
salmon and that’s gonna be better than
your farmed salmon that’s at like the
fish counter so just make sure your
salmon is wows and salmon is really
great because it’s loaded with omega-3s
and all these omega-3s are really gonna
help to diversify your microbiome and
when we have a diverse microbiome we’re
better able to digest better our immune
system is stronger plus Omega threes
really help to heal
because they have all these healthy fats
in it kind of similar to avocado with
the healthy fats and it also decreases
inflammation so if you’re someone who
struggles with an inflamed gut IBS this
is gonna be really really great for you
and the great thing about salmon is that
it’s really easy to make you don’t need
to be complicated with it I simply put a
little seasoning sometimes I do salt and
pepper sometimes the Trader Joe’s mommy
seasoning sear at three minutes per side
and you are good to go it’s a great
thing to do one to two times a week
maybe not every day because that can be
a lot of salmon but one to two times a
week is really good next up is ginger so
ginger is probably one of my favorite
writer dies along with mint ginger
everything and Ginger’s really great for
bloating for nausea your whole digestive
system it’s also a really good
anti-inflammatory and it reduces pain so
if you’ve got cramping or bloating or
anything like that
ginger is super good and it’s super easy
to use you can use fresh ginger which is
really good too but even ground ginger
if you can’t get fresh ginger it’s still
gonna be beneficial but you can put it
into smoothies stir fries you can make
really good like things like pad thai
with it there’s really so many options I
even grate some into my water or I juice
it with a nut milk bag it’s really
really easy to incorporate ginger in
just so many different ways and it’s
just got so many health benefits for you
plus it’s fairly low cost compared to a
supplement something you can get at the
grocery store and then we have good old
greens so I didn’t want to specify like
spinach or arugula or kale or dandelion
greens because they’re all just really
good so leafy greens in general is
something you definitely want to load up
on because not only is this loaded with
fiber and fiber so good
for bloating it’s good for keeping you
regular it’s good for you know not
having any inflammation or irritation
but it’s also so many vitamins and
minerals in it for you and it really
helps the microbiome flourish so
whichever one you like just load up on
that one I really like arugula right now
I’m having a bit of an arugula moment
but bok choy even is like a leafy greens
you could stir-fry that I like to build
the base of my meals around
Phee greens and then kind of go from
there or from having something that
leafy greens wouldn’t be right inside I
have a bowl of leafy greens you guys
follow me on instagram you guys have
seen both leafy greens some high-quality
olive oil squeeze of lemon and you’re
good to go
you start with fat in your gut because
not only does it fill you up but you get
those greens in so let’s say you’re
still having pizza or whatever else you
want to have do you have those greens
first and you fill yourself up with some
greens that’s gonna be really really
good for your gut so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and you learn some
things let me know what foods you eat
every week down in the description box
because I can pick those up this week so
I want to get this video up today
because I know a lot of you guys do your
grocery shopping on the weekend so now
you can go and take a picture of your
cart and you go grocery shopping next
and send it to me on Instagram so I can
see all of your gut healthy foods and
let me know down below what more kind of
informational videos like this that you
want me to do and I really like talking
about things that are just food because
I truly believe that food is medicine
and you can do so much for your health
just by eating the right foods you don’t
necessarily need any kind of fancy
supplements so I hope you guys are all
having a great day and I will see you in
my next video bye guys

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